If you’ve been eyeing up a stable camera, here are the best Amazon Spring Deals

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  • Watching your horse tucked up in his stable from the comfort of your sofa is the dream right? Assuming he’s happily munching away at his hay and there are no unwelcome intruders, of course. It’s no surprise that stable cameras have boomed in popularity recently, with horse owners regularly searching Google for the best stable cameras for horses – or indeed, the best stable camera deals.

    If you’ve been thinking about it for a while, narrowed down a shortlist or even had your eye on one particular model, now is the time to make your move. The Amazon Spring Deals event is a great opportunity to grab a bargain stable camera deal because there are lots of offers on anything techy – horse tech included. The deals event is running 20–25 March 2024.

    You don’t have to be an Amazon Prime members to access these stable camera deals, but there are a few additional “WOW!” deals for US customers that are exclusive to Prime members – if you’d like to join for access to these, sign up here.

    Biggest stable camera saving

    If you don’t need a camera that pans and tilts, then you can save 47% on the EzViz eLife Battery Camera (now just £47.49). It boasts 210 days of battery life with one full battery charge and can be connected to a solar panel to get continuous power directly. It has colour night vision, two-way audio and human detection. Plus it can automatically activate a siren and spotlights if an intruder is detected. 

    EzViz eLife Battery Camera: -47% Amazon Spring Deal
    Get this camera for just £47.49 and it’ll give you 210 days of battery life, colour night vision, two-way audio and human detection. Plus it can activate a siren if an intruder is detected.

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    Best stable camera deal if you don’t have WiFi

    If you don’t have WiFi access at the yard like most stable setups, you need to find a camera that works off the mobile phone network with a sim card. This is also true if you don’t have mains power.

    In this scenario, we’d recommend the Reolink Go PT Plus, which currently has 25% off in the Amazon Prime Big Deal event, down from £239.99 to £179.99. This price includes the camera and solar panel. When we tested the Reolink Go PT Plus, we were really impressed overall and awarded it H&H Approved.

    It offered everything we could think you might need from an outdoor camera, and the fact it is wireless offers a real benefit for many horsey premises that don’t have Wi-Fi or electricity. The picture quality is excellent day and night, and it was simple to set up and use – a real bonus for anyone who considers themselves a bit of a technophobe.

    Reolink Go PT Plus: -20% Amazon Spring Deal
    This *H&H Approved* camera was rated 10/10 by our tester (read the full review here). You can use this waterproof, wireless camera without Wi-Fi and without mains power. The battery lasts for up to four weeks or you can connect a solar panel. We already thought it was great value, and now it’s 20% off.

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    Best stable camera deals if you’re on a budget

    If you’re on a budget, sometimes even the best deals are too pricey. However, this 31% off deal on the Ezviz CB8 2K looks to be a good shout if you need to keep costs to a minimum.

    We’ve not put this specific model to the test, but judging by the tech spec it has lots of handy features, including 210-day battery life, 2K resolution, colour night vision, and pan/tilt options. And you get all of this for just £89.99 – when you look at the prices of the best stable cameras on the market, this is great price for a great range of features. It’s also available with a solar panel – with 31% off, the full kit is just £109.99.

    Ezviz CB8 2K: -31% Amazon Spring Deal
    This wireless weatherproof camera benefits from a 360° field of view and boasts up to 210 days of battery life. Features include person detection, auto-tracking and colour night vision, and with no wires it’s easy to install.

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    Another good pick for a budget deal is the ieGeek range. They’ve got five different outdoor security cameras in the Spring Deals event depending on your access to power.Best ieGeek deal for mains power: 6MP Wired Camera (now just £49.99)

    Best ieGeek deal with solar panel: 5MP Solar Camera (now just £94.98)

    Best ieGeek battery operated camera deal: Battery Camera (now just £59.99)

    Best stable camera deal for WiFi

    If you’ve got WiFi access at your proposed camera location, then you open up a lot of models that are usually a bit cheaper. The Reolink Spotlight camera is currently reduced by 33% in the Amazon Prime Big Deal event – meaning it’s now only £79.99 (the cheapest option in this round-up).

    It’s available in black or white, has super-HD resolution, advanced smart motion detection (it can distinguish people and vehicles from other objects) and can pan 355°, tilt 50° vertically, and has 3x zoom.

    You can set this camera up to get very specific notifications and the camera can automatically follow the moving person or car, which is great if you’re using it as a security camera.

    Reolink Spotlight Camera: -33% Amazon Spring Deal
    This camera is WiFi/ethernet cable compatible and is at a really competitive price. It has loads of features including night vision, auto-tracking, tilt, pan and zoom, and flexible recording options.

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    Best yard security camera deal

    If you’re looking for a security camera, the Reolink Duo 2 is a great option – we tested it as a field and security camera and awarded it H&H Approved. It’s not included in the Amazon Spring Deal event, but the upgraded Reolink Duo 3 is and you can get it for the same price as the older model. With 24% off, the Reolink Duo 3 is currently £135.99.

    It has 4K ultra-HD resolution and combines two lenses into one for a 180° panoramic view showing up great detail. It also has smart person detection (so can distinguish between people and other movements) and when intruders are detected you’ll get a notification, the lights will come on and the siren activated. You can also use the two-way audio to communicate with the intruder – or if a friend is helping you with your horse’s, then it can be used to give updates, too.

    Reolink Duo 3: -24% Amazon Spring Deal
    We think the Duo 2 offers everything you could possibly need in a security camera. The picture quality is great and everything is easily controlled by an app on your phone.

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