Want bright white greys or flashy socks? Stain removers put to the test…

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  • Greys and horses with white markings look magnificent, but only when they are very clean. Luckily there are a wide range of stain removing products for horses available to help you achieve that stand-out appearance you are looking for. From specialist shampoos to sprays designed to combat the toughest stains, there are products suited to both full-on baths and spot washing for that last-minute show clean. When using any stain removing products, we recommend doing a patch test first, especially if your horse has sensitive skin.

    Horse & Hound has been working with a number of professional riders, trainers and yards to put a range of products to the test in a busy yard environment. And here are the results…

    Horse & Hound’s pick of the best stain removers for horses 2019


    Mastacare Snow White powder

    RRP: £10

    “This powder was excellent in getting rid of bad stable stains quickly and efficiently, leaving me with a well-turned out horse. I found it very easy to use, it really made my horses very white and it’s not expensive either. A great solution to all those stains that every grey horse owner dreads.”


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    NAF Muck Off

    RRP: £7.99

    NAF Muck Off Stain Remover review

    “This worked well as a shampoo-type product, rather than a quick stain remover. It was easy to use, as the spray was good to put on. But I disliked the ‘wait five minutes’ as we don’t always have time to do that. This product did remove the stains well, as long as you give it time to work.”


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    Equimins Stain Remover

    RRP: £7.99

    Equimins Stain Remover review

    “I did like this spray; it was easy to use and does what it says on the label. It has a smart, stylish bottle that looked quite simple compared to the others in the group test, but it performed well helping to remove stains and is good value.”


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    Nettex Stain Remover

    RRP: £11.99

    Nettex Stain Remover review

    “This spray came in a smart bottle that makes it easy to store. I liked that it came in a smaller version as well that could slip into your show grooming kit. I found it was more effective on grass stains than on stable stains, although it did work on both types, and was quick and easy to use.”


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    Carr&Day&Martin Stain Master Green Spot Remover

    RRP: £11.70

    Carr&Day&Martin Stain Master Green Spot Remover review

    “This spray cleans well on the specific area that needs cleaning. I did find that I need to spray quite a lot of it on the dirty area to get the best result, more than some of the others in the group test. It is an effective stain removing spray when applied liberally. I liked the bottle, which looked really professional.”


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    Leovet Shiny White Stain Eraser Spray

    RRP: £12.50

    Leovet Shiny White Stain Eraser Spray review

    “Although this spray made stains less visible quickly and easily, it did not completely remove them. I like that it is easy to apply, but I found it better on faint stains than darker or more ingrained ones. It’s a useful quick fix on fresh stains.”


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    Meet the product tester

    The stain removers in this group test were trialled by event rider and BHSII Lisa Spence. A regular on the eventing circuit, Lisa has been working in the equine industry for more than 25 years. A BHSII and former pony club examiner, she has spend many years backing, competing and working with all types of horses from fun ponies to top level competition horses.

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