9 stud girths to protect your horse while jumping

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  • Wearing studs while jumping lessens the chance of your horse slipping, but if your horse is neat in front they can cause cuts to your horse's girth area so stud girths are designed to offer important protection of this sensitive area

    Stud girths are used to protect your horse’s belly while jumping with studs in the front shoes. For this reason it is important that the middle part or kicking plate is of a suitable size. It is also very important that the girth does not pinch or hinder your horse’s movement. To do this the best stud girths must sit in the correct position, without catching the horse behind the elbow and should be made of soft material with padded sides. Another feature to look out for is elasticated straps to avoid over girthing and a robust martingale or breastplate attachment.

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    Albion Slip on stud guard

    This durable slip on stud guard is easily attached to any girth and has small holes which have been carefully positioned to allow water and sweat to exit easily ensuring comfort for maximum performance.
    RRP: £94.50
    Visit: www.albionsaddlemakers.co.uk

    Mark Todd Sheepskin stud girth

    Manufactured in premium quality leather with a removable sheepskin lining, this luxurious girth features elasticated straps and three fixing points to attach training aids.
    RRP: £169.99
    Visit: www.olddairysaddlery.co.uk

    Equipe Easy stud protector girth

    The Easy girth with stud protector is made from soft Italian leather and bi-stretch material for comfort. Specially shaped to distribute pressure over a wider surface area to prevent overgirthing and includes durable stainless steel roller buckles.
    RRP: £252
    Visit: zebraproducts.co.uk

    Equiport stud girth

    Made from high quality soft leather, the Equiport Stud Girth has extra padding for comfort and to prevent any rubbing. The girth offers a large stud guard area, giving your horse the best protection when jumping fences.
    RRP: £98
    Visit: www.equiport.co.uk

    Childéric short stud girth

    Made with soft leather, this anatomically designed girth features padded edging for comfort and is cut to allow the girth to sit in the correct position, without catching the horse around the sensitive area behind the elbow. There are velcro leather wraps to hide away the triple thick elasticated buckles neatly when in use.
    RRP: £300
    Visit: www.childericsaddles.co.uk

    Claridge House Leather stud guard girth

    A supple stud guard girth made from soft, tanned leather with tear-proof nylon core and reinforced leather belly guard. There are triple elastic inserts on both sides with three D-rings and a snap hook in the centre.
    RRP: £79.90
    Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

    Shires Anti-Chafe Stud guard girth

    This ergonomically shaped girth is designed to reduce sweat build up and chafing. The D ring and buckle allow for attachment of martingale/breastplate and the elastic on both sides allows for the best possible fit.
    RRP: £36.99
    Visit: www.naylors.com
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Amerigo Stud Protector girth

    Made from a combination of calfskin and rubber, this girth provides both protection and comfort for the horse. The soft materials and shape ensure that it fits easily and naturally, without hindering movement around the sensitive elbow area. The three-fold elastic on each end ensures that the girth stays firmly in place.
    Available in 100% leather or leather/elastic mix.
    RRP: £462
    Visit: zebraproducts.co.uk
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Kate Negus short stud girth

    With the good size kicking plate, this product is designed for mono flap saddles. It is sculpted to allow extra shoulder room with two elasticated ends to reduce common girthing issues.
    RRP: £300 – made to order
    Visit: www.katenegus.com

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