Best sweat-wicking GP saddle pads 2020: Horse & Hound’s tester ranks her favourites

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  • Great sweat-wicking saddle pads will draw away moisture from your horse’s back, keeping him dry and comfortable even when he’s working hard in hot weather. It will also fit your saddle well, offer a good amount of cushioning and not move while you’re riding. It’s also important that your saddle pad washes and wears well as you’ll need to put it through the wash regularly to keep it clean and smart.

    Horse & Hound has been working with a number of professional riders, trainers and yards to put a range of products to the test in a busy yard environment. And here are the results…

    Horse & Hound’s pick of the best sweat-wicking GP saddle pads 2020


    Weatherbeeta Prime all-purpose pad

    RRP £32.99

    Weatherbeeta Prime all-purpose saddle pad review

    This product performed very well throughout the time I tested it. It’s a nice shape and fitted all of the saddles I tried it with. It wicked any moisture away quickly, had a lovely high wither and provided enough cushioning.


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    Equestrian Stockholm saddle pad

    RRP £75

    Equestrian Stockholm saddle pad review

    It was smart yet practical, and performed really well. I liked that it’s suitable to wear for best as well as every day. It was one of the more expensive in the test, but it’s great performance makes it really good value.”


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    Eskadron 3D mesh compact saddle pad

    RRP £73.95

    Eskadron 3D mesh compact saddle pad review

    The saddle did not move an inch with the help of this saddle pad! It was just as sticky even after washing. It’s one of the more expensive options, but it’s incredibly lightweight and breathable.”


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    Hy Sport Active GP saddle pad

    RRP £32.99

    HyWither Sport Active GP saddle pad review

    “This saddle pad moulded to the horses’ shapes well and wicked away moisture. It was great as an everyday, no frills, practical saddle pad that washed well and did the job.


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    HV Polo Hivano GP saddle pad

    RRP £21.99

    HV Polo Hivano GP saddle pad review

    “This saddle pad performed well in the test — it was very lightweight and flexible and added enough padding and cushioning. I liked how lightweight and padded it was, but I would have preferred it to be slightly higher at the wither.


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    SXC high-rise silicone saddle pad

    RRP £34.99

    SXC high-rise silicone saddle pad review

    “This saddle pad didn’t wick quite as well as some of the others I tested, but it did provide more cushioning, had a nice forward-cut shape and fitted well around the saddle. It washed well and never slipped.”


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    Thermatex quilted saddlecloth

    RRP £49.95

    Thermatex quilted saddlecloth review

    This saddlecloth didn’t offer much cushioning underneath the saddle, but assuming you have a well-fitting saddle this shouldn’t be a problem. It wicked away any moisture and never slipped or moved while in use.”


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    Shires Performance Air Motion Pro saddlecloth

    RRP £52.99

    Shires Performance Air Motion Pro saddlecloth review

    This saddlecloth had good aeration and was really breathable, but did leave marks on the horses coat that were consistent with the shape of the dimples underneath the saddlecloth. It never lost its shape or condition”


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    Meet the product tester

    Harriet Rimmer is a busy yard owner and hunting enthusiast. She produces and sell hunters, alongside riding and training horses for owners. During the season, Harriet is out at least three times a week — at least once with her local pack and visiting others as much as she can, whatever the weather.  Over the summer, Harriet spends her time getting the horses out and about wherever she can to gain some life experience.

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