6 reasons why Connemara ponies are simply the best

  • If you’re fortunate enough to own, breed or ride Connemaras then you’ll agree with these six reasons why they’re definitely an elite breed of pony.

    Why do you think Connemaras are a step above the rest?

    1. They’re super-versatile

    Whether you want a pony to enjoy the quiet life with or want a partner who can up the pace when needed, a Connemara is the perfect choice. The ideal happy hacker or an exemplary competition pony, a Connie won’t be out of place in any home.

    2. They shine in the show ring

    If you want a pony to stand out in the show ring then look no further. If you pick the right pony with correct conformation and movement (don’t forget to check out the breed standard), and combine it with correct training and production you can go far in the show ring. Plus, a good Connie can usually compete on the flat and over fences due to their athleticism. A judge will certainly struggle to keep their eyes off an outstanding Connemara with floating paces, flash and presence.

    3. They’re ideal for all of the family

    While individual temperament certainly comes into play, a Connie of average height is the ideal size for an adult as well as a growing child. The breed is one of the lighter of the natives so can be an apt choice for the teenage jockey who isn’t quite ready for a horse but is too tall for a small breed.

    4. They can (usually) jump

    The Connemara is known for its athleticism and talent over fences. Once again, it’s horses for courses, but the breed certainly has a top record when it comes to jumping. And it’s not just in the working hunter pony sector they can reign, you’ll often find Connies out on the hunt field, in the show jumping ring or tackling three-days events. Don’t forget about crosses, too; the Connemara cross is one of the most popular mixes and is often crossed with sport horse types to produce an elite athlete.

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    5. They’re (generally) low maintenance

    Native ponies are a popular choice with many owners due to their easy-going natures and low maintainance needs when compared to bigger horses. Connemaras adhere to this trait and are generally un-demanding, trouble-free ponies to have on the yard. Though of course there are always quirky exceptions to the rules…

    6. They’re super-beautiful

    Want to be greeted with a stunning, elegant view every single morning? Get a Connemara and you won’t be dissapointed.

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