General well-being supplements: what’s on the market this spring?

Ensuring your horse gets everything he needs to keep his body functioning is vitally important. Many general well-being supplements are designed to ensure that he receives the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are required to keep each of his body systems functioning efficiently. These supplements are useful to feed all year round, but particularly so in the spring as nutrients may be in short supply over the winter – now is the perfect time to get back on track.

If you compete with your horse then it is important you make sure any supplements you use do not contain any prohibited substances.

Browse the wide range of general well-being supplements that are currently available below in our alphabetical list, which includes the manufacturers’ descriptions of their products…

Betta Life PharmaPlast Ultimate Topline

This supplement provides optimum topline support for all horses in a variety of workloads, supporting overall condition and well-being.

£65 for 1.5kg


01937 580 782

Blue Chip Garliq

A liquid form of garlic that acts as a natural fly repellent, powerful anti-oxidant and respiratory supplement. It is absorbed into the blood more efficiently than powder or granules.

£14.95 for 1 litre


0114 266 6200


This supplement contains a unique profile of omega oils, anti-oxidants and prebiotics to nourish your horse, supporting digestion, immunity, skin and coat.

£70 for 5 litre


01438 861 900

Cavalor LactaTec

This supplement supports muscle activity by stimulating muscle recovery and helping to prevent  stiffness, damage and fatigue.

£188.50 for 2kg


01352 763350

Dodson & Horrell Daily Vitamins and Minerals

This broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral “top-up” is formulated to provide your horse with a complete range of all the necessary vitamins and minerals required for a balanced diet.

£15.50 for 2kg


01832 737300

Equilibrium Products Simplysunshine

A super-concentrated multi-vitamin with added beta carotene and live yeast probiotic to help support a balanced diet, promoting radiance and shine all year round.

£24.95 for 1.5kg


01442 879115

Equine America Supreme Omega Oil

This blend of essential omega-3, -6, -7 and -9 is recommended for hard-working and breeding horses, young stock or those with limited grazing.

£35.99 for 5 litre


01403 255809

Feedmark Veteranaid

A natural blend of herbs that provides a boost to the immune system and promotes wellbeing in older horses. It also supports the circulatory and lymphatic systems, the liver and kidneys.

£47.99 for 1.25kg


0800 585525

Foran Equine Muscle Max

A palatable liquid with essential amino acid L-yysine, vitamin E, selenium and B vitamins to promote muscle development and optimise protein and energy use.

£18.25 for 1 litre


+353 (0) 1626 8058

Global Herbs Globalvite

This supplement is packed full of important minerals that supporting general bodily functions and healthy joints, skin and hooves.

£29.50 for 3kg


01243 773363

Horse First Vital-V

This readily absorbed solution contains 10 vital vitamins for your horse to help promote total vitality, performance and wellbeing.

£27.60 for 1 litre


028 3084 8844

Horslyx Original Balancer

This lick designed to balance any nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing, helping to ensure your horse stays healthy and happy all year round.

£4.50 for 650g


01697 332592

Mastacare Well-Being 

This natural multivitamin supplement helps to maintain vitality and suppleness. It contains more than 100 trace minerals as well as vitamins A and D3.

£12.49 for 1.5kg


01274 711100

Mount Mills Flax Oil

Flax oil contains essential fatty acids that your horse cannot produce himself. Omega-3 can improve skin, coat and hoof condition, and can be beneficial to the immune system.

£37.50 for 4.5 litre


028 3026 3872

NAF In The Pink Powder

A concentrated feed supplement for perfect condition. It contains live yeasts and probiotics, as well as vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that support health, vitality and performance.

£21.99 for 700g


0800 373106

Nettex VIP In The Balance

A concentrated balancer that supports optimal health and vitality, enabling your horse to perform to the best of his ability while maintaining condition. Contains no added sugar.

£45.13 for 2kg


01283 524222

Plusvital Sport Syrup

This liquid supplement contains a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that play a vital role in maximising your horse’s athletic potential.

£24 for 2 litre


+353 (0) 860252678 

Rowen Barbary Vitem

If your horse is prone to weight gain and requires a low-calorie diet, this can help balance the diet, supplying all the necessary nutrients to help support overall health and vitality.

£14.20 per 3kg


01948 880598

TopSpec All-In-One

A broad-spectrum supplement that helps to balance the diet. It is ideal for good-doers after a winter break to ensure optimum micro-nutrient status.

£32.95 for 4kg


01845 565030

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