PDS relief girth black: review

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  • PDS relief girth black


    • Style:
    • Fit:
    • Performance:
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    • Lightweight
    • Butter-soft
    • Ergonomic shape
    • Elasticated for ease of movement


    • On the expensive side

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer loved this girth for its high performance qualities

    Having tried all manner of girths on my little horse, this one is a clear winner for me.

    Even many modern cut-back girths have interfered with the back of her shoulder and cause rubs and hair loss. Some even make a strange clicking noise as her elbow passes over them. As a sensitive mare she doesn’t appreciate that!


    After testing this girth for four months it has become my firm favourite.

    It is lightweight and butter-soft while being easy to use and clean. The leather is smooth and soft and it’s easy to clean it to a good shine as it feels like high quality. There are no sharp edges anywhere or areas that rub.

    The elasticated panels on both sides mean the girth is easy to do up and allows movement, rather than restricting it.

    The wider panel over the sternum allows for a wider distribution of pressure, which I imagine makes life more comfortable for the horse.

    There are no sharp edges and the cut-back is positioned in just the right place.

    PDS girth WC6_8253 copy[1]

    The panels on the end under the buckles are not quite symmetrical, allowing them to sit flush against the horse’s side.

    I tested a 26-inch model on my 15.2hh warmblood mare. I like the buckles to be high up by the saddlepad as I have used shorter girths in the past and found that when the buckles were lower, they interfered with my horse’s elbow.

    The girth features a sturdy silver ring in the centre, very useful if you wish to ride in draw reins as you don’t have to faff about looking for a loop to go around the girth to clip the running reins to. It’s not so big and intrusive that you can spot it when it’s not in use though.

    The keepers are well placed. When I’m in a hurry I’ve sometimes just put the free ends through only the big keeper, which works fine. But when at shows or trying to be smarter, the loose ends of the girth straps easily tuck through and sit flat and neatly.

    PDS girth WC6_8285 copy[1]

    Because the keepers are sewn-on hoops — an not ones that slide up and down the leather straps — they remain in the right place at all times.

    All in all this is a simple, brilliant girth offering an excellent experience for both horse and rider. It might be coincidence, but it’s also the girth that’s accompanied my horse’s journey from medium level to her first advanced test. It is expensive at £135, but it’s worth the money for a happy horse athlete.


    Despite this product being slightly on the pricey side, it is now a firm favourite with our reviewer

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