Best tendon and fetlock boots for horses: Horse & Hound’s testers rank their favourites

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  • The best tendon and fetlock boots for horses need to protect their vulnerable legs from strikes and blows caused by clashing opposing legs and from hind hooves hitting the vital tendons and ligaments that run down the back of the front legs. The boots should not affect the horse’s ability to flex their joints, as that would have a negative impact on their jumping technique. They should be comfortable for the horse to wear, not cause the leg to overheat, stay in place without causing any pressure points and be quick and easy to put on and take off. British Showjumping and FEI rules regarding the use of boots on hind legs have changed recently, so it is worth checking that any hind boots you are looking to buy comply with the rules for the classes you intend to compete in.

    Horse & Hound has been working with a number of professional riders, trainers and yards to put a range of products to the test in a busy yard environment. And here are the results…

    Horse & Hound’s pick of the best tendon and fetlock boots

    * BEST IN TEST *

    WeatherBeeta Pro Air Open Front Boots

    RRP: £49.99 fronts and £44.99 hinds

    “These boots fitted my horses really well and covered all the vital areas. My horses were very comfortable wearing them. They provided very good protection, and I really liked the simple style, fit and durability of these boots. I believe they will continue to fit well and protect my horse for the long term. These boots are up there with the leading brands at a fraction of the cost.”


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    * BEST VALUE *

    Felix Bühler Breathable Protection Tendon Boots

    Felix Bühler Breathable Protection Tendon Boots reviewRRP: £32.90

    “These boots were well designed and fitted a variety of horses well. The Velcro was secure and the way they fastened looked attractive. They went through the wash multiple times and always came out looking really smart. They are easy to use and to keep clean. A very practical, well-designed pair of boots at an exceptionally reasonable price.”


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    Whitaker Bingley Tendon and Fetlock Boot

    Whitaker Bingley Tendon/Fetlock boots reviewRRP: £65

    “A really smart and modern looking pair of boots that fitted my horse well and I was confident his legs would be protected in the showjumping ring. My horse’s legs didn’t sweat in them, they looked very smart and were easy to take on and off. I really like how easily and subtly they fit my horse while protecting him. However the back boots’ straps were quite long and were not quite as secure as the front ones.”


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    Premier Equine Kevlar Airtechnology Tendon and Fetlock Boots

    Premier Equine Kevlar Airtechnology Tendon and Fetlock Boots reviewRRP: £59.99 tendon boots; £39.99 fetlock boots

    “These boots looked very smart, stylish and professional. They also fitted my horses well. They were really practical as they were very easy to clean with a simple brush or wipe with a wet cloth. They also came out as good as new after being in the washing machine. I also found that the exterior air vets kept my horse’s leg cool, especially during the very hot summer months when my horse hardly sweated in them. They also protected all the vital areas.”


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    Veredus Carbon Gel Vento STS boots

    Veredus STS Carbon Gel Vento boots reviewRRP: £167.00 fronts; £141 hinds

    “These boots looked very stylish and fitted my horse really well. They didn’t moved during warm up or rounds of jumping and I didn’t feel I had to do them up tight in order to secure them. They protected my horse well and didn’t interfered with my horse’s jump. Also they kept their fluff and shape after multiple washes. I love how comfortable my horses feel in these boots and how stylish they look. I am a fan of the bullet fastening system, as it is so easy to get these boots on and off. However, they are expensive and the hind boots do come up quite big.”


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    Tri-Zone Tendon and Fetlock boots

    Tri-Zone Tendon and Fetlock boots reviewRRP: £44.95 fronts; £34.95 hinds

    “These boots looked very smart, stylish, breathable and lightweight. They were flexible and fitted my horse comfortably. The Velcro was secure and the strike pad on the hinds gave my horse good protection. The tabs at the bottom of the straps meant they were really easy to take off. I never felt I needed to worry that these boots might pinch my horse, due to the large straps. They are lightweight and flexible, but with not as much as solid protection around the sides of fetlock as some of the others in the group test.”


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    Meet the product tester

    The tendon and fetlock boots in this group test were trialled by Jo Rimmer. Jo is a former school teacher, who has produced a number of horses up to CCI3* level. She now combines competing with producing young horses and training riders of all ages. She is based at Fontmell Parva, Dorset, alongside her 16-year-old daughter Jess. The yard has a reputation for high standards (horses) and high spirits (staff).

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