Get swept up in our pick of the best yard brooms

Make your stable yard spotless with the help one of these robust, yard wearing and efficient yard brooms available on the market.

A clean, swept yard is a satisfying sight but it can be very time consuming to achieve, therefore it is important that you use an efficient, easy to use and hard wearing broom. Things to look out for when choosing a good yard broom include long bristles to achieve a good “flick”, lightweight and made of tough material such as strong plastic or wood.

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Original Farmers broom

Made in Sweden, the Farmers broom gives a good flick action and is light to hold and use.  The medium length bristles are made from hard wearing polypropylene and will be durable enough to use on inside and outside yards. Also the brush head is particularly wide making sweeping up quick and easy.
RRP: £16.95
Visit: www.totallysmart.co.uk

Showmaster stable broom

A strongly made and robust yard broom with red elaston bristles. The head is of average dimensions and the handle is not included. This broom is a good choice if you need something hard wearing but it may not be the lightest broom on the market.
RRP: £6.99
Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

Equerry British Bulldog broom

The colourful new British Bulldog broom from Equerry features two fibre strengths to be able to sweep up a variety of types of debris found in the stable yard. This broom is also lightweight due to the hollow middle of the broom which also helps the brush head not to become ‘clogged’. This broom does come with a handle.
RRP: £18
Visit: www.thermatex.co.uk

Borstiq Bassine yard broom

This yard broom is a really light but still has a wide head. The natural bassine bristles are soft but firm and can sweep up fine dust and lighter pieces of hay.  It can be given to anyone to use, as it’s light to manage. Although the manufacturer does say it can be used on all surfaces we think this broom would work best in an indoor environment.
RRP: £16.95
Visit: www.totallysmart.co.uk

Harold Moore yard broom

This broom has been designed specifically for the demands of an equine environment. The surfaces that this broom can sweep up include concrete, rubber matting, stone, tarmac and even on an arena surface. It is also tough and hard wearing.
RRP: £22.75
Visit: www.olddairysaddlery.co.uk

Gorilla Broom

This broom is designed for using on building sites and in warehouses as well as stable yards and as a result is particularly hard-wearing and efficient. The bristles don’t soak up any fluid, are long and made of stern stuff
RRP: from £10.99
Visit: www.faulks.co.uk

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