Best horse clippers to tame those growing winter coats

It’s that time of the year again when horses in work need to be clipped, so take a look at our pick of the best clippers to make this sometimes arduous task quick and easy

When choosing the best horse clippers to suit your needs, there are two main types to choose from: cordless (or battery-powered) or ones that plug into the mains. The advantages of a cordless pair include: no power lead for your horse to potentially tread on, they can be lighter and easier to handle so better for clipping awkward and sensitive areas, plus they are good for remote yards without mains power or with limited power sockets. The disadvantages of these clippers are that the running time is limited by their battery, they need to be coupled with a often heavy battery pack which may need to be recharged for long periods. On the other hand, a mains power set can run for as long as is needed (subject to short breaks to prevent the blades from getting hot) and don’t need to be recharged. Other important features to look out are good ventilation to avoid overheating. You should also consider whether they are comfortable to hold for long periods and how noisy they are in use. As they can be quite a considerable financial investment, most horse clippers are sold with a warranty, which is useful to have.

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Masterclip Roamer cordless horse clippers

The Masterclip Roamer cordless horse clippers come with two Li-ion rechargeable batteries with a charge time of approximately 3 hours and a run time of approximately two hours per battery. They also come with two sets of high carbon steel medium cut 3mm blades, have a fast cutting speed and weigh 1.2kg. This makes these clippers ideal for yards with no power. The charging unit is included along with a smart silver carry case, clipper oil and cleaning brush, plus a two-year warranty.
Buy Now: Masterclip Roamer clippers from £229.99

Liveryman Black Beauty mains horse clippers

These mains clippers are designed to provide 10,000 hours of smooth cutting performance, due to it’s unique aluminium streamlined head. The clipper has variable speed settings of 1,500 and 2,700 rpm and has a multi-vent design that keeps them running at a cool temperature. They come supplied with clipper oil, brush and with A2 cutter and comb sets.
Buy Now: Liveryman Black Beauty clippers from £325

Heiniger Xperience horse clippers

The Heiniger Xperience Clipper are powerful yet quiet running clippers, which are easy to use with low vibrations. They are slimline with a lightweight body reinforced with fibreglass for strength and durability. The design of these clippers gives a comfortable clipping position and simplifies the task of clipping sensitive areas, such as under the belly. They are powered by a 200-watt permanent magnet motor and weigh 1.2kg. These clippers come with a two-year warranty and are supplied in a durable protective carry case complete with two sets of clipping blades, oil, clipper brush and screwdriver for your blades.
Buy Now: Heiniger Xperience clipper from £369

Lister Star horse clippers

As the first permanent magnet motor clipper of its type on the market, these are powerful fast and efficient clippers that maintain speed even in tough conditions. They are ergonomically designed for a slimmer grip, with an overload switch to protect the motor and a ventilated head to cool the blades as well as replaceable air filters. On top of this, they come in a case with the blades already fitted.
Buy Now: Lister Star clipper from £265.99

Pegasus 150 heavy-duty battery horse clippers

These heavy-duty Pegasus battery clippers come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and are very lightweight, weighing just 1kg. They are sold with 1mm and 3mm blades, charger, heavy duty carry case, clipper oil and cleaning brush.
Buy Now: Pegasus 150 clippers from £199.99

Kerbl constantaRodeo horse clippers

Egonomically shaped, the constantaRodeo fits both big and small hands with newly developed blades designed to slide smoothly through the coat. Coupled with a weight of only 690g and a good cooling system, these clippers are powerful, effective and aim to avoid tired hands.
Buy Now: Kerbl constantaRodeo clippers from £225.23

Clipperman Baroness battery horse clippers

We think these clippers are great for the one- or two-horse owner. They are lightweight (700g) and easy to use, with a clip-on battery pack and a 40mm handle width. The dual speed settings allow you to drop down to a slower speed when clipping around problem areas plus a faster speed for less sensitive areas. The Li-Ion battery pack allows up to two and a half hours of running time, with only a three-hour charge time. This is another set of clippers that come with A2 blades, blade guard, battery charger, clipper oil, cleaning brush, screwdriver and instruction manual.
Buy Now: Clipperman Baroness clipper from £251.26

Liveryman Elite horse clippers

The Liveryman Elite Clipper are mains clippers, which are easy to handle with a short body and light in weight. They are suitable for light to medium use and come with A2 medium blades, clipper oil, brush and an instruction manual. Theses clippers also have a one-year warranty valid from the date of purchase.
Buy Now: Liveryman Elite clipper from £281.74

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