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13 of the best ladies’ fleece jackets

Horse & Hound's buying guides feature the best kit on the market. With temperatures at that awkward stage where it is neither hot nor cold, a fleece jacket is ideal…

4.Brushing Boots LR copy

10 of the best brushing boots

Is your horse ready for the competition season? Take a look at this range of brushing boots before your next event


6 of the best medium weight stable rugs

While spring may be nearly here, the weather is still in limbo between hot and cold, so don't miss these great medium weight stable rugs

9104 - Hy - Winter Quilted Half Chaps-2

12 of the best winter riding accessories

While spring may be almost here, we'll still have the odd icy blast to contend with during the coming weeks so don't dismiss these great winter riding accessories just yet...