Veteran supplements: what’s on the market?

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  • Older horses will often feel life’s challenges, such as decreased grazing quality and restricted movement, the most so it’s important to make sure they’re getting everything they need – supplements designed for older horses can help you do this. Veteran supplements often contain ingredients that are known to support the joints and digestive system, so that they are working as efficiently and comfortably as possible. Some also include ingredients that aim to help maintain the hormonal balance. There are such a wide range of veteran-specific supplements that it’s important to consider what you’re looking to gain from one before you make a purchasing decision.

    If you compete with your older horse then it is important you make sure any supplements you use do not contain any prohibited substances.

    Browse the wide range of supplements for older horses that are currently available below in our alphabetical list, which includes the manufacturers’ descriptions of their products…

    Alltech Lifeforce Focus

    Alltech veteran supplement

    This supplement is designed for leisure and companion horses and those that may spend more time grazing, helping to create a healthy digestive environment. It contains yeast products that optimise digestive health and address challenges related to body condition, which is a common problem among veterans.
    £60 for 5kg
    01780 764512

    Baileys Outshine

    Baileys veteran supplement

    This high-oil supplement is an ideal source of additional calories for veterans that require a limited starch intake. It contains a blend of oils that provide omega-3 and -6, plus supporting antioxidant vitamins and minerals.
    From £15.50 for 6.5kg
    01371 850247

    Blue Chip Super Concentrated Senior Balancer

    Blue Chip veteran supplement

    This feed balancer includes CushinCombo, which is a combination of chaste tree berry, antioxidants and omega oils, as well as a complete joint supplement, containing glucosamine and rosa canina.
    £24.95 for 3kg
    0114 266 6200

    Dodson & Horrell CushCare Supplement

    Dodson & Horrell veteran supplement

    This supplement helps nutritionally support the hormonal and metabolic systems. Ingredients include cinnamon for nutritional support of insulin function, glucosamine and mobility herbs to promote musculo-skeletal health and chaste tree berries to aid normal hormone regulation.
    £24.95 for 3kg
    01832 737 300

    Equiform Nutrition Excel Cushex

    Excel veteran supplement

    This liquid supplement supports the immune system, maintains normal function of the pituitary gland and ensures optimum circulation of its key nutrients, which include milk thistle extract, vitamin C, vitamin E, chaste berry, nucleotides and MSM to ensure optimum performance can still be achieved.
    £58 for 2l
    01270 530930

    EquiLife Vitex4 Equids Plus

    EquiLife veteran supplement

    This is the first pelletized vitex product — vitex helps to support the horse’s hormonal balance by assisting the normal functioning of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.
    £41.99 for 7kg
    01249 890784

    Foran Equine Chevinal

    Foran Equine supplements for older horses

    This is a palatable vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement in a convenient syrup form — ideal for older horses with dental issues.
    From £14.96 for 1l

    Global Herbs Veteran Plus

    Global Herbs supplements for older horses

    This supplement is designed to help support older horses through the harder, winter months. This premium, fast-acting herbal blend aids digestion while encouraging metabolisms and immune systems to work efficiently. It helps to maintain peak body condition and energy levels.
    £24.21 for 1kg
    01243 773363

    Mastacare Turmeric Powder

    Mastacare supplements for older horses

    This supplement helps digestion, promotes mobility and supports general good health in the older horse. This simple bag ensures your money is spent on product, not packaging.
    £12 for 1kg

    Maxavita Maxapower

    Maxavita supplements for older horses

    This supplement is designed to support and maintain healthy circulation, while promoting optimal muscle function and development in hard-working horses. It includes essential amino acids, along with green-lipped mussel for heart health and rice bran oil to encourage muscle growth and strength.
    £29.85 for 900g
    01270 530930

    NAF In The Pink Senior 

    NAF supplements for older horses

    This supplement provides the older horse with the support he needs to stay active and feeling young. It helps balance the diet and the digestive system, which enables the horse to maximise the value of his feed intake. It also supplies antioxidant ingredients to flush excess free radicals and provides nutrients to support joint health.
    From £24.99 for 900g
    0800 373106

    Nettex VIP In The Balance  

    Nettex supplements for older horses

    This product provides concentrated nutritional support in one easy-to-feed supplement. It is designed to meet your horse’s advanced nutritional needs for health, vitality and performance and will support the diet where deficiencies may be present.
    £45.13 for 2kg
    01283 524222

    NutriScience Equine Gold

    NutriScience supplements for older horses

    This supplement contains pre- and probiotics to help maintain a healthy gut. It is ideal for use during dietary and management changes that can cause upset to the horse’s sensitive digestive system and is suitable for horses in competition training, those under stress, veterans or poor-doers.
    From £21.50 for 750g
    +353 (0)51 304 010

    TopSpec All-in-One

    TopSpec supplements for older horses

    This is a multi-supplement that contains a broad-spectrum supplement, plus many specialised supplements. It is ideal for good-doers fed only good quality forage, even if in hard work.
    £32.95 for 4kg
    01845 565 030

    Vital Equine B-Max

    Vital supplements for older horses

    The high levels of vitamin B12 in this supplement help support the immune system, bring back sparkle and maintain general wellbeing. It’s a great “pick-me-up” for older horses.
    From £15.50 for 946ml
    01270 530930

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