Best brushing boots: Horse & Hound’s tester ranks her favourites

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  • The best brushing boots are typically ‘general purpose’ boots that can be worn on all four legs. They are designed to protect the legs from banging together leading to a bruise or cut, as well as guarding against external knocks. There are a wide range of brushing boots styles available, from fur-lined boots to help prevent rubbing from dirt and grit getting between the boots and the horse’s leg, to mesh materials to try to keep the horse’s leg as cool as possible, reducing the risk of injury from overheating the soft tissues in the horse’s leg. As with so much in the horse world, it really is ‘horses for courses’ so you have to decide what your priorities are when looking for the best brushing boots for your horse.

    Horse & Hound has been working with a number of professional riders, trainers and yards to put a range of products to the test in a busy yard environment. And here are the results…

    Meet the product tester

    The boots in this group test were trialled by professional event rider Sam Jennings, who started her eventing career in 1999 as a young rider and was shortlisted for the British team that year. Sam successfully competes a range of event horses up to advanced level , from her friendly, professional yard in Kent. She also regularly holds clinics and teaches private lessons around Kent and Sussex.

    Horse & Hound’s pick of the best brushing boots


    Veredus STS TRC Vento brushing boots

    RRP £94.00 for front boots. £68 for rear boots

    “I Veredus STS TRC Vento brushing boots reviewabsolutely loved these boots! They washed very well and the fluff looks as good as new, even after a good eight-week testing period. They fitted all my horses very well, didn’t slip, had good protection and looked extremely smart. Although expensive, they are good quality.”

    Score 9/10

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    Tri-Zone Horse Brushing Boots

    RRP £22.95

    “TheseTri-Zone Horse Brushing Boots review boots did exactly what they said on the tin. They fitted well, were very durable, didn’t slip, were lightweight and very versatile. We used them for hacking and schooling as well as for turn-out, which I found they were particularly good for. A versatile, simple boot that is great value for money.”

    Score 9/10

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    Eskadron brushing boots with faux fur

    RRP £39.95

    “These Eskadron brushing boots with faux fur reviewboots looked stylish and smart, the sizing was good and they offered great protection. The Velcro straps were hard wearing and the tabs made them very quick and easy to use. The fur stood up well to washing and kept grit out well. They are really luxurious and I would definitely recommend them.”

    Score 9/10

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    WeatherBeeta Exercise Boots

    RRP £44.99

    “TheseWeatherBeeta Exercise Boots review boots are a good size, offer good protection and are easy to take on and off. The mesh makes them lightweight and flexible while also being supportive and breathable. They were also very easy to wash off just by being scrubbed down. A really easy to use, practical pair of boots.”

    Score 8/10

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    ARMA fur-lined brushing boots

    RRP £37.99

    “TheseARMA brushing boots review boots came up big, but offered good protection. I thought the fur was unnecessary as I think they were protective and well shaped enough to do without it. I really like the strike pad and the way a horse could hear the noise of it when the boots touched each other. They are ideal for a horse that moves close behind.”

    Score 7/10

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    HKM Space Protection Boots

    RRP £39.95

    “These HKM Space Protection Boots reviewboots came up large, but did offer good all-round protection and the colour was particularly good while hacking on the road. The fur did not stand up well to washing and when used in the sand school, they collected a lot of grit which I worried would cause rubbing.”

    Score 7/10

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    Back on Track Royal Work Boots

    RRP £85.50

    “These Back on Track Royal Work Boots reviewboots did come up quite big, but offered good all-round protection, particularly around the back of the fetlock. The inside, although rough to the touch, didn’t rub my horse. I like that they were very hard wearing, but I disliked the straps as the bottom one didn’t sit well on my horses.”

    Score 6/10

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