14 supplements to keep your horse on his feet

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  • If you’re on the search for the “best laminitis supplement”, it’s important to be aware that supplements will not cure laminitis or make a lame horse sound – only regulated medicines can claim to do so. Laminitis is a medical emergency – if your horse is showing signs of laminitis you could call your vet immediately.

    However, as horses on restricted grass intake require additional support to remain fit and healthy, targeted supplements can help to support the diets of horses in this category throughout their lives. Most overweight equines are susceptible to laminitis, as are those diagnosed with equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), insulin dysregulation (ID), or Cushing’s disease (PPID), but ensuring they have the right diet and nutritional support is a key step in preventing an attack.

    In general, supplements that are formulated to support horses on restricted grazing and sensitive to spring and autumn grass flushes deliver nutrition that supports healthy hoof growth and promotes circulation in a low-sugar and starch form. If you’re looking for a more general hoof supplement to support your horse’s hooves and encourage healthy growth, check out this selection of hoof supplements.

    If you compete with your horse then it is important you make sure any supplements you use do not contain any prohibited substances.

    What are your options?

    Here is a selection of available supplements to support horses on restricted grazing, including the manufacturers’ descriptions of their products…

    NB: Cost per day has been calculated using the maintenance measure for a 500kg horse in light work (where there was variation) and the RRP of the smallest available tub. Some products require you to feed more in some situations, which will increase the cost per daily measure, while buying a larger tub will likely decrease it – these costs per day are a guide only.

    NAF Laminaze laminitis supplement

    NAF Laminaze

    Sizes: 750g, 1.5kg, 10kg | RRP: £33.99 for 750g | Daily measure: 25–50g | Cost per day: £1.13 |

    This blend of more than 40 ingredients combines key gut support, bio-available sulphur and targeted nutrients, in a palatable formula to maintain hoof health and improve the diet. Prebiotics and live probiotics are included to promote a stable, healthy gut environment, while antioxidants support the liver.

    View NAF Laminaze at viovet.co.uk
    View NAF Laminaze at amazon.co.uk
    View NAF Laminaze at naylors.com
    View NAF Laminaze at equus.co.uk
    View NAF Laminaze at rideawaystore.com

    Aviform Lamino laminitis supplement

    Aviform Lamino

    Sizes: 1kg, 1.5kg | RRP: £15.95 for 1kg | Daily measure: 45g | Cost per day: £0.72 |

    This contains a blend of ingredients that are particularly useful when the blood supply to the foot has been impaired.

    View Aviform Lamino at amazon.co.uk

    Equine America Lamigard TRT Regular Solution laminitis supplement

    Equine America Lamigard TRT Regular Solution

    Sizes: 1l | RRP: £46.50 | Daily measure: 30g | Cost per day: £1.40 |

    This liquid supplement is low in sugar and starch, while also high in fibre. It provides nutritional and antioxidant support, is easy to feed and is suitable for horses receiving a very low concentrate feed.

    View Equine America Lamigard at viovet.co.uk
    View Equine America Lamigard at equine-america.co.uk
    View Equine America Lamigard at amazon.co.uk

    Cavalor LaminAid laminitis supplement

    Cavalor LaminAid

    Sizes: 1l | RRP: £91 | Daily measure: 20ml | Cost per day: £1.82 |

    This supports the sensitive intestinal flora and helps to maintain balance in hormonal and metabolic processes. It also helps to support blood circulation and promote blood flow in the hoof. Best used in conjuction with Cavalor PodoSens.

    View Cavalor LaminAid at viovet.co.uk
    View Cavalor LaminAid at amazon.co.uk

    Global Herbs LamiPro laminitis supplement

    Global Herbs LamiPro

    Sizes: 500ml, 1l, 5l | RRP: £19.40 for 500ml | Daily measure: 10ml | Cost per day: £0.39 |

    This palatable herbal supplement works by providing nutritional support for digestion, metabolism, liver function and feed utilisation. This combined action supports and comforts the feet at any time throughout the year. The formula is fast-acting and provides nutritional support from the first day fed. Also available in powder form.

    View Global Herbs LamiPro at viovet.co.uk
    View Global Herbs LamiPro at globalherbs.co.uk
    View Global Herbs LamiPro at amazon.co.uk

    Horse First Hoof First laminitis supplement

    Horse First Hoof First

    Sizes: 750g, 2kg, 5kg | RRP: £23 for 750g | Daily measure: 25g | Cost per day: £0.77 |

    This supplement contains 40mg of biotin per serving, plus all the essential vitamins and minerals to successfully grow strong, healthy hooves.

    View Horse First Hoof First at viovet.co.uk
    View Horse First Hoof First at amazon.co.uk

    Lincoln Laminide laminitis supplement

    Lincoln Laminide

    Sizes: 600g | RRP: £41.99 | Daily measure: 7g | Cost per day: £0.49 |

    Formulated to support and help maintain normal, healthy circulation to the hooves and the laminae, this supplement is made from 100% natural ingredients. In an ideal situation it fed all year round or when management changes occur, combined with exercise where appropriate and weight control, in order to support healthy blood flow and circulation.

    View Lincoln Laminide at viovet.co.uk
    View Lincoln Laminide at amazon.co.uk
    View Lincoln Laminide at rideawaystore.com
    View Lincoln Laminide at equus.co.uk

    Kentucky Equine Research Bio-Bloom PS laminitis supplement

    Saracen KER Bio-Bloom PS

    Sizes: 2kg | RRP: £76.96 for 2kg | Daily measure: 30g | Cost per day: £1.15 |

    This is a dual action supplement designed to support and maintain hoof and coat condition formulated with key nutrients, high levels of biotin, lecithin, iodine, methionine, chelated zinc at research-proven levels shown to support hoof growth.

    View Saracen KER Bio-Bloom PS at amazon.com

    TopSpec AntiLam laminitis supplement

    TopSpec AntiLam

    Sizes: 15kg | RRP: £29.75 | Daily measure: 500g | Cost per day: £0.99 |

    This pelleted multi-supplement designed to provide nutritional support for those prone to, being treated for, or recovering from laminitis. It combines several supplements with a high fibre, very low-calorie carrier to make it palatable. Long-term trials have shown that it does not promote weight hain when on restricted or poor grazing.

    View TopSpec AntiLam at viovet.co.uk
    View TopSpec AntiLam at amazon.co.uk

    EquiFeast LamiCore Starter balancer laminitis supplement

    EquiFeast LamiCore Starter balancer

    Sizes: 6.25kg | RRP: £74.50 | Daily measure: 250g | Cost per day: £2.98 |

    This magnesium-free, low-calorie balancer contains chelated calcium. It also has added psyllium to help regulate normal insulin management.

    View EquiFeast LamiCore at ebay.co.uk

    Feedmark Prolamin laminitis supplement

    Feedmark Prolamin

    Sizes: 1.5kg, 3kg, 6kg | RRP: £45.99 for 1.5kg | Daily measure: 12g | Cost per day: £0.37 |

    This low-calorie, palatable formulation provides 25 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, alongside important antioxidants vitamin E and selenium. It is a two-part formula designed to maintain hoof health and general well-being – one part delivers a pelleted balancer, while the second part contains a blend of powerful natural herbs to aid circulation to the hoof.

    Foran Equine Hoof Aid laminitis supplement

    Foran Equine Hoof Aid

    Sizes: 1l, 2.5l | RRP: £18.50 for 1l | Daily measure: 45ml | Cost per day: £0.83 |

    This supplement is designed to support your horses hoof growth and strength through a combination of biotin and key minerals. Also available in powder form.

    View Foran Equine Hoof Aid at ebay.co.uk

    Maxavita Maxalami laminitis supplement

    Maxavita Maxalami

    Sizes: 900g | RRP: £33 | Daily measure: 30g | Cost per day: £1.10 |

    Containing powerful antioxidants and green-lipped mussel, this supplement supports the health and wellbeing of horses on restricted diets. Key ingredients support the development of healthy hooves and laminae and promote optimum circulation. It also contains a prebiotic, that has been seen to have a beneficial effect on weight management and digestive microflora, especially when feed and calorie intake is being managed.

    Paddock Power Rebalance laminitis supplement

    Paddock Power Rebalance

    Sizes: 10kg | RRP: £46 | Daily measure: 100g | Cost per day: £0.46 |

    Very low in starch and sugar, this supplement helps improve your horse’s condition, coat, feet, and general health, providing your horse with a good balance of minerals, vitamins, proteins, oil and protected trace elements. It also contains a full daily dose of biotin.

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