Towing vehicles: Our motoring expert puts a selection to the test *H&H Plus*

  • Torn between a 4x4 or a pick-up for towing your horse? Motoring expert Graham Courtney has been out testing the latest towing vehicles to help you narrow down your choice

    Most of us who want to know what is the best car to tow a horse trailer also need that car for everyday use, whether on the farm or the school run. For this test-drive, we have divided the eight vehicles into four categories; 4×4, pick-up, estate and family SUV.

    Price and towing ability are key considerations, besides the usefulness of the vehicle for whatever other chores fill our lives. We’ve also ensured that they come with a full list of safety aids and all, except the Skoda Octavia, have four-wheel drive. (The latest Skoda has just been released and a 4×4 version will arrive eventually.)

    Plus, we check out all the mod cons to help you navigate narrow lanes and awkward reversing challenges.

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