Depending on which pack you hunt with, it seems that these days the once rigid rules generally no longer apply.

Director of the Master of Foxhounds Alastair Jackson offers this advice: “We want people to come hunting looking neat and tidy and safe.

“Although I’m not in favour of a ban on scarlet coats, I do think they send out the wrong message to our opponents, so I encourage people to wear ordinary black coats.

“As for all this etiquette about hunt buttons, I don’t think it’s really appropriate any more.”

Correct dress for men

  • You may wear a red coat if you are entitled to wear the hunt button

  • Headwear can range from a top hat to a grey or black cap or to a skull cap with a black velvet cover.

  • With a red coat, wear white breeches and top boots and white garters, spurs, white or cream gloves and white hunting tie with a plain pin.

  • With a black coat, the same headwear applies, with the option of a bowler.

  • You may substitute buff coloured breeches and black “butcher” boots.

    Correct dress for women

  • Most women prefer to wear black, blue or skull caps rather than bowlers

  • Coats should be dark blue, and worn with fawn or buffbreeches, a white hunting tie and plain black boots with spurs and gloves.

  • You should also carry a hunt whip.

    Correct dress for children

  • All children should wear the BSI approved skull caps

  • A body protector worn underneath a tweed coat is a good idea.

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