Carr & Day & Martin Belvoir Tack Cleaner: ‘good for a tight budget’ 6/10

Carr & Day & Martin Belvoir Tack Cleaner


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Carr & Day & Martin

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Welcome to our group test of tack cleaners. All of the tack cleaning products in this group test have been thoroughly tested on the yard of professional dressage rider and trainer Rob Waine. Find out what he thought below.

Carr & Day & Martin’s official description

Carr & Day & Martin Belvoir Tack Cleaner gently lifts ingrained grease, sweat and dirt to enable you to wipe off dirt easily. The pH neutral formula will not rot stitching or over dry the leather, while the antifungal formula helps prevent the growth of mould and mildew. Belvoir Tack Cleaner can also be used to hygienically remove existing mould from affected saddlery, leaving the perfect surface for the immediate application of a conditioning soap or oil.

Rob’s first impressions

This had a stylish bottle compared to the others in the group test.

Overview of performance

We found this was not particularly good at cleaning the leather and the bottle was hard to use. However this is the least expensive of the group and it is good value for money.

Rob’s likes and dislikes

I don’t like the continuous spray feature that Carr & Day & Martin is now using on its spray bottles.


Although good value, I wouldn't recommend this tack cleaner to friends