Say goodbye to wobbly wheelbarrows with our favourites

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  • Whether you are the boy-racer or steady Eddie of wheelbarrow drivers, we bring you our pick of the best yard wheelbarrows

    Wheelbarrows are an essential piece of equipment for every stable yard. A temperamental barrow can make yard work a real chore, while the best wheelbarrows make transporting muck, forage and equipment an absolute breeze.

    Two-wheeled barrows typically give great capacity and stability, but they must be remain easy to tip and manoeuvre. In order to achieve this, they must have strong wheels, be made of hard-wearing material and be lightweight.

    A one-wheeled barrow will transport less per journey, but is often easier to steer and is perfect for tackling a narrow ramp to your muckheap. There are fold-up versions available that are ideal for taking to stay-away shows as they are less bulky for transportation.

    The best wheelbarrows are made of strong plastic with a steel galvanized frame and robust wheels, which are likely to hold up to the rigours of a horsey environment, but it is also important to choose a barrow that is manoeuvrable and lightweight to suit your needs.

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    Stubby barrow

    Best wheelbarrows: Stubby Barrow
    This lightweight and well-balanced wheelbarrow is easy to tip and immensely strong with a high capacity. It is very stable with stepped sides and a steel reinforced front, while the galvanised steel frame adds to its durability.
    RRP: from £290
    Visit: www.abbeyengland.com

    Kramer folding stable cart

    Best wheelbarrows: Kramer folding stable cart
    An especially useful piece of equipment on the yard, which is also ideal for ferrying equipment from your lorry to the stables while at a show. This barrow is extremely lightweight and made of robust PVC with a hard-wearing frame. It is also easy to fold, has rubber tyres and is of a manageable size.
    RRP: £39.90
    Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

    Hercules two-wheeled wheelbarrow

    Best wheelbarrows: Hercules two-wheeled wheelbarrow
    This wheelbarrow has a fully galvanized frame, heavy-duty support struts and a 250ltr capacity. This barrow has been designed with handling, stability and strength in mind. It can be delivered flat-packed or erected at extra cost.
    RRP: £120
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Waldbeck Colossus wheelbarrow

    Best wheelbarrows: Waldbeck Colossus wheelbarrow
    A super large wheelbarrow with capacity of transporting up to 350kg of yard waste or equipment. The double wheels are designed to prevent overturning while the steel frame with a reinforced bottom plate adds to its stability. Other features included a shatter-resistant tray which is lightweight and made of PU plastic.
    RRP: £234.99
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Polypro pick-up barrow

    Best wheelbarrows: Polypro pick-up barrow
    Thanks to its ergonomic design this barrow is able to carry long-handled tools while empty or full of stable waste. It also distributes the weight of its load well and coupled with its comfortable grips, this barrow is a pleasure to drive. Although expensive, this barrow is quite a luxury.
    RRP: £332.40
    Visit: feedbins.uk.com

    Walsall Duraball

    Best wheelbarrows: Walsall Duraball
    Designed with a ball instead of a traditional wheel, this British-made barrow is ultra-manoeuvrable on soft and uneven ground. The barrow is puncture proof and made of top quality PU, making it ideal for boy-racers as it’s so tough and nippy.
    RRP: £89.99
    Visit: www.wheelbarrows.co.uk
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk 

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