Weatherbeeta Prime all-purpose saddle pad: ‘It fitted all the saddles I tried it with’ 10/10

Weatherbeeta Prime all-purpose pad


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Welcome to our group test of sweat-wicking GP saddle pads. All of the saddle pads in this group test have been put through their paces by Harriet Rimmer, who runs a livery, schooling and sales yard with a particular focus on hunting. Find out what she thought below

Official description

The Weatherbeeta Prime all-purpose pad has a wicking lining to help keep your horse cool, dry and comfortable. It features a breathable mesh spine for extra airflow and a PVC-covered girth patch for added durability. It also features a high wither design allows for extra space where needed.
Colours: 13 available
Size: Pony or full

First impressions

This saddle pad was forward cut, lightweight and straightforward — it looked to be a useful all-purpose pad.

Overview of performance

This product performed very well throughout the time I tested it. The smaller D-ring straps are perfect for a close-contact saddle or a mono flap. It’s a nice shape and fitted all of the saddles I tried it with. It wicked any moisture away quickly, had a lovely high wither and provided enough cushioning.

Harriet’s likes and dislikes

I liked the simplicity and all-round purpose of this saddle pad. It has a good shape and I liked the mono-flap D-ring attachment. It’s a really great value saddle pad. 


*H&H Approved* I would 100% recommend this to anyone and everyone who has horses, both competition and pleasure.

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