Paris Olympics 2024

Keep up to date with all the equestrian headlines in the run up to the Paris Olympics (26 July to 11 August 2024), as our specialist journalists bring you information on tickets and advice on where to stay, to team announcements and insider interviews.

Once the equestrian action is underway at the historic Palace of Versailles, we will have two expert equestrian reporters and an accomplished photographer on site, supported by a team of writers and editors back in the UK, poised to bring you insightful analysis of the action, supported by beautiful photography, throughout every day of competition. Meet the H&H Olympic reporting team.

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Dates:   27 July to 6 August
Sports:   Eventing, Dressage and Showjumping
Venue:   Palace of Versailles
Riders:   Three per team, with individuals for countries without a team

Latest Paris Olympics news

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Olympic showjumping news

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Where is the Paris Olympics equestrian venue?

The equestrian competitions at the Paris Olympics 2024 are taking place in the grounds of the Palace of Versailles, which will also host the equestrian events of the Paralympics. Read more details about the Paris Olympics venue for the equestrian competitions.

Paris Olympics: equestrian dates plus medal ceremonies

The eventing is the first of the three Olympic equestrian sports in Paris. It starts with one day of dressage on Saturday 27 July, followed by cross-country on Sunday 28 July, and showjumping plus medal ceremonies on Monday 29 July.

The dressage begins with the grand prix on Tuesday 30 July and continues on Wednesday 31 July. The grand prix special, which will decide the team medals, is on Saturday 3 August. The freestyle, for the individual medals, is on Sunday 4 August

The showjumping competition kicks off on Thursday 1 August with the team qualifier. This is followed by the team final on Friday 2 August, after which team medals will be awarded. The individual qualifier will be held on Monday 5 August, with the individual final and medal ceremony on Tuesday 6 August.

The Olympic opening ceremony is on Friday 26 July and the closing ceremony on Sunday 11 August.

Olympic equestrian schedule

Date Sport Session Medals
Sat 27 July Eventing Dressage No
Sun 28 July Eventing Cross-country No
Mon 29 July Eventing Jumping Team & Individual
Tues 30 July Dressage Grand prix day one No
Wed 31 July Dressage Grand prix day two No
Thur 1 Aug Jumping Team qualifer No
Fri 2 Aug Jumping Team final Team medals
Sat 3 Aug Dressage Grand prix special Team medals
Sun 4 Aug Dressage Grand prix freestyle Individual medals
Mon 5 Aug Jumping Individual qualifier No
Tues 6 Aug Jumping Individual final Individual medals

Which equestrian sports are in the Olympics?

The Paris Olympics 2024 will host dressage, showjumping and eventing competitions. Dressage also takes place at the Paralympics. Below are the official pictograms for each of the equestrian sports taking place at the Paris Games.

Olympic pictograms for equestrian sports

What is dressage?

What is showjumping?

What is eventing?

How many horses and riders at the Paris Olympics?

There will be 75 horse and rider combinations allowed to compete in the Olympic showjumping, 65 in Olympic eventing and 60 in Olympic dressage, with one set of team and individual medals for each of the three disciplines.

How many times has Paris hosted the Olympics?

The 2024 Olympics will be the third time that Paris has hosted the Games. The first occasion was in 1900, followed by 1924, 100 years before the latest revival.

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