7 dressage saddles to dream about

Arka Equipe X-Prestige Helen D K dressage saddle


Developed for German champion Helen Langehanenberg, the extremely lightweight (5.35kg) X-Prestige D K is fully lined with supple oiled calfskin, and is available in a double or monoflap version. Ultra deep tree with X-technology makes the seat extremely soft. Antatomical panels ensure freedom of movement for the trapezius muscles.
RRP: £2,720
Visit: www.arkaequipe.com

John Whitaker Dressage Saddle


Elegantly designed mono panel saddle featuring a high quality grain leather and super soft panels.
RRP: £1300
Visit: www.johnwhitaker.com

Bates Innova Mono+


The new Bates Innova Mono+ features a new mono flap design offering close contact and connection and ultra-soft Opulence leather which is grippy and has a natural finish offering immdeiate comfort requiring no breaking in time in the saddle. This saddle also features a deep open seat that works in partnership with the new external FlexiContourbloc, which is anatomically contoured and adjustable. The FlexiContourbloc, can be moved forwards, backwards, or on a precise angle to mirror your individual position. The anatomic contour of the FlexiContourbloc allows you to ride in and behind the bloc to support your individual position for maximised comfort and security.The new adjustable ergonomic stirrup bar has been designed to reduce the bulk under your leg and can be easily repositioned to optimise your position into one of three positions. The Bates Innova Mono+ also features the easy-change fit solution enabling your saddle to be custom fitted in minutes to your horse’s changing shape for optimal comfort and performance. A range of easy-change systems within the saddle offer scope of adjustment for a total fitting solution that’s not only easy, but measurable, and completely reversible. The adjustable Y-girthing system allows customised adjustment for your horse’s individual conformation to maximise the stability of the saddle.
RRP: £2,500
Visit: www.batessaddles.com

WOW Saddles Equitana Dressage Flap




The Equitana dressage flap has an adjustable fixed block. The block angle can be adjusted, and the positioning from front to back can be moved as well. This helps you in the quest for the perfect leg position every time with different riders. The flap stitching is a swirl pattern. WOW saddles are bespoke, with a vast multitude of style and fitting options.
RRP: £2600
Visit: www.wowsaddles.com

Childéric DSC dressage saddle




This is a brand new bespoke dressage saddle launching this season. Created around Childéric’s unique tree technology, the new Childéric DSC dressage saddle features a new generation seat that incorporates a slimline centre. This offers the rider a deeper seat position, allowing for a closer and more connected feel with the horse. The new dressage saddle also pays attention to freedom of movement; thanks to it’s anatomically shaped panels and carefully positioned points. The further set back points coupled with the tree work together to allow the horse to move through its shoulder. The French designed bespoke saddle can be built completely to the horse and rider’s requirements, including a variety of girth strap positions, which ensure that the horse is not restricted around this highly sensitive and venerable area. The refined panel shapes are also individually shaped to suit the anatomy of the horse being fitted with careful consideration to alleviating pressure points. Bespoke knee blocks, seat depths and sizes ensure that the rider can sit comfortably and centrally in the saddle with ease, whist the wide soft panels distribute the rider’s weight evenly and kindly. Available in seat sizes 16-18.5”, tree widths standard, medium and wide and colours black, master and Irish. Saddles can be created from calf, buffalo or suede.
RRP: from £3,600
Visit: www.childericsaddles.co.uk

Amerigo Cervia Siena Pinerolo



Michael and Maria Eilberg’s saddle of choice, the Cervia Siena has independent panels which are made in two separate pieces that do not have gussets or pre-formed pressure points which can affect the horse. The panels are filled with a synthetic wool mixture which is hard-wearing, hygienic and low maintenance. The wool reacts to heat and adapts itself to the shape of the horse to give a glove-like fit. The Cervia Siena is ideal for horses with long withers and slightly rising top lines and is available in black or brown.
RRP: £3,750
Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk

Sue Carson Grand Prix Special


Specifically designed to horse and rider, yet extremely adjustable, the Grand Prix Special dressage saddle from Sue Carson Saddles is a ‘saddle for life.’ It aids maximum movement for the horse and effectiveness for the rider. The large range of individual design and colour options make it as unique as every individual horse and rider combination.
RRP: £3,600
Visit: www.suecarsonsaddles.co.uk or call 01629 540343

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