The design of stirrup irons has advanced considerably in recent years and now we have a wide range of choice from bright colours to innovative new quick release systems.


Nowadays there are so many different types of stirrups available on the market, from traditional steel ones to ultra-lightweight, coloured ones. Regardless of which ones you prefer the look of, the best stirrup irons are ones that fit your foot – you must be able to fit a small finger or roughly 1/2″ either side of your boot when positioned in the iron.

For example, a 3.5″ wide foot with boots will need a 4.5″ stirrup. A lightweight stirrup is less weight for your horse to carry, but some people prefer a slightly heavier stirrup for greater stability. A good grip will prevent your foot from sliding around while a curved shape or quick release method allows your foot to be released in a fall. Stirrups with balancing or shock-absorbing systems enhance comfort and are softer on your joints.

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Felix Buhler Performance stirrups

Best stirrup irons: Felix Buhler Performance stirrups
These stirrups are lightweight as they are made of aluminium and covered with a metallic varnish. There is a 7 cm wide grip tread and they come in blue, champagne, light green, pink and silver.
RRP: £39.90

BR Venice stirrups

Best stirrup irons: BR Venice stirrups
These adult safety stirrups for are made of lightweight aluminium and feature a revolutionary magnetic safety mechanism on the side of the stirrup. The weight of the rider will open the magnetic clasp and release your foot sideways in the event of a fall.
RRP: £214.95
Buy now at

Sprenger Bow Balance stirrups

Best stirrup irons: Sprenger Bow Balance stirrups
This pair of stirrups aim to improve your performance with an innovative foot balancing system, enhanced security and comfort. This is due to their four-directional pivot, while the wide tread aids balance.
RRP: £196
Buy now at

Makebe Jump Wave stirrup

Best stirrup irons: Makebe Jump Wave stirrup

This strong but light aluminium stirrup has been specially treated to preserve its gloss and colour stability. It is made with a slight incline and an innovative grip that makes it both comfortable to use and easy to clean.
RRP: £147 or £102.90 (saving 30%) to Harry Hall One Club members
Buy now at

Equiline S1 Safety First stirrups

Best stirrup irons: Equiline S1 Safety First stirrups
These stirrups have a unique safety design in which the outer arms move both outwards and in a circle to release the rider’s foot in a fall, and can then be re-set to the original position. The shock-absorbing plates and rolling grips ensure optimum rider comfort and performance.
RRP: £390.00

Equitaly stirrup irons

Best stirrup irons: Equitaly stirrup irons
Made from lightweight aluminium, these well balanced stirrup irons are designed to provide maximum comfort and stability to riders. Available in a range of colours and interchangeable treads to support riders in every discipline.
RRP: £160
Buy now at

Aluminium Icelandic stirrups

Best stirrups irons: Aluminium Icelandic stirrups
These lightweight stirrups are curved on both sides with a 90° top eyelet to give your foot freedom but also security. These stirrups fit a large boot well.
RRP: £15.90

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