Searching for a new body protector? Don’t miss this selection

If you’re in the market for a new body protector don’t miss this selection:

Harry Hall Hi Flex Body Protector


This body protector is approved for BETA standard level three and is made from tapered, high impact absorbing foam. The body protector features a part quilted air mesh outer material and a soft anti-pill comfort stretch nylon lining. In addition to this the body protector is fully adjustable with an elasticated, easy fitting waist strap, rubberised shoulder tabs and visual fit indicators to ensure a correct and safe fit.

RRP: £95

Visit: or call 01274 711048

Point Two Pro-Air Air Jacket

Point Two ProAir Vest Black Adults~106020

This air vest helps to absorb shock and support the spinal column in the event of a fall. As the rider falls the air canister is activated, inflating the collar of the neck and trunk of the air jacket within one tenth of a second. The Pro-Air body protector also supports the ribs, coccyx and the vital organs.

RRP: from £296

Visit: or call 01706 507555

Dainese Alter-Real Waistcoat Back Protector

Dainese Alter Real

This vest offers back protection and is so slim that it can easily fit under a show jacket. The front elasticated zip allows ease of movement and stretch and the innovative hexagon construction guarantees the highest efficiency in terms of coverage and mobility.

RRP: £135


Rodney Powell Superflex Contour Body Protector

Rodney Powell Superflex Contour Body Protector Lucinda Fredericks

The Superflex Contour offers superior levels of flexibility and the perfect contouring of the torso, allowing your body heat to quickly penetrate the foam panels for maximum comfort. Its absorbent lining and breathable properties further enhance this body protector. Features include a wipe clean outer, a front zip fastening and adjustments at the shoulder and waist. Approved to BETA 2009 Level 3 and EN13158. Shoulder pads are also available.

RRP: from £139.99

Visit: or call 01303 872277

Champion Ti22


The Ti22 features Champion’s ‘SegTek’ panel construction, which gives a minimum of 100 flexible sections that mould to your shape and flex with your movement as you ride, for ultimate comfort and flexibility. The Ti22 is made from the latest high-tech lightweight and malleable foam panels, each of which have been individually punched with airflow holes to allow heat to migrate away from your body. Approved to BETA 2009 and EN13158:2009 level 3.

RRP: from £95

Visit: or call 0113 270 7000

Steeds Easy Fit II Body Protector


This body protector is very comfortable to wear and features a front zip for quick fitting. The body protector offers maximum shock absorption (certified in accordance with BETA 2009 Level 3 and EN13158 Level 3) and high flexibility thanks to its easy to move panels. The body protector also has Velcro fasteners at the hip and shoulder to help adjust the body protector to the right size. The upper material is made from strong nylon and the lining is made from a breathable nylon and polyester blend.

RRP: from 54.90

Visit: or call 01803 420125

Airowear Outlyne Protector


The body protector features ‘UltraFlex’ technology that moulds to the body for maximum comfort and freedom in the saddle. This technology quickly absorbs heat from the body and therefore takes less time to soften and mould to your shape. The Outlyne is made with multiple layers of impact-absorbing materials that absorb and spread the impact in the event of a fall. Safety standard EN13158:2009 and annually retested to BETA 2009 Level 3.

RRP: from £102

Visit: or call 01706 507555

Shires Performance Body Protector


The Shires Performance body protector achieves a good balance between safety and comfort to keep you feeling confident while riding and protected in the event of a fall. It is made from dense, shock absorbing foam inner panels that flex around the body to achieve a close, comfortable fit, while its protective outer shell provides a barrier to help deflect the impact of a fall. This body protector has been manufactured to comply with BETA safety standards and EN13158:2009.

RRP: £89.99

Visit: or call 01568 613600

Airowear AyrVest


The AyrVest by Airowear challenges the performance and appearance of conventional body protectors and brings Airowear’s innovative air circulation system to the market. The air system is fully encased in nylon, complete with controlled airways that prevent over-inflation and puncturing. The vest inflates away from the body to create a protection zone that doesn’t cause discomfort to the rider, but also offers support around the jaw and sternum as well as over the pelvis and hips. The AyrVest is available in two fit styles that provide BETA 2009 Level 3 protection.

RRP: from £489.60


Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector

Racesafe RS2010 Adults Body Protector Navy~107899

The RS2010 is both breathable and lightweight and offers a comfortable non-restrictive fit, whilst moulding to the individual’s body shape. This body protector offers the flex of seventy independently hinged foam sections, which circulate air throughout. It offers the highest European and BETA standards of protection and is approved to EN13158:2009 (level 3) and BETA 2009 (level 3) .

RRP: from £135

Visit: or call 01706 507555

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