‘It was put your foot down, or no dinner!’ – 11 of the best quotes from a brilliant Bolesworth

  • Brilliant competition in the spectacular Bolesworth setting was always going to be a recipe for cracking comments from riders. H&H takes a look at some of the favourite soundbites from across the week...

    1. “I can’t speak for all the other riders, but I know myself that there could be a million people here or there could be nobody here when I’m doing my round. I’m completely focused on myself and my horse. But the minute you hit the ground over the final fence, it’s like a rush of noise – it’s incredible” – Bolesworth grand prix winner David Simpson, on the return of crowds
    2. “He knows that I’m his mum and he is really well behaved for me, but he’s really naughty for everyone else” – Faye Adams, on her double 2021 CSI3* Bolesworth winner Demograaf
    3. “I think maybe I just had the pressure on – it was put your foot down, or no dinner!” – Ed Jackson, on what gave him the will to win in Thursday’s ride and drive
    4. “She does love an atmosphere. As much as she doesn’t like people, she does like them to watch her – ‘don’t touch me, but watch me’” – Joss Williams, on his double CSIYH*-winning ride, Fourfields Darc Maxim
    5. “I have a plan, I have ideas and the best way is to sleep on it and build tomorrow!” course designer Louis Koninckx, on preparing to build the CSI3* grand prix
    6. “I’ll just keep doing what I do, train my horse to the best of my ability, put all the effort into my own preparation and just let all that effort take care of the performance” – Holly Smith, on handling Olympic selection and looking ahead to Tokyo
    7. “You’ve got no choice – you’re going!” – Nicole Lockhead Anderson, on finding horses’ extra gears with the Readyfield Bloodhounds
    8. “At HOYS I’d be in the line up, waiting to do my show, and you overthink everything. Whereas here, you go in the ring, you get into a good canter and you can’t mess up – you’ve got to jump the jump that’s in front of you, and you actually forget everything that’s around you” – Michaela Wood, on switching codes
    9. “People overlooked him and didn’t think he was good enough because he doesn’t actually go airborne and flash. He just does what he needs to do” – Adam Botham on Ebanking, the seven-year-old stallion eyeing the World Breeding Championships
    10. “Now she’s had it removed, she must feel a lot better!”– Georgia Tame, on Z7 Caretina’s comeback after having a 12kg tumour removed
    11. “It’s always good to win, whether it’s a British novice or a puissance!” – Derek Morton, on his Bolesworth puissance win, which he shared with Guy Williams (Mr Blue Sky UK) and Elliot Smith (Flamboyant III)

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