Fancy jumping these? Take a walk round Bolesworth’s CSI3* grand prix *H&H Plus*

  • A total of 50 combinations are entered in the CSI3* grand prix at the Dodson & Horrell Bolesworth International Horse Show (7-11 July).

    The 1.50m feature class, built by Dutch course designer Louis Konickx, has a total prize fund of £50,000 and features 13 questions made up of 16 jumping efforts over a 290m course, with time set at 375 m/min. It features a triple bar, one double (12AB), one treble (7ABC), two water trays (three and nine).

    The jump-off course is fences: one, two, nine, 12AB, 13, 15 (a new fence for the jump-off) and five.

    Take a virtual walk around the grand prix course

    Bolesworth grand prix course map

    Fence one

    Fence two

    Fence three

    Fence four

    Fence five

    Fence six

    Fence seven (ABC)

    Fence eight

    Fence nine

    Fence 10

    Fence 11

    Bolesworth CSI3* grand prix

    Fence 12 (AB)

    Fence 13

    Jump-off only: Fence 15

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