Our pick of the great competition saddlepads, ideal for competition use regardless of your preferred discipline

The best white competition saddlepads can really boost your overall turn-out, make you feel more professional and helping to give an excellent first impression. The key thing to consider is the overall shape of the pad and whether it’s going to fit your saddle and the shape of your horse – a GP saddle will need a different shape pad to a dressage saddle.

Some pads are part lined with sheepskin or lambswool, but this does add bulk so worth checking that this doesn’t negatively affect the fit of your saddle if you do . Lastly, the attachments and whether you want velcro ones which are easier to use but can wear out and cause slipping compared to just simple loops.

If you who want to embroid your saddle cloth then you will need to make sure that there is enough space on your new saddle cloth to do so. If you then want to use it in affiliated competition, please do read the rules on logos for British Eventing and British Dressage.

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HyWITHER Competition dressage pad

Best white competition saddlepads: HyWITHER Competition Dressage Pad

The HyWITHER range is cut to accommodate horses with a high wither, avoiding pressure on the spine to allow your horse freedom of movement while exercising. These plain cotton squares have a ¾ diamond pattern for a smart competition look, and also feature a 1” strap with touch tape closures for ease when attaching to the saddle. This pad is machine washable and available in white, brown or black in sizes cob or full.
Buy now: HyWITHER Compeition dressage pad from £21.88

LeMieux Half Lined Lambswool dressage square

Best white competition saddlepads
This dressage square has merino wool under the weight bearing areas, with a swan-neck and clear-spine to relieve pressure, allow airflow and improve the fit. It also has the signature reinforced girth area to prevent staining and wear and double velcro straps for easy fitting.
Buy now: LeMieux Half Lined Lambswool dressage square from £116.94

Bucas Max Dressage saddle pad

Best white competition saddlepads: Max Saddle Pad DR White
The Bucas Max dressage saddle pad is manufactured using a layer of Bucas stay-dry fabric on the inside. The stay-dry functionality removes sweat and moisture from the horse to improve comfort. The anti-bacterial lining helps to keep the saddle pad fresh and in good condition. The Bucas Max dressage saddle pad features hook and loop adjustment straps providing a tailored fit for every saddle, quilting for comfort and it is machine washable.
Buy now: Bucas Max Dressage saddle pad from £48.95

BR HHS Event Saddle Pad

best white competition saddlepads
This stylish pad doesn’t just have to be used for eventing – it is suitable for all types of competition. It is 100% cotton with matching cord piping; adjustable retaining straps with Velcro closure and a 400g filling.
Buy now: BR HHS Event Saddle Pad from £27.76

JHL Classic dressage saddlepad

9.JHL Classic Dressage Saddlepad

With diamond quilting and easy close hook and loop girth fastenings, the JHL Classic dressage saddlepad is available in black or white in cob or full sizes. It is machine washable.
Buy now: JHL Classic dressage saddle pad from £17.99

Kingsland MODOCK Dressage saddle pad

An attractive saddle pad with Coolmax padding for breathability, dual piping in contrasting colours, hook and loop fastenings, an embroidered logo on the girth loop and a stylish, subtle logo on the back.
Buy now: Kingsland MODOCK Dressage saddle pad from £76.72

Griffin NuuMed HiWither Dressage saddle pad

Designed and made in the UK, this smart and hard wearing saddle pad comes complete with front and back collars to create the look of a half pad without the bulk. The wool is knitted onto a cotton yarn giving you all the wool you need with no skin attached making it extremely easy to care for without the risk of shrinking, drying out or becoming wet and heavy.
Buy now: Griffin NuuMed HiWither Dressage saddle pad from £49.50

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