7 things all glamorous equestrians can relate to

  • While some equestrians prefer the low-maintenance lifestyle, there are plenty of horsey guys and girls out there who like to intertwine their love for horses and riding with a passion for all things glitz, glamour and luxury. Here are a few things glamorous equestrians might relate to…

    1. You like to coordinate your attire to your horse’s

    While many owners like to assign their horse a colour and purchase items such as headcollars, buckets, saddle pads and brushing boots in the same shade, you like to go one step further and ensure that your outfits also follow the same colour scheme. You also like to adapt your sets to the season, and with the wealth of equestrian clothing out there, it’s not hard to find perfect matchy-matchy sets all year round.

    2. Competition turnout is never a chore

    Bathing, plaiting, clipping and grooming is where you shine and the often mammoth task of gussying up your horse or pony for a show, no matter how small, gives you ample opportunity to let your attention to detail and perfectionism come to the fore. You revel in ensuring that your steed is the best looking chap or chapess on the showground, boasting the most sparkling tack, ideally sized plaits and the shiniest coat (thanks in part to the best tack cleaners, plaiting aids and coat shine sprays). That best turned out prize is yours.

    3. Marigolds are your best friends

    With a full set of nails on at all times, rubber gloves are an essential part of kit for glamorous equestrians. Whether you’re bathing your horse, scrubbing water buckets or just going about your daily list of jobs, you keep a pair of handy Marigolds on you at all times.

    4. You’re known for your fashionable yard outfits

    You love a brand and you’re always the first to have the latest must-haves from the coolest equestrian retailers on the market. Your fellow yard goers are in awe of how you manage to look so good while mucking out on early mornings in the depths of winter, but you’ve mastered the art of functional fashion and know exactly which winter coats or riding tights both look stylish and keep you cosy.

    5. You love a championship show (for the shopping)

    Horse of the Year Show or the London International Horse Show is your idea of heaven. Alongside the top-class equestrian sport you can indulge in some of the best shopping the equestrian circuit has to offer as everything you could ever want, for both horses and riders, is in one place at great prices (hey, we all love a bargain.) Plus, the champagne bar and celebrity rider-spotting always promised at these events adds an air of glamour to the experience.

    6. Your horse has an Instagram account

    Social media undoubtedly rules the modern world and you’re not missing any opportunity to hit the big time, even if your horse has to be the star. His adoring fans love to see what he gets up to on a daily basis and he’s managed to rack up a substantial amount of followers, mainly thanks to his cute face, but your creativity and tech-savviness has certainly helped his internet fame.

    7. Horses are still a way of life, even for glamorous equestrians

    Just because you like the finer things in life doesn’t mean that you miss out on the true experience of being an equestrian. You’re still at the yard at the crack of dawn, mucking out, lugging haynets, poo-picking fields and generally being the best horse owner you can be. You just look a little more stylish doing it.

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