7 of the best stable guards for when you’re home or away

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  • Stable guards aid ventilation, can help to calm a stressed horse and allow easier stable access. Check out our guide to some of the best on the market

    Stable guards are a great way to provide added ventilation to your stable, whether you are at home or staying away at a show. Also, when you are at home, the chain versions can make getting in and out of your stable at lot easier and and more secure for your horse. Other reasons to invest in a stable guard include allowing your horse can reach its head out while in show stable, calming stressed or claustrophobic horses and helping horses that suffer from breathing problems. Features to look out for when buying a stable guard include strong hooks made of steel or galvanised to protect them against the weather and that they are made of a strong material such as nylon. You may also like to look for ones that have space for personalisation.

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    Equiport Stable guard

    The Equiport stable guard is a good way to provide ventilation in your horse’s stable on warm days, while keeping them securely in their stable. These guards are available in a range of colours, with personalised embroidery options.
    RRP: from £64

    Mark Todd Competition stall guard

    This durable nylon stall guard allows fresh air into your horse or ponies’ stable and is more secure than a regular chain stable guard. There are three adjustable straps and durable trigger clips for easy attachment to your stable frame.
    RRP: £29.99
    Visit: www.naylors.com

    Roma Rubber stable chain

    This stainless steel stable chain allows you to easily access your horse’s stable and offers more light and air inside while preventing your horse escaping. The rubber coating and safety clip make this secure but safe.
    RRP: £16.99
    Visit: www.naylors.com

    Kramer Stall guard

    This stable guard from Kramer is made of nylon with strong adjustable straps and sturdy spring hooks for attaching to the stable door.
    RRP: £29.90
    Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

    Nylon Stall guard

    The simple nylon stall guard has an adjustable width from 41” to 48”. It attaches easily to door frames with eight trigger hook clips. You can buy door frame attachments separately.
    RRP: £35
    Visit: www.rideaway.co.uk

    Shires stall chain

    This strong and durable galvanised steel chain has a pink rubber coating, one hook clip and one quick release clip. It is great for added stable ventilation and quick easy access to your horse’s stable. Although, if your horse is an escape artist then this maybe not the right one for you.
    RRP: £18.99
    Visit: www.naylors.com
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    B Vertigo Terry Stable guard

    This guard is durable, waterproof and comes with four stainless steel clips to easily attach to four screw eyes at each corner. It is easy to install, comes in classic colours and is machine washable.
    RRP: £36.99
    Visit: www.horze.co.uk
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

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