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There’s a certain feel to decent quality leather that you just can’t replicate with the cheap stuff, and it’s a hard quality to assess — particularly when shopping online. This…

Score 10

I tested a navy blue Microperformance + advanced saddle pad in full size. The first thing that I noticed about this saddle pad was it’s attractive appearance. It has a…

Score 9

Having tried all manner of girths on my little horse, this one is a clear winner for me. Even many modern cut-back girths have interfered with the back of her…

Score 10

The Aphrodite Tech Stirrup is a lightweight stirrup of aluminium construction. It has been produced entirely in Italy and has been designed to have a greater concentration of its weight…

Score 9

Our initially sceptical reviewer is now a massive fan of these reins, which have become her rubber reins of choice for jumping, hacking and schooling

Score 9