Best winter competition/hunting breeches 2019: Horse & Hound’s tester ranks her favourites

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  • If you can find the best hunting breeches ready for the start of the season, you’re on to a winner — and if you can wear them during competition, too, that’s even better. While the less prepared of the field are getting cold and wet, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you picked out such a fantastic pair. With the modern fabric technologies available, it’s possible to get breeches that are warm, waterproof/water-resistant and windproof, as well as  comfortable, traditionally stylish and smart. Some even boast “anti-stain” technologies — ideal for a stress-free wash after a muddy day out or even a port spillage.

    Horse & Hound has been working with a number of professional riders, trainers and yards to put a range of products to the test in a busy yard environment. And here are the results…

    Horse & Hound’s pick of the best winter competition/hunting breeches 2019


    Equetech Foxhunter hybrid breeches

    RRP £88.75

    Equetech Foxhunter hybrid breeches review

    “These breeches were amazing — they became my go-to pair for hunting! They fitted very well and were extremely comfortable.  They washed really well and stayed looking great throughout the season.”


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    My LeMieux Engage breeches

    RRP £79.95

    My LeMieux Engage breeches

    “These breeches fitted very well — I was most surprised, as I thought they may be too low waisted for me, but actually they were a great fit. I expected them to be more rigid with the look of the fabric, but they were very comfortable.”


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    Cavallo Carla Grip breeches

    RRP £166

    Cavallo Carla Grip breeches review

    “This pair of breeches kept me extremely warm and comfortable even on the longest days at competitions. They aren’t the most traditional, but definitely a pair to have in the wardrobe for all disciplines.”


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    HyPerformance Arctic softshell breeches

    RRP £94.99

    “These breeches were by far the warmest pair I tested and no water got through — definitely water repellent and wind resistant as they claim. They washed really well and looked brand new every time I wore them.”


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    Noble Equestrian softshell breeches

    RRP £79.95

    Noble Outfitters softshell breeches review

    “Performance-wise, I can’t find many faults with these breeches. However, style-wise, I didn’t like the basic look as there wasn’t a seat, and it would be great if they could offer more support.”


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    Jeffries competition breeches

    RRP £91.41

    Jeffries competition breeches review

    “These breeches offer a wonderfully high waist! They were really comfortable, but not very warm and not at all waterproof — which is not ideal for the winter.”


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    Meet the product tester

    Harriet Rimmer is a busy yard owner and hunting enthusiast. She produces and sell hunters, alongside riding and training horses for owners. During the season, Harriet is out at least three times a week — at least once with her local pack and visiting others as much as she can, whatever the weather.  Over the summer, Harriet spends her time getting the horses out and about wherever she can to gain some life experience.

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