20 jump saddles you’ll want to ride in

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  • Searching out the best jump saddles to find one that fits and works for you as well as your horse isn’t something you can do solely on the internet, but it’s a good place to start. Unlike most purchasing decisions you make, this one really has to strike the balance between getting the best one for you and the perfect fit for your horse – if it’s not quite right for either of you, the chances are you won’t get as many clear rounds as you potentially could. H&H recommends consulting a qualified saddle fitter prior to purchase and following up with regular checks to tailor the fit to your horse’s changing shape. The links below should help direct you to local stockists.

    You can, however, spend as much time as you like before this stage freely lusting after the latest releases and the returning models. With a range of colours, leathers, shapes and personalisation options, as well as adjustable features, there’s plenty to consider. You might also want to check out what stirrup leathers and technical stirrups are on offer, too.

    Here’s a selection of some of the best jump saddles on the market for you to add to your wish list…

    Albion K3 Sport Jump

    Albion K3 Sport Jump

    Colours: Black or brown | Seat sizes: 16.5–18in, N–T | RRP: From £2,270 |

    The monoflap design helps to create a closer contact and a lighter weight design. The K3 benefits from modern styling, a super-soft half deep seat and a pure wool flock and felt-lined panel to allow for minor adjustments. Like the K2, this saddle is built on the Adjusta-Tree and it can be customised with new Glitz fabric on block coverings and at the back of the cantle, coloured welts and more.

    More info and stockists at albionengland.co.uk

    Amerigo Vega Jump Special

    Amerigo Vega Jump Special

    Colours: Black, brown Newmarket or red brown | Seat sizes: 16.5–18in | RRP: £3,100 |

    Vega Saddles are made using a synthetic tree with a tempered steel head iron. It has wool-flocked panels, a calfskin padded seat and knee rolls, intricately stitched flaps and fixed knee and thigh blocks. Available in short, normal or long flap lengths.

    More info and stockists at amerigo-saddles.com

    AMZ Talla

    AMZ Talla

    Colours: Black, brown, tan or chestnut | Seat sizes: 16.5–18in | RRP: From £1,795 |

    With a monoflap design, forward-cut style and prominent knee rolls, this saddle promotes shoulder freedom and allows you to shorten your stirrups for maximum security and balance. The Talla can be built on one of several wooden-sprung tree styles, with traditional or sport panels, in any width. It comes covered in calfskin leather and can be personalised, including adding optional coloured welting or stitching. 

    More info and stockists at amzsaddles.co.uk

    Bates Advanta

    Bates Advanta

    Colours: Black, brown or Havana/black | Seat sizes: 16.5–17.5in | RRP: £2,699 |

    This jump saddle is aimed at the ‘serious eventer’. It has a forward-cut monoflap that gives you a good connection with your horse, while the adjustable stirrup bar allows you to find the position for your perfect natural alignment. It has FlexiContourbloc technology that aids balance.

    More info and stockists at batessaddles.com.au

    Childéric FSC

    Childéric FSC

    Colours: Black, Irish, master or chataigne | Seat sizes: 16–19in | RRP: From £4,180 |

    Offering a bespoke cut and twist, this saddle aims to brig you closer to your horse and give you the feel and position you want. It offers a slightly deeper seat than other Childéric jump saddles. The open head enables the saddle to be shared between horses more easily. All saddles are fully bespoke and therefore available in single or double flap, and with options for integrated panels and customisable flap design. Stitching and piping colour is also fully bespoke.

    More info and stockists at childericsaddles.co.uk

    Collegiate Degree Mono Event

    Collegiate Degree Mono Event

    Colours: Black or brown | Seat sizes: 16–18in | RRP: £999 |

    This monoflap saddle is made from high quality, naturally tanned pigmented leather, while the thigh blocks are covered with supple grained leather. The semi-deep seat and square cantle provide a secure and comfortable ride. The saddle also includes long front gussets, contrast stitching, and a leather wear patch. It features a changeable gullet system combined with synthetic wool panels allows for an improved fit.

    For more info, stockists or to buy, visit collegiatesaddlery.co.uk

    Comfort Elite jump saddle

    Comfort Elite Elevation

    Colours: Black, dark brown or custom | Seat sizes: 16.5–18.5in | RRP: £2,295 |

    The tree used in this saddle is described as being able to ‘fit a large range of horses and ponies, and great for really wide horses. It has a deep, contoured seat, large adjustable knee blocks and fixed exteral thigh blocks. The monoflap saddle comes with special wide gullet, large weight-bearing panels in gel foam or flocking, and four girthing straps. Custom options are available, knee blocks, twist, flap length or suede or doeskin seat or knee rolls. 

    More info and stockists at comfort-saddles.com

    Crosby Prix De Nation Covered Jump

    Crosby Prix De Nation Covered Jump

    Colours: Black, dark brown or oiled cognac | Seat sizes: 16–18in | RRP: £2,799 |

    Handcrafted from European double leather that provides superb grip, comfort and rider support, this saddle has a classic deep seat that aids rider stability and security. The French-inspired close contact moulded foam panels help to provide a comfortable and seamless bridge between horse and rider, while the panel has a broad bearing surface to offer weight distribution without interfering with movement. The generous channel width ensures good spine clearance, while the knee and thigh blocks aid leg position and security, and the slimline stirrup bar offers closer contact. The adjustable gullet system allows you to easily alter the width of the gullet. Each saddle comes with a 10-year warranty on the tree and a two-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

    For more info, stockists or to buy, visit crosbysaddlery.co.uk

    Enzo Treviso Maria Two Tone 

    Enzo Treviso Maria Two Tone

    Colours: Dark Havana | Seat sizes: 16–18in | RRP: £2,799 |

    This deep-seated saddle is handcrafted from rich, lavish and supple luxurious European leather. With a stylish and contemporary design, this saddle features contact moulded foam panels with a broad bearing surface. The strategically positioned soft leather knee pad inserts are designed to deliver a stable and precise lower leg. The adjustable gullet system allows you to easily alter the width of the gullet to customise the fit for your horse. All saddles come with a 10-year warranty on the tree and a two-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

    For more info, stockists or to buy, visit enzotreviso.co.uk

    Equipe Expression Special

    Equipe Expression Special

    Colours: Black, brown Newmarket or red brown | Seat sizes: 15.5–18in | RRP: £2,350 |

    Made from luxurious calfskin, this saddle has a synthetic tree and deep seat, with anatomically shaped knee blocks and padded knee rolls.

    More info and stockists at selleriaequipe.it/en

    Fairfax Spirit Jump

    Fairfax Spirit Jump

    Colours: Black or brown | Seat sizes: 17–17.5in | RRP: From £2,600 |

    This wool-flocked English leather saddle benefits from Fairfax’s Performance Panel, which de-restricts the shoulder and knee apparatus in flight, allowing the horse greater freedom of movement. This saddle was designed and tested using pressure mapping and gait analysis. It features adjustable knee blocks at the front and thigh blocks at the back to provide customised rider support, while the slimline design improves the sense of connectivity and a closer leg contact. The gullet bar has seven changeable widths and there are three adjustable girthing options, too. 

    More info and stockists at fairfaxsaddles.com

    GFS Transition GX Jump

    Colours: Black or brown | Seat sizes: 17–17.5in, N–XXW | RRP: £1,250 |

    This saddle is described as having as ideal for a progressing showjumper at a budget-friendly price. It is made with a low seat, is forward-cut and has moveable knee and thigh blocks. It has an adjustable gullet plate system, flocked panel and easy exchange girth 

    More info and stockists at gfsriding.co.uk

    Harry Dabbs Pro Jump 

    Harry Dabbs Pro Jump

    Colours: Black, Havana or tan | Seat sizes: 16–18.5in | RRP: From £2,700 |

    The flat seat and forward cut flaps gives the rider room for movement whilst the soft seat and air cushioned knee pads provide comfort and support. The Pro Jump is on a traditional English spring tree and features a wool-flocked performance panel that is designed to reduce the pressure beyond the last rib to free up the hindquarters. The head design gives more freedom at the shoulder. It is available in a choice of flap lengths.

    More info and stockists at harrydabbs.co.uk

    Jeffries Liberty Jump 

    Jeffries Liberty Jump

    Colours: Black or Havana | Seat sizes: 16.5–17.5in | RRP: From £1,600 |

    The Liberty tree has flatter rails and an open head that make it ideal for warmbloods and heavier horse types.The wool-flocked panel has a good depth and bearing surface. The saddle has an open head, generous gullet and soft dual density seat. Other features include substantial knee and thigh blocks and stitched knee pads. Also available as a monoflap.

    For more info, stockists or to buy, visit ejeffries.co.ukPessoa TomBoy

    Pessoa TomBoy

    Colours: Black or brown | Seat sizes: 16.5–18in | RRP: £3,200 |

    This saddle has a unique flap design and six patent leather colour options for the piping. The knee rolls and thigh blocks are adjustable, while the knee rolls also have double padding, to help ensure correct and comfortable leg position. 

    More info and stockists at pessoausa.com

    Solution Saddles Smart Elite

    Solution Saddles Smart Elite

    Colours: Black or Havana | Seat sizes: Available in 4 seat sizes | RRP: From £3,295 |

    This saddle has enhanced features for improved rider position, and can be readily fitted to horses with higher, longer withers thanks to the shape of the base panels and flexible core. A new girthing arrangement enables a more forward set girth attachment and the updated seat features a longer, flatter cantle, balanced for rider support and security on the flat and over fences. Fitting adjustments can be made if required, but this saddle will also flex to accommodate back shape changes throughout the season thanks to the Smart FlexTech technology. You can also choose your knee block style and positioning, as well as an optional suede seat and decorative cantle designs. 

    For more info, stockists or to buy, visit solutionsaddles.com

    Stübben Portos

    Stübben Portos

    Colours: Black, Havana, ebony or tobacco | Seat sizes: 16.5–19in | RRP: From £2,390 |

    This close-contact jump saddle has a narrow twist and flat panel with a short rib, which reduces the distance between you and your horse. The saddle is made of full grain, soft leather and has eye-catching decorative stitching. There are plenty of customisation options available with this saddle. 

    For more info, stockists or to buy, visit stuebben.co.uk

    Whitaker Overton jump saddle

    Whitaker Overton

    Colours: Black or Havana | Seat sizes: 16–18in | RRP: £895 |

    Part of the Whitaker Demands collection, this saddle is described as low maintenance, with a forward cut and interchangeable gullet. It has a large padded knee roll that is staggered to encourage proper leg positioning. The leather flap also features a padded section at the skirt to stop creasing and aid comfort. The underpanels are made from a synthetic leather and memory foam core that moulds to the shape of your horse, but there are also felt slits should you require additional flocking. 

    More info and stockists at johnwhitaker.com

    WOW DMK Jump

    Wow DMK Jump

    Colours: Wide range of combinations and customisation options | Seat sizes: 16–19in | RRP: From £3,165 |

    This saddle has a pointless panel system that removes point pressure from the Y-shaped tree and stirrup bars, while the shock-absorbing Flair panels minimise pressure, too. These features can be combined with a choice of three tree curvatures, one of 20 interchangeable headplates, and a wide range of seats and flaps to ensure rider comfort. Dual or monoflap versions are available. Customisation options include leather colours and patterns, crystal enhancements and cantle plate finishes.

    More info and stockists at wowsaddles.com

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    What’s the difference between a GP and a jump saddle?

    A GP (general purpose) saddle is designed for riders who enjoy doing a bit of everything. They typically have a fairly deep seat and short flaps, which offers balance and a good range of movement for you and your horse. A jump saddle tends to be more forward cut, have a much flatter seat and give you a closer contact with your horse. They also have knee and/or thigh blocks to offer security and help you achieve the right position while showjumping.

    What’s a monoflap saddle?

    A traditional (or dual flap) saddle has two flaps that sit under your leg, and the girth straps lie between them, while the stirrup leathers lay on top. A monoflap saddle is designed to offer you a closer contact with your horse – it has a single flap and the girth straps emerge from underneath it.

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