McGenis snaffle

Mary King talks about the 'old fashioned' McGenis snaffle

Draw reins

Dressage trainer and rider Dane Rawlins talks about the benefits of a controversial gadget

The high-ring Grakle

Event rider Tiny Clapham describes an item of tack she first discovered in America

Which noseband?

Expert advice from HORSE magazine to help you chose the right noseband for your horse

Gag snaffle

Gag snaffle

Polo player Julian Hipwood talks about the bit he finds most effective for his ponies

The Chambon

Di Lampard talks about this invaluable training aid, which helps horse stretch over their back

Choosing the right bit

Choosing the right bit

With a wide choice of bits available making the right choice can be difficult. Leading show jumper Tina Fletcher guides us through some of her favourites

Fitting rugs

The way a rug is cut affects comfort, fit and staying power.

Using double bridles

Using a double bridle correctly takes skill and experience. Leading show producer, judge and instructor Richard Ramsay explains his methods