11 laminitis supplements to help manage this time of year

If you’re looking for products to help manage laminitis don’t miss this selection of laminitic supplements: 

Five Star Laminaze


Laminaze is a unique blend of over 40 ingredients combining with key gut support, bio-available sulphur and targeted nutrients, in a palatable formula to maintain hoof health and improve diet and lifestyle. Laminaze contains all the key nutrients for optimal dietary support, especially around the time of year when spring and autumn flushes of grass occur.

RRP: £58 (1.5kg)

Visit: www.naf-equine.eu/uk 

Dodson & Horrell CushCare Supplement


This CushCare Supplement is an innovative new product designed to help nutritionally support the hormonal and metabolic systems. It is ideal for older horses and ponies, the overweight, the good doers and those prone to laminitis.

RRP: £24.95

Visit: www.dodsonandhorrell.com

Cavalor Vitacrunch 

472478_HARMONY-Snacks-Vitacrunch_300dpi copy

Vitacrunch is a natural product that provides an optimal and balanced supply of vitamins and minerals and supports the balance between calcium and phosphorus. It’s safe and healthy because of its low sugar and starch content, it is rich in fibres and is oat and gluten free.

RRP: £12 (7 x 1kg blocks)

Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk

Nettex Biotin Everyday

Biotin Everyday_1 5kg_Pouch

This supplement provides nutritional support on a daily basis to help maintain strong and healthy hoof growth. It delivers 15mg of Biotin per feed, plus other selected key ingredients. It has a sugar free formulation, making it ideal for horses prone to laminitis.

RRP: £13.99

Visit: www.nettexequine.com   

Dengie Natural Vitality Coat & Hoof

Coat and Hoof

This supplement contains natural nutrients for horses and ponies to give healthier hooves and a soft, shiny coat. Coat & Hoof contains a blend of omega oils and alfalfa to support and aid hoof and coat growth and condition.

RRP: £31.60 (1kg)

Visit: www.dengie.com

Global Herbs Laminitis Prone Supplement Powder

Global Herbs Laminitis Prone Supplement

This nutritional aid helps horses to digest their food and supports liver function. Poor digestion releases acids into the blood damaging the vessels that carry the laminae to the hooves.

RRP: £30.50 (1kg)

Visit: www.naylors.com

Rockies LaminShield

Laminshield pack

LaminShield is a hard pressed lick that contains a safe, palatable source of magnesium, in addition to other ingredients. It supports horses that are overweight and prone to certain conditions.

RRP: from £13.24 (2kg)

Visit: www.rockies.co.uk

Equimins Laminator

Laminator_powder_3kg copy

This supplement has been developed for the nutritional support of hoof health and integrity and includes ingredients like hesperidin and feverfew, which support blood flow to the laminar corum.

RRP: from £26.25 (1.2kg)

Visit: www.equimins.com

Farrier’s Formula

UK_FF_original_bag_High_res_pellets_NoGM copy

This supplement supplies nutrients for strong and dense hoof growth. A denser hoof wall is more resistant to the effects of laminitis.

RRP: £40.25 (5kg)

Visit: www.lifedatalabs.co.uk

TopSpec AntiLam


AntiLam is a palatable, pelleted product specifically designed to provide nutritional support for those susceptible to, being treated for, and recovering from laminitis. It contains a range of highly effective supplements that are pelleted onto a high-fibre, very low-calorie base.

RRP: £26.95 (15kg)

Visit: www.topspec.com

Lamigard TRT

Lamigard TRT Solution 1ltr

This highly effective supplement can be used at high levels in the short term, and at a maintenance level for long term health. Lamigard TRT will help ensure that your horse’s hooves stay healthy all year round and will complement a careful feeding regime.

RRP: £27.99 (946ml)

Visit: www.totally-tack.co.uk

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