10 therapeutic rugs your horse will thank you for – and other equine therapy products

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  • Magnetic rugs for horses have been popular for many years now, as have massage and other therapy rugs. There are a range of therapeutic benefits that come with each type of rug and some combine two types of therapy. They all have a slightly different function and some require power to work, which leads to a wide range of price points. The best magnetic rugs for horses will come with instructions so you can be sure you’re using it correctly.

    If you are looking for other equine therapy products, such as massage pads, skip to this section. Or we also have a full selection of the best magnetic boots, chaps and wraps and the best cooling boots for horses, too.

    Best therapy and magnetic rugs for horses

    Weatherbeeta therapy rug

    WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Channel Quilt with Therapy-Tec Detach-A-Neck medium

    Type: Ceramic fabric | Sizes: 5ft – 7ft 3in | RRP: £164.99 |

    This therapeutic stable rug from Weatherbeeta can be used pre- and post-exercise or while your horse is resting in the stable. It has a ceramic lining over the neck, shoulders, back and hind end to reflect your horse’s own body heat back to him. It is designed to reduce the risk of injury while warming up, by preparing the muscles for exercise, and aid recovery by reducing lactic acid build up. The rug has a 600D quilted outer and 220g polyfill, traditional side gussets for natural movement; memory foam wither relief, a clip front closure, low cross surcingles and a tail string. Also available as a turnout rug or available as a fleece.

    View now at amazon.co.uk, viovet.co.uk, gooutdoors.co.uk, rideawaystore.com, equus.co.uk or sportsdirect.com

    Bucas magnetic rugs for horses

    Bucas Recuptex therapy rug

    Type: Natural magnetic field reflection | Sizes: 5ft 6in – 7ft | RRP: £165 |

    Made of extremely fine stainless steel mesh, the Bucas Recuptex material reflects the magnetic fields within your horse’s body, which stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow. This helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, so are ideal for use pre- and post-exercise. Made to last, this rug can be machine washed up to 100 times without losing effectiveness.

    View now at amazon.co.uk or viovet.co.uk

    Veredus magnetic rugs for horses

    Veredus Magnetik rug

    Type: Magnetic | Sizes: S, M or L | RRP: £439 |

    This breathable rug from Veredus is equipped with 32 neodymium magnets that develop a power of 2,400 Gauss each. The magnets are distributed across the shoulders, back and hind end, and are designed to stimulate circulation and prepare muscles and tendons for exercise. It is designed to be used alone or under another rug if it’s cold.

    View now at amazon.co.uk

    LeMieux magnetic rugs for horses

    LeMieux Conductive Magno rug

    Type: Magnetic | Sizes: M or L | RRP: £284.95 |

    This LeMieux rug has inner liners that are made with a woven layer of steel fibres that conduct magnetic waves around the lining. The 2,600 gauss twin magnets that are strategically placed over the shoulder, elbow, hip, stifle and gaskin. The breathable 3D mesh top side releases any heat build up from the magnets, while the lightweight mesh of the lower section encourages the air flow up. The three-way adjustable belly straps ensure a close, secure fit for maximum effect.

    View now at amazon.co.uk or naylors.com

    Protechmasta therapy rug

    Protechmasta Infrared fixed-neck rug

    Type: Infrared | Sizes: 4ft 6in – 7ft 6in | RRP: £189 |

    This Mastacare rug uses far infrared radiation to gently increase blood flow, remove toxins and promote healing. It can be used before work to prepare the muscles for exercise, but most importantly after work to help reduce lactic acid build up and aid the repair process. You can leave your horse to wear this rug unattended.

    View now at amazon.co.uk

    Premier Equine magnetic rugs for horses

    Premier Equine Magni-Teque rug with neck cover

    Type: Magnetic | Sizes: 5ft 6in – 7ft | RRP: £168 |

    This mesh rug from Premier Equine has 238 600 Gauss magnets stitched into it around the main muscle groups. You can gradually build up to using it for four hours a day – before exercise to help warm your horse up and after exercise to ensure they cool down slowly. It has antibacterial nylon lining at the wither and shoulders, and comes in a reusable zip-fastened storage bag to keep your tack room tidy.

    View now at ebay.co.uk

    Horseware massage rug

    Horseware Sportz-Vibe ZX wireless rug

    Type: Massage | Sizes: S, M or L | RRP: £614.95 |

    This gentle massage rug from Horseware is the completely wireless version of the Sportz-Vibe rug. It has removable massage panels that allow you to target specific areas, and these are fitted into 15 pockets that are easily accessible from the outside of the rug. The massage action can help to improve circulation, reduce stiffness and support healing. The rug is made from a breathable net material to prevent overheating and it has a detachable hood. It also features elasticated surcingles and tail string. The built-in battery has a life indicator in each panel. The three different frequency settings allow you to customise the massage based on your specific horse’s needs, while adjustable sizing offers three different traditional sizes (for example, 6ft, 6ft 3in, and 6ft 6in) in one rug. The rug and panels are packaged in a rucksack, which makes it easy to transport when you’re away.

    View now at ebay.co.uk

    Equine Magnetix rug

    Equine Magnetix rug

    Type: Magnetic | Colours: Blue or navy | Sizes: 5ft – 7ft | RRP: £144.95 |

    This rug from Equine Magnetix is made from lightweight mesh material with more than 100 2,000 Gauss neodymium magnets – 84 magnets in the rug and 32 in the neck. It covers all major muscle groups and can be used for long periods of time and overnight. It can be used on its own or under another rug. Neck sold separately.

    FMBs magnetic rugs for horses

    FMBs Combi Pro II rug

    Type: Magnetic and massage | Sizes: M–XL | RRP: £3,400 |

    This dual therapy rug from FMBs combines pulsed electromagnetic therapy and deep massage, which can be used simultaneously. It covers the main muscle groups and can be used daily to support performance as part of your warm up and cool down routine. It can be used as part of a rehabilitation or general maintenance program.

    The rug is battery operated and incorporates 14 massage modules and 14 pulsed electromagnetic copper coils. It is operated via a control box – the magnetic field can reach 80 Gauss, while the degree of vibration massage can be chosen to offer an individual solution. Comes with a two-year warranty.

    BrodPod magnetic rugs for horses

    BrodPod magnetic rug

    Type: Magnetic | Sizes: 6ft 3in – 6ft 9in | RRP: £197 |

    This rug from BrodPod incorporates unique, custom-designed multi-directional neodymium magnets charged with 3220 and 4025 gauss. The magnet modules cover the shoulders, back and quarters. There are no time limits for use and the magnets don’t “run out”. Presenting both north and south poles towards the body creates a pulsing effect that generates a deep and penetrating field mimicking that of electro-magnetic units, but without the need for batteries or electricity.

    The rug is made from a high quality open weave polyester mesh, and features a sheepskin wither pad, leather front fastening, single surcingle and fillet string. It can be used before or after exercise, as a travel or sweat rug, or underneath another rug. It is also fully washable.

    Other equine therapy products

    Horseware Ice-Vibe boots

    Horseware Ice-Vibe boots

    Sizes: Full or extra-full | RRP: From £209.95

    These boots from Horseware are designed to optimise recovery by combining the effects of cooling and massage therapy to reduce soreness and swelling, and support circulation. and encourage healing. We’ve rounded up even more of the best ice boots here.

    View now at naylors.com, amazon.co.uk, equus.co.uk or elandlodge.com

    Equilibrium Therapy massage pad

    Equilibrium Therapy massage pad

    Sizes: Standard or XL | RRP: From £299 |

    Use this rechargeable massage pad from Equilibrium to promote relaxation and increase blood flow. Also available as a handheld pad.

    View now at equilibriumproducts.com, amazon.co.uk, viovet.co.uk, rideawaystore.com or naylors.com

    Decathlon Massage Grooming Glove

    Decathlon horse massage glove

    RRP: £3.99 |

    Use this massage glove as a grooming and therapy tool for your horse. One side features small teeth to remove dirt from your horse’s coat to prepare it for grooming, while the other has seven beads for a great massage therapy session.

    View now at decathlon.co.uk

    Epiony horse heat pad

    RRP: £139.95 |

    This battery-powered heat pad from Epiony provides heat therapy, which helps to increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. It features an elastic strap that allows you to attach it to various parts of your horse’s body. Comes with a one-year guarantee.

    View now at naylors.com or ebay.co.uk

    How long can you leave a magnetic rug on a horse?

    Every rug is different. Some rugs require that your horse be supervised while he’s wearing it, while with others you’ll need to build up the time gradually. A good-quality rug should come with instructions and guidance.

    What does a magnetic rug do?

    All cells in your horse’s body have electromagnetic properties, which means they can be energised by a magnetic field. When a powerful magnet is placed against the body, cellular activity is increased, which can increase the rate at which cells regenerate and repair. It can help to encourage blood flow and increases cellular activity in the body but it’s important to understand that the magnets themselves do not heal.

    Magnetic therapy is reported to help…

    • maintain circulation
    • reduce muscle tension
    • aid recovery of muscle fatigue
    • improve oxygen supply to tissues

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