Respiratory supplements: what’s on the market?

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  • There is always a challenge to your horse’s respiratory system — in the summer it’s pollen particles, while increased time in the stable in the winter exposes horses to more dust from forage and bedding. There are a number of management practices you can put in place to reduce their exposure, but respiratory and breathing supplements for horses can also help to maintain healthy and clear airways, support the lungs’ natural defences, while also providing a soothing effect.

    Coughing can be a sign of respiratory disease so if you horse develops a cough it’s wise to consult your vet.

    Common ingredients found in respiratory supplements include…

    • herbs — many of which are known for soothing properties
    • anti-oxidants, such as vitamin E, which protects against free radicals

    If you compete with your horse then it is important you make sure any supplements – respiratory supplements or otherwise – you use do not contain any prohibited substances.

    Breathing supplements for horses: what are your options?

    Here is a selection of the best breathing supplements for horses that are currently available below in our alphabetical list, which includes the manufacturers’ descriptions of their products…

    NB: Cost per day has been calculated using the maintenance measure for a 500kg horse in light work (where there was variation) and the RRP of the smallest available tub. Some products require you to feed more in certain situations, which will increase the cost per daily measure, while buying a larger tub will likely decrease it – these costs per day are a guide only.

    Audevard Balsamic Air

    Audevard Balsamic Air

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 500ml, 1l | RRP: £29.95 for 500ml | Daily measure: 20–30ml | Cost per day: From £1.20 |

    This syrup supplement combines four essential oils to provide horses with additional nutrition when their respiratory needs are greater. It can be either added to feed, administered orally or sprayed in the horse’s environment.

    View Audevard Balsamic Air at viovet.co.uk

    AVIFORM BREATHEASY respiratory supplement

    Aviform Breatheasy 

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 1l, 2.5l | RRP: £26.95 for 1l | Daily measure: 25ml | Cost per day: £0.67 |

    Contains natural ingredients, including eucalyptus, peppermint, pine and origanum oil, which are known to benefit the respiratory system and help keep your horse’s airways clear of mucus. 

    View Aviform Breatheasy at amazon.co.uk

    BLUE CHIP GARLIQ respiratory supplement

    Blue Chip Garliq 

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 1l | RRP: £14.95 for 1l | Daily measure: 15ml | Cost per day: £0.22 |

    This liquid garlic supplement provides effective respiratory relief by aiding the clearance of mucus from the airways and relieving the symptoms of coughs.

    View Blue Chip Garliq at viovet.co.uk

    CAVALOR BRONCHIX PULMO respiratory supplement

    Cavalor Bronchix Pulmo

    Form: Paste | Sizes: Six syringes | RRP: £120.80 | Cost per syringe: £20.13 |

    This paste-form respiratory supplement is designed to provide support for the lower airways in performance horses on demand during high-intensity training and competition. Also available in a daily liquid.

    View Cavalor Bronchix Pulmo at viovet.co.uk

    Dodson & Horrell Breathe-Free

    Dodson & Horrell Breathe-Free

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg | RRP: £14.78 for 1kg | Daily measure: 35g | Cost per day: £0.52 |

    A dried blend of herbs, including white horehound, coltsfoot, hyssop and red clover heads, are included in this supplement to help maintain healthy airways and lungs. Aniseed and garlic also help to support clear airways and immune function. 

    View Dodson & Horrell Breathe-Free at viovet.co.uk

    EQUIFEAST FIGHT BACK respiratory supplement

    EquiFeast Fight Back 

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 462g, 1.155kg | RRP: £27.95 for 462g | Daily measure: 33g | Cost per day: £2 |

    Specifically designed to aid the natural immune system with fighting against skin and respiratory issues. 

    Equiform Nutrition Excel Easy Breathe  

    Equiform Nutrition Excel Easy Breathe

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 1l | RRP: £25 | Daily measure: 25ml | Cost per day: £0.63 |

    This powerful combination of plant extracts and honey is designed to help maintain healthy airways and ensure optimum mucus removal. Some horses may benefit from supplementation before exercise.

    Equine America Ventilator  

    Equine America Ventilator

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 500g | RRP: £24.99 | Daily measure: 15g | Cost per day: £0.75 |

    This plant-based supplement contains a combination of herbs and natural ingredients to support respiratory, such as eucalyptus oil and nettle, as well as echinacea, which provides support for the immune system.

    View Equine America Ventilator at viovet.co.uk

    EQUINE PRODUCTS UK BREEZE-UP respiratory supplement

    Equine Products UK Breeze-Up

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 1l | RRP: £21.54 | Daily measure: 60ml | Cost per day: £1.29 |

    This supplement is formulated to assist in healthy breathing where dust is present. It contains only natural ingredients, including eucalyptus and menthol.

    View Equine Products UK Breeze-Up at viovet.co.uk

    FEEDMARK CLARITY respiratory supplement

    Feedmark Clarity

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1.75kg, 3.5kg, 7kg | RRP: £46.99 for 1.75kg | Daily measure: 60g | Cost per day: £1.61 |

    A powerful blend of herbs that soothe and support the respiratory tract, maintaining clear airways and healthy lung function. Helps to expel dust and pollen particles and excess mucus, allowing your horse to perform at his best.

    View Feedmark Clarity at ebay.co.uk

    FORAN EQUINE HONEY +C respiratory supplement

    Foran Equine Honey +C

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 1l, 5l | RRP: £21.50 for 1l | Daily measure: 56ml | Cost per day: £1.20 |

    This palatable syrup of honey and herbal airway soothers is designed to help aid equine respiratory health. It is fortified with vitamin C to support a healthy immune system.

    Global Herbs PolleneX

    Global Herbs PolleneX

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 1l, 5l | RRP: £30 for 1l | Daily measure: 25ml | Cost per day: £0.75 |

    This supplement offers soothing comfort from pollen and all other irritating airborne particles. It helps to soothe the nose, eyes and head, especially during the summer months when the pollen count is high. Also available in a powder.

    View Global Herbs PolleneX at viovet.co.uk

    HACK UP INSTANT LIQUID AIR respiratory supplement

    Hack Up Instant Air Liquid

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 500ml or 1l | RRP: £24.99 for 500ml | Daily measure: 10–20ml | Cost per day: From £0.50 |

    Containing peppermint, honey, eucalyptus and aloe vera, this liquid respiratory supplement helps to keep the airways clear.

    HI FORM BREATHE respiratory supplement

    Hi Form Breathe

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 500g or 2.5kg | RRP: £26 for 500g | Daily measure: 14g | Cost per day: £0.73 |

    Breathe contains a high concentration of therapeutic herbs — these constituents line the respiratory tract and may assist in preventing damage and irritation from particle inhalation, as well as helping to clear the particles out of the system.

    HILTON HERBS FREEWAY GOLD respiratory supplement

    Hilton Herbs Freeway Gold

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 1l, 3l, 5l | RRP: £30.58 for 1l | Daily measure: 25ml | Cost per day: £0.76 |

    This is a fast-absorbing liquid supplement that contains herbs, such as eyebright and thyme, to help maintain an efficient respiratory system. It is formulated to support healthy airways and ideal for those affected by spores, dust or pollen. Also available as a powder.

    View Hilton Herbs Freeway Gold at viovet.co.uk

    HORSE FIRST GARLIC & MORE respiratory supplement

    Horse First Garlic & More

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1.5kg, 4kg | RRP: £20.25 for 1.5kg | Daily measure: 25g | Cost per day: £0.34 |

    A totally natural supplement containing a powerful blend of garlic, seaweed, herbs and vitamins that can have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. It also helps utilise nutrition, aid digestion and boost the immune system. 

    View Horse First Garlic & More at viovet.co.uk

    LEOVET RESPIRATORY SYRUP respiratory supplement

    Leovet Respiratory Syrup

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 1l | RRP: £21.95 | Daily measure: 50ml | Cost per day: £1.10 |

    The concentrated liquid made of powerful herb extracts is readily absorbed and aims to offset environmental stress that can interfere with the respiratory tracts and weaken the immune system.

    View Leovet Respiratory Syrup at viovet.co.uk

    LINCOLN HERBAL KOFF SYRUP respiratory supplement

    Lincoln Herbal Koff Syrup 

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 500ml, 1l, 4l | RRP: £8.50 for 1l | Daily measure: 40ml | Cost per day: £0.34 |

    This supplement provides fast, natural support to calm and soothe the delicate airways. It helps to maintain healthy respiration in horses exposed to dust, pollen and mould spores. It is fortified with liquorice, glycerine and aniseed for a highly palatable formulation. 

    View Lincoln Herbal Koff Syrup at viovet.co.uk

    MAXAVITA MAXABREATH respiratory supplement

    Maxavita MaxaBreathe

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 900g | RRP: £29.85 | Daily measure: 30g | Cost per day: £0.99 |

    Designed to help support the respiratory system and combat wheezing and coughing, the green-lipped mussel extract contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which have natural soothing properties. An anti-oxidant helps clear congestion, reduce coughing and ease irritated airways, while the soothing herbs also help to ease irritation.

    View Maxavita MaxaBreathe at viovet.co.uk

    NAF FIVE STAR RESPIRATOR BOOST respiratory supplement

    NAF Five Star Respirator Boost

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 500ml, 1l, 2l, 5l | RRP: £19.99 for 500ml | Daily measure: 30ml | Cost per day: £1.20 |

    This supplement contains a concentrated solution of natural anti-oxidants, alongside herbs such as ginger, rosehip and blueberries, chosen for their targeted support of healthy lung function. Echinacea is included for immune system support and essential oils help maintain clear airways.

    View NAF Five Star Respirator Boost at viovet.co.uk

    NETTEX AIR POWER RESPIRATORY BOOST respiratory supplement

    Nettex Air Power Respiratory Boost

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 500ml | RRP: £19.70 | Daily measure: 15ml | Cost per day: £0.59 |

    This product soothes and clears airways, helping your horse to breathe comfortably when there is increased risk of coughs and colds in the winter months. It contains menthol and eucalyptus for their natural soothing properties.

    View Nettex Air Power Respiratory Boost at viovet.co.uk

    SCIENCE SUPPLEMENTS RESPIRAID DHA respiratory supplement

    Science Supplements Respiraid DHA

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1.85kg | RRP: £44.99 | Daily measure: 61.5g | Cost per day: £1.50 |

    Formulated with the help of scientific research, RespirAid DHA combines a unique encapsulated source of DHA and EPA alongside powerful antioxidants and should be fed on a daily basis for the ultimate support for long term respiratory health.

    View Science Supplements Respiraid DHA at viovet.co.uk

    Synovium Airplus Liquid

    Synovium Airplus Liquid

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 940ml | RRP: £28 | Daily measure: 30ml | Cost per day: £0.89 |

    This supplement contains a blend of potassium iodide, eucalyptus oil, rosemary, thyme and aniseed, which are known to help clear the airways while soothing the respiratory tract and supporting free breathing.

    View Synovium Airplus Liquid at amazon.co.uk

    WINERGY VENTIL-ATE respiratory supplement

    Winergy Ventil-ate

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 2.8kg, 8.4kg| RRP: £42.99 for 2.8kg | Daily measure: 100g | Cost per day: £1.54 |

    This supplement supports the horse’s natural lung defences against unwanted airway irritants with the use of important antioxidants. It provides support to ensure that the lungs are functioning at maximum capacity. 

    View Winergy Ventil-ate at viovet.co.uk

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