9 of the best stretch hoods — a must-have yard accessory

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  • These hoods are hugely versatile and a must have accessory on any yard. They will keep your horse clean, protect plaits, give shine and protect our horse's against the elements.

    Stretch hoods are fantastic for when you want to keep your horse clean, warm, prevent rug rubs or protect a plaited main. When choosing your stretch hood we recommend you choose one that it is hard-wearing and easy to pull on and off. If you want to turn-out in it we suggest that you look for one that is water repellent, durable and covers the face, protecting them from the elements. These hoods are also very good a preventing thick winter rugs rubbing; causing hair loss particularly from the shoulder area and mane, for this we recommend that you choose a hood which clearly covers these areas.

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    Roma stretch hood with zip


    This hood is ideal for keeping your horse clean and shiny in preparation for a show. The stretch hood is easy to fit and put on, plus it will keep your horse’s mane clean, plaits intact and maintain a glossy sheen.
    RRP: £24.99
    Visit: www.equestrian.com

    WeatherBeeta stretch hood


    The WeatherBeeta stretch hood is great for keeping your horse’s coat clean and shiny in the stable, travelling to show or during turnout. It will also protect your plaits overnight and protect your horse’s head from pesky stable stains.
    RRP: £19.99
    Visit: www.weatherbeeta.co.uk

    Ruggles Horse water repellent lycra hood


    Made from the same material and to the same design as most regular lycra hoods, but these hoods also have the benefit of being water repellent.  As a result they are less absorbent help to prevent those annoying pre-competition stable stains. This hood also works very well as a turnout hood, protecting your horse from the cold, wind and rain.
    RRP: from £32
    Visit: www.ruggles-horse-rugs.co.uk

    Snuggy Hoods Shiny Show stretch lycra hood


    These are a big favourite with top showing professionals, who not only use them to keep plaits tidy the night before a show but to help kick start training the mane to lie flat. There is the option of a zip for ease of fitting which runs from chin to chest but if you chose the non-zip option this hood is still easy to pull on and off.
    RRP: from £15
    Visit: www.snuggyhoods.com

    Requisite stretch hood


    Made from polyester with large eye and ear holes, this hood is good value for money but still is tough and well made. This hood has attachments so that it goes well with your horse’s normal stable and/or turnout rugs.
    RRP: £32.99
    Visit: www.robinsonsequestrian.com

    Open face lycra neck cover


    This hood is made from a durable stretch fabric, while the open face model is cleverly designed not to cover the face of the sensitive horse, but is still secure so that it stays in place. This hoods is great for keeping your horse or or pony clean, lay the mane or to provide extra warmth in the neck region.
    RRP: £29.99
    Visit: www.totally-tack.co.uk

    Masta fleece hood


    Not only is this fleece hood perfect for keeping your horse warm and clean, but it also comes in a fun, star design. Other features include a 3/4 length zip, an anti-rub lining plus a fastening behind the front legs to ensure a snug, safe fit.
    RRP: £38.99
    Visit: www.hopevalleysaddlery.co.uk

    Snuggy Hoods turnout weatherproof hood


    The Snuggy Hoods turnout is a great for saving time on grooming if you turn out horses in wet and muddy conditions. Made of robust yet breathable, shower proof, fully washable stretch fabric, it can also be used in the stable to prevent stable stains and to protect plaits before a show.
    RRP: £79
    Visit: www.snuggyhoods.com

    WeatherBeeta stretch hood with zip


    This stretch hood gives your horse an extra layer of protection and is really easy to take on and off, even if your horse is head shy. There is a zip for easy application, plus it will keep your horse’s coat clean and shiny.
    RRP: £19.99
    Visit: www.weatherbeeta.co.uk

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