Nettex Everyday Conditioning shampoo: ‘leaves the coat really clean’ 7/10

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  • Nettex Everyday Conditioning shampoo


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    £1,029.00 for 1l

    Welcome to our independent group test of horse shampoos. All of the shampoos in this group test have been put through their paces by dressage rider Jamie Broom and his wife Georgi. Find out what they thought below.

    Official description

    Nettex Everyday Conditioning shampoo is ideal for daily use to leave a smooth, lustrous finish. A gentle, mild formulation, this shampoo is suitable for use on all coat types and colours and does not strip the coat of its natural protective oils. It conditions the coat to leave a healthy shine, and is ideal to use to clean and condition the coat and remove a build-up of scurf and debris. 

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    First impressions

    It came in a 1l bottle with a handle on top and a screw on lid, which I’m not so keen on, but the bottle was very robust.

    Overview of performance

    This shampoo didn’t foam at all and it left the horses feeling very slippery, although they did look lovely and shiny. It was like someone had sprayed them with mane and tail spray. It felt like you hadn’t rinsed it out properly but we couldn’t have rinsed it out any more, so when they dried they look amazing but they felt very slippery.

    Georgi’s likes and dislikes

    Their coats were so soft but almost too soft. Thankfully the slipperiness didn’t transfer onto reins or tack. We got through a lot of it because it doesn’t really foam up much so you can’t see where you’ve put it. The coats looked beautiful but the tails looked lank so I wouldn’t recommend using it on tails.

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    If you want your horse to look really clean, I’d recommend it, but I wouldn’t recommend using on a show day because of the slippery feel it leaves behind. It wasn’t very good in their tails because it doesn’t foam and left them feeling a bit lank and heavy. It does get them really clean, though.

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