Best cross-country boots: Horse & Hound’s tester ranks her favourites

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  • The best cross-country boots for horses are lightweight, fit well and offer excellent protection against impacts from solid fences and if the horse strikes into itself with an opposing leg. Following research that has shown ligaments and tendons rapidly increase in temperature while galloping, and that this temperature can lead to increased risk of damage to their fibres, breathability and airflow have become important areas of focus for boots being used during fast work. In addition, boots that do not absorb water, and therefore do not add unnecessary drag to the horse’s leg, are a popular choice. All boots need to have secure fastenings to prevent the boots from slipping while in use.

    Horse & Hound has been working with a number of professional riders, trainers and yards to put a range of products to the test in a busy yard environment. And here are the results…

    Meet the product tester

    The boots in this group test were trialled by professional event rider Sam Jennings, who started her eventing career in 1999 as a young rider and was shortlisted for the British team that year. Sam successfully competes a range of event horses up to advanced level , from her friendly, professional yard in Kent. She also regularly holds clinics and teaches private lessons around Kent and Sussex.

    Horse & Hound’s pick of the best cross-country boots


    Veredus E-vento XC event boots

    Best cross-country boots 2018: Veredus E-vento XC event boots reviewRRP £120 for front boots

    “These were a really good pair of lightweight cross-country boots that didn’t slip, were extremely breathable, very easy to get on and off, plus they looked as good as new after they had been washed. They also did not collect any water and gave great protection to the leg. I did find they came up a bit small, but only marginally. Although these are expensive, I feel they are worth the money.”

    Score 9/10

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    Premier Equine Original Air-Cooled Eventing Boots

    Premier Equine Original Air-Cooled Eventing Boots reviewRRP £50.99 per pair

    “I liked these boots as they gave good protection while being lightweight and breathable. They didn’t rub my horse’s legs at all, but also didn’t slip. They looked very smart and the material inside did not pick up any water. I found the hind boots came up a little big on a lightweight eventer. I love how much ventilation that have and therefore kept my horses’ legs cool. I would have liked the strike pad to be a little more flexible, but it does offer good protection.”

    Score 8/10

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    WeatherBeeta Eventing Boots

    WeatherBeeta Eventing Boots reviewRRP £44.99 for front boots. £49.99 for rear boots

    “These boots had a thick lining which absorbed water and they weren’t as breathable as the some of the others on test. I thought that the bottom elastic strap worked well as they didn’t slip and were flexible while giving good pressure all-round. I felt these boots offered good protection without restricting my horse’s movement. Good boots for an amateur looking for an easy, multi-purpose boot with good protection without spending loads.”

    Score 7/10

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    LeMieux Shoc Air XC Boots

    LeMieux Shoc Air XC Boots reviewRRP £64.95 for front boots. £69.95 for rear boots

    “I found the inside of the boot to be very thick, which made them heavy; more so once the boot had picked up water. However, they did protect the legs well without a strike pad, which makes them really flexible. I found it difficult to get even pressure down the leg due to the middle strap being elasticated. But I liked that they didn’t slip and how flexible and durable they are. If you are going to buy a pair, I would recommend going up a size from normal.”

    Score 7/10

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    Michael Jung Event Boots

    Michael Jung Event Boots reviewRRP £49.90 for front boots. £59.90 for rear boots

    “These boots were very lightweight and extremely easy to take on and off. They didn’t absorb water and remained very light on my horse’s legs throughout. However they were not as flexible as some of the others on test and I felt that they worked best on my more heavy-boned horses. I like that the neoprene inside was hardwearing, didn’t rub and molded around the leg.”

    Score 7/10

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    Majyk Equipe Color Elite X Country Boots

    Majyk Equipe Color Elite X Country Boots reviewRRP £80.95 for front boots. £95.95 for rear boots

    “These boots proved to be flexible on the horses’ legs, were true to size and fitted well. They did protect all the vital areas of my horse’s legs, but they did absorb water and got heavy. They were not particularly breathable. I really liked how flexible they were and that the lining didn’t rub at all. But I think some of the other boots offered more protection and they were quite expensive for what they are.”

    Score 6/10

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    Eskadron’s Flexisoft Cross-Country Boots

    Eskadron’s Flexisoft Cross-Country Boots reviewRRP £53.95 for front boots. £63.95 for rear boots

    “These boots were very tough and hard wearing. They were very secure on my horse’s legs and didn’t slip at all. However, my horse’s legs did feel quite hot after going cross-country, plus they are quite rigid and didn’t allow much flexibility. They are also quite generously sized. I liked how robust they are and how they do give good all-round protection.”

    Score 5/10

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