Best winter washes for horses 2018: Horse & Hound’s tester ranks her favourites

The best winter washes for horses are designed to quickly and efficiently cut through dirt and sweat, leaving the horse’s coat clean without irritating their sensitive skin. A multi-purpose wash that can be used to clean your horse’s coat, deal with minor skin irritations and be suitable for a quick post-ride or competition wash down to remove sweat and dirt in all weathers are a god send on a busy yard. Some washes are tailored to be great at one specific thing, and in our group test we have a selection of both multi-purpose and specific washes so whatever you are looking for, the best winter wash for you and your horse is likely to be featured below.

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Horse & Hound has been working with a number of professional riders, trainers and yards to put a range of products to the test in a busy yard environment. And here are the results…

Meet the product tester

The shampoos and washes in this group test were trialled by Harriet Rimmer, who has previously evented to BE novice and competed in dressage up to advanced medium level. Harriet now spends her time running a livery, schooling and sales yard with a particular focus on hunting.

Horse & Hound’s pick of the best winter washes 2018


NAF Love the SKIN he’s in Skin Wash

RRP: £20.99 for 1 litre

NAF love the skin he's in wash and towel review“This wash removed scurf really well on sensitive and non-sensitive horses alike. It gave a very through and deep cleanse and the towel worked well with hot or cold water. It was just as good for bathing before hunting as it was for washing off after hunting.”


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Horse Health Lavender Slosh

RRP: £9.95 for 500ml

Horse Health Lavendar Slosh review“The appearance of the bottle initially put me off, but how wrong could I be? This wash smells amazing, it got grey horses very clean, kept flies away and didn’t require any rinsing off at all. It proved to be the complete opposite of what I first expected.”


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Hawkins Organic Winter Warmer

RRP: £6.50 for 250ml

Hawkins Organic Winter Warmer wash review“I thought this wash was really relaxing and nice for the horses after a heavy day’s work. It was really soapy and luxurious. I really like how it soaped up without too much water and smelt so good. As a winter wash it was hard to fault.”


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Absorbine Cool Down rinse

RRP: £20.15 for 946ml

Absorbine Cooldown herbal after-workout rinse review“It gets rid of sweat really well, is concentrated and therefore small amount goes a long way. It worked really well to quickly clean the sweat off the coats straight after work and didn’t need too much rinsing off. It was also good for sensitive horses.”


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Eqclusive SO SILKY Shampoo

RRP: £14.00 for 500ml

Oh So Silky Shampoo review“This wash cut through grease and gave smooth glossy finish to the coat. It worked best as a part of a hot wash and also detangled the mane and tail. A great two-in-one wash that left the coat shiny for days after.”


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Cavalor Hygienic Wash

RRP: £16.99 for 500ml

Cavalor hygienic wash review“This wash was very good on horses with sensitive skin, as it cuts through the scurf and gave a really good clean. A good choice for sensitive horses rather than your go-to everyday wash.”


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Botanica Cleansing Wash

RRP: £10.95 for 500ml

Botanica cleaning wash review“This wash was effective on mud fever and other skin irritations. I would say it was more of a lotion than a wash. The bottle needed a very good shake to froth up and mix with water. I wasn’t keen on the smell.”


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