Maximise your dressage scores with this selection of short girths

Horse's fluidity and ease of movement are important in getting those high dressage scores, so don't let your girth hinder your horse's gait with these specially designed short dressage girths

Ill fitting, too tight short dressage girths can cause a number of problems for your horse’s health, comfort and way of going. A girth that is too tight can cause pressure points and bruising, but a girth that is elasticated and well padded may lessen the likelihood of this happening. Pressure points occur from the application of uneven pressure on sensitive areas and can result in girth galls as well as preventing your horse from being able to move freely. To combat this the best short dressage girths have a wider centre part on the stronger, less sensitive sternum area allowing better distribution of pressure. Your horse’s freedom to move starts at the elbow, very near to where your girth sits. For this reason, girths that are anatomically-shaped to allow space for the elbow to move can help improve your horse’s fluidity of paces which could increase your dressage marks. And lastly, it is important that the girth has smooth, soft edges to avoid it rubbing and pinching your horse’s skin.

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Equi-Soft girth

This girth has been designed to offer great girth pressure distribution and maximum comfort to your horse when being girthed. Also, it is designed to allow your horse to expand its chest during exercise using a system of elastic rings that expand and contract. It has been shown that horses maintain a lower heart rate when using this girth, which is available to trial.
RRP: £210
Visit: www.divineequestrian.co.uk
Buy now online at amazon.co.uk

Fairfax Performance girth

This was the original girth to be based on scientific research and proven to improve the horse’s performance by dramatically reducing pressure, significantly increasing range of movement and helping eliminate gait asymmetry. This handmade, leather girth is contoured to avoid the pressure-sensitive areas behind the elbow and designed with edges that allow the muscles of the shoulder to move without hindrance.
RRP: £240
Visit: www.fairfaxsaddles.com

Childéric Silhouette girth

A girth that has been designed to help solve the problem of saddles moving forward towards the elbow and help the even distribution of pressure. It is made using triple thick elasticated ends for good saddle stability and an ergonomic cut to promote a more even distribution of pressure. The shape of the girth allows the girth to sit in the correct position, without catching the horse around the sensitive area behind the elbow.
RRP: £275
Visit: www.childericsaddles.co.uk

Claridge House Elena dressage girth

This girth is well padded to increase comfort and designed with a wide centre part to help with the even distribution of pressure. There are also D-rings, elastic inserts on both sides and roller buckles.
RRP: £49.90
Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

Rhinegold Dressage girth

This girth aims to maximise comfort and protect the sensitive areas with its fully padded underside and anatomical shape. This design gives your horse the chance to move more freely plus it includes the facility to clip on training aids.
RRP: £69
Visit: www.rhinegold.eu

Equiport dressage girth

Made from high quality soft leather, this dressage girth is padded for comfort, has elastic straps for even pressure distribution and is shaped to allow freedom of movement.
Price: £59
Visit: www.equiport.co.uk

The Total Saddle Fit shoulder relief girth

Available exclusively in the UK from Shadow Horse, this girth has an anatomical cut that helps position the saddle well back from the shoulders and keeping it from interfering with any elbow movement. It helps the horse achieve a maximum range of movement while preventing the saddle from moving during riding.
RRP: £110
Visit: www.shadowhorse.co.uk
Buy now from amazon.co.uk

Kate Negus dressage girth

Made with English leather and lined with the soft hide, this dressage girth is shaped to allow free movement, has additional padding and has elastica straps at both ends to eliminate common girth issues such as girth gores, over girthing and pressure points.
RRP: from £200
Visit: www.katenegus.com

Equipe GH23 Dressage girth with sheepskin

Equipe’s well designed leather dressage girth is anatomically shaped to provide extra comfort and directs pressure to your horse’s sternum, which is less sensitive, to help improve its horse way of going. It includes soft leather buckle coverings and soft lambskin lining for ultimate comfort, which is also removable and machine washable.
RRP: £324
Visit: www.selleriaequipe.it

Amerigo GH27 Dressage elastic girth

This new girth is an addition to the popular elastic girth range from Amerigo. It is specially shaped to distribute pressure over a wider surface area, as concentration in one narrow area can lead to soreness when over girthed. The elastic is soft and the edges of the girth a made of calfskin giving no sharp edges that might hinder movement.
RRP: £247
Visit: amerigo-saddles.com

Showmaster Dressage girth with memory foam

An anatomically shaped girth that is made of soft chloroprene rubber with memory foam padding which can mould to your horses shape over time to increase comfort and ease of movement. Also this girth is well padded for added comfort and pressure management.
RRP: £34.90
Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

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