8 stirrup leathers to add to your Christmas wish list

Looking for some new stirrup leathers? If so don't miss our pick of the best.

Equipe Emporio stirrup leathers


These stirrup leathers are made in hide, are tear-proof and non-stretchable and have an anti-shock inner core. The stirrup leathers also have extra holes for precise length adjustment and will not mark your saddle.

RRP: £76

Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350

Prestige stirrup leathers

2. A17 staffili

Nylon-lined calfskin non-stretch stirrup leathers. These leathers are plated at the top instead of stitched to allow the skirt of the saddle to sit flat.

RRP: £90

Visit: www.arkaequipe.com 

Laminated leathers

3. KATE Laminated leathers

Top quality English leather stirrup leathers with nylon web bonded on the back to prevent stretching. Available in black and chestnut.

RRP: £90

Visit: www.katenegus.com or call 0780 1150571

Equiline jumping stirrup leathers

4. BJ107 - Jumping Stirrup Leathers

Beautifully crafted in Italian leather, these jumping stirrup leathers from Equiline have an anti-stretch nylon core. Available in black or brown in sizes 120cm, 135cm, 145cm or 160cm.

RRP: £85

Visit: www.fearnsfarmpartnership.co.uk or call 01704 823539

GFS reinforced stirrup leathers


These reinforced stirrup leathers have a special nylon lining for minimal stretch. They are attractively designed with a stainless steel curved buckle for reduced bulk under the leg and maximum comfort. Available in Havana and black.

RRP: £33

Visit: www.gfsriding.co.uk

PDS dressage stirrup leathers


These luxurious dressage stirrup leathers are made from soft but durable leather with a shaped buckle that sits neatly under the riders legs

RRP: £69 

Visit: www.pdssaddles.com

Albion wrapped stirrup leathers

7. ALBION Wrapped Stirrup Leathers Black

The Albion super soft, non-stretch, wrapped stirrup leathers are lined with nylon for extra strength. These slim-line leathers offer ultimate comfort under your leg and are suitable for any discipline with any saddle. The wrapped stirrup leathers are available in sizes 54”, 57”, 60” or 63”, with stainless steel buckles in black and dark havana.

RRP: £88

Visit: www.albionsaddlemakers.co.uk

Childéric chrome stirrup leathers

8. Childéric Stirrup Leathers emailer

These beautiful Childéric chrome stirrup leathers are made from toughened leather to help lengthen their life and perform well under pressure. Created as part of the Childéric saddlery collection, they are available in either calfskin or chrome and combine performance with stunning good looks.

RRP: £150

Visit: www.childericsaddles.co.uk

Spalding International Saddlery stirrup leathers

Stirrup Leathers resized

Spalding International Saddlery’s stirrup leathers are made from non-stretch webbing wrapped in soft calf skin giving a super soft feel from new. With a breaking strain in excess of 0.5 tonne and a low profile buckle giving the rider less bulk under the leg, these stirrup leathers are the perfect addition to any saddle.

RRP: £69
Visit: www.spaldinginternationalsaddlery.co.uk or call 07950 256173


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