We bring your of guide of the best products to help cool and relieve tendons, ligaments and joints in your horse's legs after extreme exercise, as part of injury recovery or just for general maintenance

Important structures in your horse’s legs get very hot during extreme exercise and it is important to cool them down quickly to keep them tight and strong. Plus, any injuries occurred also need to be cooled as soon as possible to avoid further damage and excessive swelling. There are many products available that aim to cool these structures such as clays, therapy boots, ice bandages and wraps. If you are at a competition, you might not have access to ice or a freezer so water-cooled boots are good way to go. Also, while clay can be left on overnight, straight ice or a simple ice pack should not be directly applied to your horse’s coat, so here are some ways to deliver this sort of cold leg therapy effectively. Plus products containing ingredients such as salts, arnica, witch hazel and other natural minerals which can help provide added relief.

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Veredus Cool Clay

This natural clay provides effective recovery for leg tendons and muscles after periods of intense activity. It contains dead sea salts, which help to break down metabolic waste built up during exercise with arnica and essential oils that provide anti-inflammatory, toning and relaxing relief.
RRP: £38 for 2.5L
Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk

Horseware ICE-VIBE circulation therapy boots

These boots combine cooling and massage therapy to help reduce swelling and improve circulation. They can be used solely as cooling boots, or massage boots that can help healing and the prevention of injuries.
RRP: £200
Visit: www.naylors.com
Buy now from amazon.co.uk

NAF Ice Cool

This gel is easy to apply and aims to soothe tired legs after strenuous exercise. It contains natural clay, witch hazel and arnica which are known for their healing qualities.
RRP: £19.99 for 3kg
Visit: www.naf-equine.eu
Buy now at amazon.co.uk

Absorbine Bigeloil leg wraps

These wraps offer a quick and easy alternative to the mess of using traditional clay while providing the same cooling and soothing benefits. Kaolin clay powder and Epsom salts are encased in porous quilted pockets, which are activated when immersed in water. The wraps are then simply bandaged on to the leg. We think these are particularly useful at competitions as all you need to do is add water, avoiding extra mess and stress.
RRP: £20.54 for 8 wraps
Visit: www.absorbine.co.uk
Buy now at amazon.co.uk

Felix Bühler cold water boots

These are another set of boots that are prepared only using cold water and don’t require a freezer. When using the boots for the first time or after longer periods of non-use, soak them in water about two hours before use. Used regularly, the boots need only be soaked in water for half an hour to be able to cool again, and cool for approximately 20-30 minutes.
RRP: £54.90
Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

Shires Relief boots

These boots are shaped to fit knees, hocks and fetlocks to target joint pain from tiredness, injury or old age. Gel packs fit neatly into inner pockets and can be easily warmed and cooled quickly by using water, a microwave or a freezer.
RRP: £32.99
Visit: www.naylors.com
Buy now at amazon.co.uk

Robinson Animal Healthcare Koolpak

Koolpak provides instant relief to legs to help reduce heat and swelling using cold therapy. It lowers the temperature at the site of injury through heat exchange and constricts local blood vessels. The pack conforms easily around limbs and can be safely applied directly to the skin without freeze burn damage. Koolpak (usefully) does not require any refrigeration, making it ideal for equine first aid kits when travelling or competing.
RRP: £2.50
Visit: www.robinsonanimalhealthcare.com
Buy now at amazon.co.uk

Cavalor Ice clay

A specially created formula which contains natural minerals to help relax legs after intense exercise. It can either be applied as a fast-cooling paste for heavily used legs or as a slow-cooling wrap for leg maintenance.
RRP: £38 for 4kg
Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk

Showmaster Therapy boots

These boots aim to intensify the leg’s blood circulation and accelerate the healing process after strenuous exercise or while recovering from lower leg injuries. They can be inserted with ice packs (available separately) or ice cubes to instantly cool lower leg areas. They have terry cloth inside inserts, an easy to clean polyester outside and four velcro outside fasteners plus an inside velcro fastener for easy application, comfort and the ability to remain secure on a moving horse.
RRP: £24.90 for a set of 2
Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

Lincoln Cool gel

This gel is formulated to help cool and soothe bruised, tired and swollen legs. You can either apply it directly to legs prior to bandaging or dilute it to make a refreshing cooling wash. It also contains camphor and menthol which are ingredients aimed to provide relief to exercised legs.
RRP: £12.30 for 400g
Visit: lincoln-equestrian.com
Buy now from amazon.co.uk

Arma Relief boots

These boots can be used either hot or cold to reduce swelling and increase circulation to tired or injured tendons and ligaments. Alternatively, they can be used every day for maintenance of the important structures in your horse’s legs. There are made from neoprene and touch close straps for a secure fit.
RRP: £39.99
Visit: www.naylors.com

Neo Ice Cold treatment bandage

A reusable self-cooling compression bandage that cools for up to two and a half hours to help reduce swelling and pain in tendons, muscles and ligaments. The Neo Ice bandages can be applied immediately and be re-used approximately 20 times. We think these would be a great asset to your equine first aid kit or used at a three-day event after running cross-country to help keep your horse comfortable.
RRP: £10.90
Visit: www.kramer.co.uk