10 lightweight turnouts that are great for changeable weather

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  • The best lightweight turnout rugs are designed to give your horse an extra layer to help protect him from the elements, while preventing him from overheating in warmer temperatures – they are great to have on hand when the seasons are changing and are usually no fill, 50g or 100g. Rugs that are both waterproof and breathable are what everyone is looking for, although different types of horses will suit particular cuts and designs. It’s important that these rugs can withstand a heavy and prolonged rain shower, don’t slip or rub, and can survive the wear and tear that comes with turning your horse out.

    Manufacturers are constantly innovating and introducing new features to their best lightweight turnout rugs, such as shaped padding to protect the withers and new designs of shoulder gusset to allow additional freedom of movement. Choosing between neck styles – standard with no neck, detachable or integrated – is mostly down to what suits your horse best, but detachable is certainly the most versatile, allowing you to remove the neck when the weather’s a little warmer or if your horse is prone to rubbing. Many of the best lightweight turnout rugs, however, feature special anti-rub linings that should go some way to help prevent this. Fastenings are important because there’s nothing more annoying that having to find a spare buckle or replace your leg straps with a fillet string made of baler twine. Good quality, easy to fasten and comfortable for your horse are what you’re looking for here. Some rugs will have elasticated leg straps, while others will have clips rather than buckles at the front – have a good think about what you prefer and what will work for your horse because you’ll be using them every day.

    Here’s a selection of the best lightweight turnout rugs on the market, some of which have been tested by one of our independent testers, to give you some ideas…

    Derby House Elite detach-a-neck turnout review

    Derby House Elite detach-a-neck turnout

    Fill: 0g | Style: Detachable neck | Sizes: 5–7ft | RRP: £59.99

    This turnout is described as designed to last. It’s a 0g waterproof and breathable liner-compatible shell, which means rather than having to have lots of different rugs for every time the weather changes you can instead add or remove a liner as required. It also has a number of technical features, including the strong 1680D outer and a shaped, detachable neck with fleece poll pad and storm flap. It’s completed with reflective detail on chest, rear and tail.

    More info and buy at derbyhousestore.com

    This Derby House rug scored 9/10 as part of our independent testing scheme and it was awarded H&H Approved status. Read the full review.

    Felix Bühler Timeless Elegance high-neck turnout rug review

    Felix Bühler Timeless Elegance high-neck turnout

    Fill: 0g | Style: High neck | Colours: Green lake or navy | Sizes: 5ft6in – 7ft | RRP: £90.90

    This high-neck turnout is described as waterproof and breathable, and is made of tear-resistant 1260D ripstop material in a classic checked look, with leather-look piping and embossed imitation leather badges. It features a shoulder gusset for optimum freedom of movement and a smooth lining. It has a practical double front fastening with two snap hooks, adjustable cross surcingles, tail flap and tail cord.

    Buy at kramer.co.uk

    This Felix Bühler rug scored 4/10 as part of our independent testing scheme. Read the full review.

    Horseware Rambo Summer Series review

    Horseware Rambo Summer Series 

    Fill: 0g + 100g liner | Style: Detachable neck | Colours: Grey or burgundy | Sizes: 5ft6in – 7ft3in | RRP: £169.95

    This rug is described as the ultimate trans-seasonal rug for mild climates. Bringing the best in technical softshell materials to the Rambo range, this turnout offers a waterproof and breathable top section, polyester mesh sides and a 600D drip strip. It also has a silky polyester mane, tail and shoulder lining and removable 100g liner. The waterproof and breathable softshell top section is designed to prevent your horse from getting wet during summer showers, while the 100g liner keeps the chill off as temperatures drop overnight. It is designed to relieve wither pressure and the polyester mesh sides allow maximum breathability and airflow to keep your horse from overheating on hotter days, while elasticated cross surcingles offer improved fit and a V-front closure system to remove pressure from the shoulder and chest area. It also features a detachable hood.

    More info and stockists at horseware.com

    This Horseware rug scored 6/10 as part of our independent testing scheme. Read the full review.

    Masta Vento lightweight turnout review

    Masta Vento lightweight turnout

    Fill: 0g | Style: Standard neck | Sizes: 4ft6in – 7ft | RRP: £62

    This turnout is no-fill and has a standard neck. It has a shoulder gusset allowing for freedom of movement as well as twin front fastenings, adjustable belly straps and fillet string.

    Buy at harryhall.com

    This Masta rug scored 6/10 as part of our independent testing scheme. Read the full review.

    Ponyo 100g turnout rug review

    Ponyo 100g turnout rug with detachable neck 

    Fill: 100g | Style: Detachable neck | Colours: 6 fun patterns | Sizes: 3ft – 6ft9in | RRP: £96

    This turnout rug has a detachable neck and comes in a tough 1200D ripstop fabric. The detachable neck piece features a generous overlap, which prevents leaking and helps to maximise use in different weather conditions. The chest fastening is a twin D-ring attachment for convenience, with a handy Velcro flap to secure the rug in place. This rug is available in a variety of fun patterns that are continually renewed, but the rug design stays the same.

    Buy at ponyo-horsewear.com

    This Ponyo rug scored 8/10 as part of our independent testing scheme. Read the full review.

    QHP fleece-lined turnout review

    QHP fleece-lined turnout rug 

    Fill: 0g | Style: Standard neck | Colours: 5 | Sizes: 4ft1in – 7ft1in | RRP: £79.95

    This fleece-lined turnout rug is a strong, waterproof and breathable rug. Although this rug doesn’t come with a neck, there are D-rings already fitted so that you can attach one. It also features quick-closures on the front, cross-surcingles, elastic leg straps and a large tail flap.

    Buy at eqclusive.com

    This QHP rug scored 8/10 as part of our independent testing scheme. Read the full review.

    Rhinegold Arizona full neck outdoor rug review

    Rhinegold Arizona full neck turnout 

    Fill: 100g | Style: Integrated neck | Sizes: 4ft6in – 7ft | RRP: £52.50

    The Rhinegold Arizona full-neck turnout has a 600D ripstop, waterproof and breathable outer, plus 100g fill with a breathable nylon lining. It features quick-clip adjustable chest straps, shoulder gussets, cross-over surcingles, leg straps and no back seam. It also has a large pleated tail guard with reflective stripe, a fixed neck cover and strengthened surcingle guides. It’s described as an ideal lightweight for horses that do not require heavyweight outdoor rugs or as perfect for mid-season.

    More info and buy at rhinegoldequestrian.co.uk
    Also available at amazon.co.uk

    This Rhinegold rug scored 5/10 as part of our independent testing scheme. Read the full review.

    Shires Tempest Original Air Motion Combo review

    Shires Tempest Original Air Motion Combo turnout

    Fill: 0g | Style: Integrated neck | Sizes: 4ft – 7ft3in | RRP: £71.99

    For comfort in warmer wet conditions, the Air Motion turnout rugs are lined across the back with a ventilated 3D fabric that draws moisture and heat into a cooling, breathable microclimate away from the skin. This aims to keep the warmer surface of the horse away from the cooler outer fabric. Additional key features include 600D ripstop fabric, a waterproof and breathable outer with taped seams, and an integrated contour neck cover. It has adjustable buckle chest straps, adjustable cross surcingles, an adjustable fillet strap and a tail flap.

    Buy at shiresequestrian.com

    This Shires rug scored 7/10 as part of our independent testing scheme. Read the full review.

    StormX Original turnout review

    StormX Original 50g turnout

    Fill: 50g | Style: Standard neck | Sizes: 4ft6in – 7ft | RRP: £56.99

    This turnout is designed for the changeable weather, featuring a waterproof and breathable, 600D ripstop outer with taped seams, 50g filling and a full lining. It has twin buckle chest straps and cross surcingles, while adjustable leg straps help hold the rug securely in place during blustery conditions. The fleece-lined wither area prevents rubbing and the large tail flap adds extra protection from the elements.

    Buy at hy-equestrian.com

    This StormX rug scored 8/10 as part of our independent testing scheme. Read the full review.

    Swish Equestrian lightweight turnout review

    Swish Equestrian lightweight turnout with detachable neck

    Fill: 50g | Style: Standard neck | Colours: Purple, royal blue or pink | Sizes: 4ft9in – 7ft6in | RRP: £76.99

    This lightweight turnout is waterproof and breathable, and has a detachable neck cover, a 1200D ripstop outer and 50g of filling. It has removable, elasticated leg straps and features reflective strips on the front, rear and tail flap. This rug is designed with large shoulder gussets and sits higher on the neck and shoulders to prevent the rug from slipping back and rubbing, It also comes with a handy storage bag.

    Buy at swish-equestrian.co.uk

    This Swish Equestrian rug scored 8/10 as part of our independent testing scheme. Read the full review.

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