Technical stirrups — what’s on the market?

Long gone are the days where everyone uses traditional stirrup irons, today the range of stirrups on the market is vast and when searching for a new pair there are a myriad styles, colours and materials to choose from. Technological advances over recent years have influenced the shape and safety features of many stirrups while comfort levels also vary. So which ones should you choose? We take a look at just some of the options currently available on the market.

Technical stirrups

Tech Stirrups Venice SlopeD stirrups

These stirrups are feature a safety mechanism which allows, in case of need, a section of the ring to open, thus easing the release of the foot; thereafter, the section gets back in its original position thanks to a specific spring. One end of the moving part is fixed to the tread, while the other end is secured to the ring thanks to the spring pressure and a special locking system – made of small magnets – whose opening is possible only when a certain pressure is applied.
Tel: +39 331 1099739 Visit: www.techstirrups.com

BR AeroTech stirrups

These lightweight, synthetic stirrups feature a wide stainless steel tread with a laser-engraved pattern, which provides optimal support to the rider and, as a result, relieves tension in hips, knees, ankles and calves. Thanks to the open structure of the tread, dirt and water can easily fall off/flow away. These stirrups are designed so that the foot will be kept in the correct position and as a result, provide more stability and improved leg position. A steel pin has been inserted in the lower part of the stirrup for extra weight, which will secure a stable stirrup position if the foot accidentally slides off it. As a result, the rider can quickly get his foot back in the stirrup.
Tel: +31(0) 4 87 59 78 80 Visit: br.nl

Equiline S1 Safety First stirrups

Best stirrup irons: Equiline S1 Safety First stirrups
These stirrups have a unique safety design in which the outer arms move both outwards and in a circle to release the rider’s foot in a fall, and can then be re-set to the original position. The shock-absorbing plates and rolling grips ensure optimum rider comfort and performance.
Tel: +39 049 9386552 Visit: http://en.equiline.it/

Herm Sprenger Bow Balance stirrups

Best stirrup irons: Sprenger Bow Balance stirrups
This pair of stirrups aim to improve the rider’s performance with an innovative foot balancing system, enhanced security and comfort. This is due to their four-directional pivot, while the wide tread aids balance.
Tel: 01352 763350 Visit: sprenger-uk.shptron.com

EquiItaly Greep Soft stirrups

Small Italian company EquiItaly manufactures a range of stirrups including this one, the Greep Soft. It has been designed to offer optimum balance and weight distribution and the soft anti-slip foot-board aims to ensure a good grip due to the 45º rotation of the teeth. In the Greep Soft model, the weight has been moved downwards to obtain a very balanced stirrup.
Tel: +39 0742 399056 Visit: www.facebook.com/Equitaly/

Karlslund AI stirrups


These Aluminium Icelandic (AI) stirrups are lightweight but strong. They have an S-shape curved design on both sides with a 90 degree top eyelet and are a particularly good fit for large boots. Available in a range of colours.
Tel: +45 31516000 Visit: karlslundriding.com/

Rambo Easy Up StirrUP

Aimed at people with tall horses, the innovative Rambo Easy Up StirrUP, which is made from cast alloy and has a shock absorbing nylon plastic footrest, boasts a special mechanism which allows the stirrup to be adjusted by up to six inches. The stirrups are also useful for beginners and those who have difficulties mounting horses when a mounting block is not available.
Tel: (353) 42 9389000 Visit: www.horseware.com

Compositi Reflex Stirrups

These stirrups boast a wide tread, which has a shock absorbing layer designed to relieve the pressure on the ankles and knees, and has an anti-skid surface to ensure greater grip. Flexion in the pad also ensures greater comfort, security and stability in the saddle.
Tel: +32(0)67 21 13 98 Visit: www.compositi.be

Freejump Soft’Up Classic stirrups

Freejump stirrups are known for their flexible outer arm which releases the foot in the event of a fall. As well as this advanced safety measure, the stirrups also have an offset centre of gravity to encourage the rider to keep their heels down and a wider tread which relieves pressure on the foot. The company’s range of stirrups includes the Soft’Up Classic, which is aimed specifically at women, and the Soft’Up Lite, which is aimed at those women and children with feet no bigger than a size seven.
Visit: www.freejumpsystem.com

Jin Stirrups Dynamik A

Jin stirrup irons are made from aluminium and are renowned for being extremely lightweight and for their wide anti-slip footplate, which ensures stability and security in the saddle. Available in a multitude of colours, they can also be personalised if ordered directly from the manufacturer.
Visit: jinstirrup.it

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Flex-On Balance Composite stirrups

French brand Flex-On have designed an original and innovative range of stirrups, including the Balance Composite model, which help the rider’s position and reduce strain on leg muscles and joints. Made from aerospace-derived aluminium, the frame is strong but lightweight while the footplate is built on an incline and contains elastomer shock absorbers.
Visit: www.flex-on.fr

Acavallo Arena Alupro Safety Stirrup


The Acavallo Arena Alupro Safety Stirrup features a new, patented, laterally opening safety stirrup. It is created with a high-tech combination of metal and polymer materials, produced by means of an innovative, patented injection moulding technique. Due to its design and construction, which is based on flexible polymers, the stirrup conveys a less rigid and much more comfortable feeling to the rider than with conventional products. It is also said to be of interest to riders suffering from orthopedic problems.
Tel: +39 030 9158213 Visit: www.acavallo.com

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