‘The best way is to sleep on it’: course designer Louis Konickx on building in Bolesworth’s iconic arena and planning the grand prix *H&H Plus*

  • This is the first year Dutch course designer Louis Konickx has built at the Dodson & Horrell Bolesworth International Horse Show (7-11 July).

    “When you are a course designer in a new arena, new venue, you have to find the nice lines – the lines that can help you to make nice challenges and distances and so on,” he told H&H on Saturday (10 July).

    “You find some – then you’re fighting against your own plans – you find a compromise.

    “When I get the dimensions of arenas, I plan at home – searching for possibilities – then when I get here, I look and see where the sun is, where the audience and visitors are. This arena is special as it is a little bit sloping, which [affects] how it rides.”

    Louis added how important it is to be aware of the level of the class you are building for – with Bolesworth providing the challenge of building for ponies, amateurs, young horses and the three-star competitors.

    He cited his highlights so far as Friday’s 1.50m jump-off, won by Angelie von Essen, as well as Saturday morning’s 1.45m grand prix qualifier, won by Georgia Tame (Z7 Caretina).

    Looking ahead to Sunday’s (11 July) grand prix, he added: “I have a plan, I have ideas and the best way is to sleep on it and build tomorrow!”

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