Digestive supplements: what’s on the market?

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  • Digestive supplements support your horse’s digestive system to help him cope with a number of transitions throughout the year, such as increased turnout in the spring or change of grazing quality in the winter. These changes can leave some horses’ digestive systems struggling, leading to a reduction in efficiency, loose droppings and other digestive upsets.

    Often containing soothing herbs as well as pre- and probiotics, these supplements aim to maintain a healthy digestive system, provide a buffering effect against excess stomach acid and promote a normal population of bacteria to make sure your horse is getting the most out of what he eats while keeping him comfortable.

    Common ingredients of digestive supplements include…

    • probiotics, which are often referred to as “good bacteria”
    • prebiotics, which are the “food” for probiotics, helping them to work effectively

    If you compete with your horse then it is important you make sure any supplements you use do not contain any prohibited substances.

    Digestive supplements for horses: what are your options?

    Here is a selection of the best digestive supplements for horses that are currently available below in our alphabetical list, which includes the manufacturers’ descriptions of their products…

    NB: Cost per day has been calculated using the maintenance measure for a 500kg horse in light work (where there was variation) and the RRP of the smallest available tub. Some products require loading doses and some horses will require a higher dose, which will increase the cost per daily measure, while buying a larger tub will likely decrease it – these costs per day are a guide only.

    Alltech Forage Guard

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 5kg | RRP: £45 | Daily measure: 50g | Cost per day: £0.45 |

    This supplement is designed to help lessen the damaging effects of mycotoxins (toxins caused by moulds that naturally occur in forages) on performance and health. It prevents their absorption from the gut, without removing key nutrients from the diet.

    Aloeride aloe vera

    Form: Powder | Sizes: Carton of 30 sachets | RRP: £55.20 | Daily measure: One sachet | Cost per day: £1.84 |

    An organic aloe vera supplement that supports a healthy digestive system.

    Animalife Vetrogard Intense

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 525g | RRP: £99.99 | Daily measure: 25g | Cost per day: £4.76 |

    This supplement supports the natural defences of the gastric lining. It supports cell regeneration of the stomach, reducing irritation of the stomach lining, while improving appetite and faecal quality.

    Audevard Ekygard

    Audevard Ekygard

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 2.4kg, 6kg, 14kg | RRP: £92.42 for 2.4kg | Daily measure: 20g | Cost per day: £0.77 |

    This supplement offers the stomach lining protection against acid and has a soothing and appetite-stimulating effect.

    Aviform Pro-Choice Gold

    Aviform Pro-Choice Gold

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 500g, 1kg, 1.5kg | RRP: £26.95 for 500g | Daily measure: 25g | Cost per day: £1.35 |

    This supplement features a unique blend of a pre- and probiotic making it ideal for horses prone to stress or any who may need extra support. Available in a 100% compostable pouch.

    Baileys Digest Plus

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1kg, 5kg | RRP: £16.99 for 1kg | Daily measure: 20g | Cost per day: £0.34 |

    Feeding Baileys Digest Plus prebiotic during the changeover to winter forage will give the bacterial populations of the hindgut the support they need as they get used to the new fibre sources arriving in the gut, ensuring your horse gains the maximum nutritional benefit from the forage in his diet.

    Betta Life PharmaTrac Total Digestive Support

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 120g, 400g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg | RRP: £24.99 for 400g | Daily measure: 10g | Cost per day: £0.62 |

    This supplement targets both the fore and hindgut, supporting the gastric environment and helping to maintain an optimum pH level

    Blue Chip Super Concentrated Ulsa-Cool Balancer

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 3kg | RRP: £25.90 | Daily measure: 100g | Cost per day: £0.86 |

    This supplement is formulated to assist with the maintenance of acid balance in the gut. It includes an acid buffering agent that can help to alter gut pH by slowly releasing calcium, magnesium and silicon, over a prolonged period, to enhance the buffering effect it has on stomach acids.



    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 5l | RRP: £70 | Daily measure: 90ml | Cost per day: £1.26 |

    This natural plant extract provides support for gastro-intestinal health and digestive stability by nourishing the delicate tissues that line the stomach and intestines. It is rich in anti-oxidants and omega oils, as well as being an effective prebiotic.

    Cavalor Vitaflora

    Cavalor Vitaflora

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 2kg | RRP: £67 | Daily measure: 30g | Cost per day: £1 |

    This is a high quality pre- and pro-biotic that aids your horse’s digestion and supports his intestinal health.

    Dodson & Horrell Digestive Support

    Dodson & Horrell Digestive Support

    Form: Pellet | Sizes: 1.5kg, 3kg | RRP: £18.50 for 1.5kg  | Daily measure: 25g | Cost per day: £0.31 |

    This high specification, pelleted supplement provides nutritional and herbal support for the entire digestive system, promoting the normal population of bacteria within the large intestine. It is ideal for sensitive digestive systems, those undergoing dietary changes, being stabled for long periods, travelling or during periods of change or competition.

    Equiform Nutrition Excel Digest

    Equiform Nutrition Excel Digest

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1kg, 3kg | RRP: £36 for 1kg  | Daily measure: 70g | Cost per day: £2.52 |

    Daily use of this supplement can help support the digestive tract — it contains a unique blend of minerals, plant extracts and digestive soothers.

    Equine America Uls Gard Pellets

    Equine America Uls-Gard Pellets

    Form: Pellets | Sizes: 3kg, 10kg | RRP: £48.50 for 3kg  | Daily measure: 100g | Cost per day: £1.62 |

    Formulated to help maintain digestive health and comfort, these pellets have an alfalfa and soya hull base, and contain pectins, lecithin, aloe vera, marshmallow root, glycine and liquorice.

    Equine Products UK TransVite Excel

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1.5kg, 9kg | RRP: £63.69 for 1.5kg  | Daily measure: 25g | Cost per day: £1.06 |

    This high-grade probiotic is one of the strongest currently available and works by balancing the good flora inside the gastrointestinal tract, which helps to increase appetite and condition.

    Feedmark Ultimate Ease

    Feedmark Ultimate Ease

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 3kg, 6kg, 9kg | RRP: £60.99 for 3kg  | Daily measure: 100g | Cost per day: £2.03 |

    This supplement settles the gut with an acid-buffering action and soothes the delicate gastric and intestinal lining by forming a gel.

    Foran Equine Nutri-Gard Extra

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 3kg | RRP: £65.50  | Daily measure: 60g | Cost per day: £1.31 |

    The digestible fibre in this supplement can help coat the stomach lining while prebiotics aid gastric health, optimise feed metabolism and promote gut-friendly bacteria, especially during periods of reduced turnout.

    Global Herbs Gut Support

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 500g, 1kg | RRP: £26.40 for 500g  | Daily measure: 28g | Cost per day: £1.48 |

    This quick-acting and concentrated supplement is designed to target digestive health for normal droppings, appetite and feed utilisation by maintaining the levels of beneficial bacteria through a blend of pre- and probiotics.

    The Golden Paste Company TurmerAid

    The Golden Paste Company TurmerAid

    Form: Pellets | Sizes: 2kg, 15kg | RRP: £19.99 for 2kg  | Daily measure: 50g | Cost per day: £0.50 |

    This natural turmeric supplement is carefully formulated to aid digestion, support the gut microflora, improve hindgut fermentation and absorption. It also supports the body’s natural inflammation processes and promotes a healthy skin and coat.

    Hack Up Bespoke

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1kg | RRP: From £49.99 | Daily measure: 30g | Cost per day: £1.50 |

    Using fresh raw ingredients that support the digestive system, such as powerful pre- and probiotic, milkthistle and chamomile, every bespoke supplement is hand-made, free from fillers, preservatives and chemical caking agents. The supplement is packaged in paper and stored in tinplate pail.

    Hi Form BioEquus

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 250g, 500g | RRP: £57 for 250g | Daily measure: 10g | Cost per day: £2.28 |

    This supplement helps to maintain a healthy bacterial flora and has a beneficial impact on metabolic processes, maintaining normal, healthy intestinal and immune function.

    Hilton Herbs GastriX

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1kg | RRP: £36.30 | Daily measure: 34g | Cost per day: £1.23 |

    A dry supplement containing herbs, such as slippery elm, meadowsweet and cramp bark, to help support healthy digestion, optimum nutrient absorption and maintain balanced pH levels. This is especially helpful during a change in routine.

    Horse First Acid Aid

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1.5kg, 5kg | RRP: £39 for 1.5kg | Daily measure: 50g | Cost per day: £1.30 |

    This supplement is formulated to support stomach health, soothe the gastric system and settle excess acid. The ingredients complement each other to form a balanced product that helps maintain healthy acid levels in the stomach.

    Horslyx Pro Digest Balancer

    Horslyx Pro Digest

    Form: Lick | Sizes: 650g | RRP: £4.50 |

    This lick contains a combination of ingredients to support the whole digestive system, while the action of licking enhances saliva production, which helps buffer stomach acidity.

    KER EquiShure

    KER EquiShure

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1.25kg, 3.6kg, 7.2kg, 18kg | RRP: £45.95 for 1.5kg | Daily measure: 30g | Cost per day: £1.10 |

    A scientifically proven time-released buffer that supplies an encapsulated source of sodium bicarbonate to the hindgut, helping to stabilise the pH and optimise digestive function.

    Lincoln Yea-Sacc 30

    Lincoln Yea-Sacc 30

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1kg, 2.5kg | RRP: £17.99 for 1kg | Daily measure: 32g | Cost per day: £0.58 |

    This product is a combination of yea-sacc and brewer’s yeast, which gives both pre- and probiotic digestive support while also providing essential B vitamins and amino acids. It helps to maintain a healthy hindgut, supporting and stabilising the hindgut microflora to avoid digestive upsets.

    Maxavita Maxabiotic

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 900g | RRP: £24.95 | Daily measure: 25g | Cost per day: £0.69 |

    This supplement contains natural pre- and probiotic ingredients, plus green-lipped mussel, to help maintain a healthy, balanced digestive system. Yeast is added to encourage the growth of friendly bacteria, with dietary fibre and alfalfa to help maintain regular gut function.

    NAF GastriVet Pellets

    NAF GastriVet Pellets

    Form: Pellets | Sizes: 2kg, 4kg | RRP: £55 for 2kg | Daily measure: 67g | Cost per day: £1.84 |

    This formula supports a healthy gastric environment, the natural anti-inflammatory processes and balanced pH levels, as well as soothing the stomach walls. It is ideal for competition and performance horses.

    Nettex Gut Balancer

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 750g, 1.5kg | RRP: £23.70 for 750g | Daily measure: 67g | Cost per day: £2.12 |

    A highly effective pre- and probiotic supplement that supports healthy hindgut and digestive function, skin and coat and condition and vitality.

    NutriScience Gastro Care

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1.8kg, 3kg, 20kg | RRP: £74.99 for 1.8g | Daily measure: 45g | Cost per day: £1.87 |

    Designed to have a multi-faceted approach to gastrointestinal health, this supplement contains antacids that help mimic the effects of saliva and protect the stomach lining from acid. It helps to absorb and buffer excess acid to allow the natural regeneration of the stomach lining.

    Plusvital Neutragast

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1.5kg, 6kg | RRP: £29.70 for 1.5kg | Daily measure: 75g | Cost per day: £1.49 |

    By combining B vitamins, calcified seaweed, boswellia extract and active yeast, this supplement is designed to soothe and help prevent digestive disturbances.
    Protexin Equine Premium Gut Balancer

    Protexin Equine Premium Gut Balancer

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 400g, 700g, 3.5kg, 7kg | RRP: £16.95 for 400g | Daily measure: 10g | Cost per day: £0.42 |

    This contains prebiotics, probiotics and yeast to help re-establish a healthy gut microflora and encourage normal digestive function and efficiency.

    Science Supplements Gut Balancer

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1.5kg | RRP: £34.99 | Daily measure: 50g | Cost per day: £1.17 |

    Winner of the BETA International Innovation Award, this fast-acting supplement is a balanced combination of pre- and probiotics to support gut health and aid digestion.

    Synovium Gastrosafe

    Synovium Gastrosafe

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1.5kg, 4.5kg | RRP: £47.99 for 1.5kg | Daily measure: 48g | Cost per day: £1.54 |

    Developed to support a healthy stomach environment and aid digestive function, this supplement has been extensively trialled and is suitable for horses with poor appetite, poor condition, poor performance or behavioural changes.

    TopSpec Digestive Aid

    TopSpec Digestive Aid

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 3kg, 9kg, 20kg | RRP: £30.50 for 3kg | Daily measure: 100g | Cost per day: £1.02 |

    Designed to optimise digestive health and stimulate appetite in horses, this supplement contains high levels of a pure, protected probiotic yeast and pre-biotic MOS as well as vitamin B12. It is particularly effective for horses that are working hard, on high concentrate/low forage diets, or stressed.

    Vital Equine Gastri-Max

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 2.5kg | RRP: £35.50 | Daily measure: 75g | Cost per day: £1.06 |

    Gastri-Max helps support optimum digestion and maintain normal acid levels within the digestive tract, allowing horses to cope with day-to-day stresses and deliver their best results. It is ideal for changes in the horses routine, which could be changes in forage from grass to haylage, or increased stabling.

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