Horse & Hound Awards 2018

Welcome to the home of the Horse & Hound Awards. The third glittering, star-studded ceremony was bigger and better than ever as we honoured the heroes of 2018 at Cheltenham Racecourse.

Once again the H&H Award winners were nominated and voted for by you, our readers, with the exception of the lifetime achievement winner, who was chosen by a H&H panel.

A full report on the evening event will be published in Horse & Hound magazine, on sale Thursday 15 November.

Appreciating the singular difference this skilled veterinary professional has made to a horse or horse’s lives — in sport and/or leisure.
2018 winner: Alastair Field

Honouring the dedication, skill, sheer effort and love of equines this individual exerts to ensure the best care of their charges day and night. View the winner and those on the shortlist.
2018 winner: Jane Felton, who runs Irish eventer Jonty Evans’ yard

Recognising the sacrifice made by this volunteer to enable countless others to enjoy their sport or profession week in, week out.
2018 winner: Keith Watkins

Celebrating up-and-coming talent in the horse world. Nominees must be under 25 years old on the day of the H&H Awards (8 November).
2018 winner: Charlotte Fry

Honouring someone in the horse world who has inspired others to great deeds through their life, work or achievements.
2018 winner: Daisy Sadler

Celebrating the organisation that brings riders together and best supports them in achieving their goals — changing riders’ experiences for the better.
2018 winner: Aberdeen Riding Club

Acknowledging the rider who does not make their living from riding, training or competing horses, yet dedicates themselves entirely to their passion.
2018 winner: Katie Preston

Honouring the greatest rider of our age, who is a hero and inspiration to the rest, and whose ability is a blessing for both their horses and our sport.
2018 winner: Ros Canter

Celebrating our equestrian hero of today, the horse or pony who is at the top of his or her game and is pure joy to watch in the flesh and on our screens.
2018 winner: Arctic Soul

Appreciating the single moment in equestrian sport that has most vehemently captured our imaginations — wowing, astounding or delighting us.
2018 winner: Tim and Jonelle Price winning both British four-stars

Celebrating the life and work of the individual whose contribution to equestrian sport is little rivalled and worthy of sincerest praise.
2018 winner: Cptn. Mark Phillips

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