Best horse clippers to tame even the wildest of winter coats

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  • Choosing from the best horse clippers to suit your needs will make the potentially arduous task of clipping quick and easy – and deliver a smart clip to make your horse the envy of his stablemates. It can be tricky to know which is the best clipper handset for you as there are so many options and a lot of technical information to sift through. If you’d like a bit more guidance on what to look for, then jump ahead to our advice on how to choose the best horse clippers for you. If you’re looking to do smaller areas of tidying, check out this selection of the best trimmers.

    Here’s a selection of the best cordless and mains-powered clippers on the market that are suitable for all horse owners, from clipping novices to the professionals…

    Best horse clippers: cordless

    Owning a set of cordless clippers is definitely convenient. There are no trailing power cables for your horse to potentially tread on, they can be lighter and easier to handle so better for clipping awkward and sensitive areas, plus they are good for remote yards without mains power or with limited power sockets. However, they are limited by their battery life and some need to be coupled with heavy battery pack that may take a while to charge.

    Clipperman Dragon horse clipper

    Clipperman Dragon

    Power source: 2 rechargeable Li-ion batteries | Clipping time: 2 hours per battery | Charging time: 1.5 hours | Handset length: 28cm | Grip diameter: 5.8cm | Weight: 900g | | Warranty: 2 years | RRP: £285

    This cordless clipper has power that’s comparable to 150W mains power with a cutting speed of 2,500rpm. It is supplied with an A2 blade with a 3mm cut length, while a selection of other compatible blades are available to purchase separately. It comes with two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries that provide a total of up to four hours running time, but larger batteries with longer run times are available separately.
    This set contains the handset, batteries, an A2 blade, blade guard, charger, clipper oil, cleaning brush, screwdriver and instruction manual.

    For more information or to buy, visit clipperman.co.uk
    View at viovet.co.uk

    Lister Liberty Lithium horse clippers

    Lister Liberty Lithium 

    Power source: Mains, 12V lithium powerpack or vehicle battery | Clipping time: 2.5 hours | Charging time: 4–6 hours | Handset length: 22cm | Grip diameter: 5cm | Weight: 800g  | Cord length: 1m from battery to handset, 3m mains cord | Warranty: 2 years | RRP: From £246

    The battery pack on this clipper offers consistent performance on the go – for 2.5 hours – but you can also connect it to the mains for endless clipping time. It has a helpful LED display that indicates the level of charge and the design ensures quiet and cool running, plus it has an overload protection feature with an automatic reset. The handset itself is ergonomically designed and balanced for optimal comfort to make the job feel as effortless as possible – it’s also one of the lighter handsets we’ve found at just 800g. It is supplied with A2F blades fitted as standard.
    It is available in six different packs, depending on your requirements, ranging from clipper handset only (RRP £246) to the deluxe pack (RRP £450), which also includes fine blades, clipper pouch, belt, lithium battery, charger and a Libretto Lithium trimmer.

    For more information or to buy, visit lister-global.com

    Liveryman Harmony Plus horse clipper

    Liveryman Harmony Plus

    Power source: Li internal battery | Clipping time: 1.5 hours | Charging time: 3 hours | Handset length: 17cm | Grip diameter: 4.8cm | Weight: 550g | Warranty: 2 years | RRP: From £193.95

    The Harmony Plus is described as extremely quiet and can be used as both a clipper or a trimmer, making it ideal for horses that are not used to frequent clipping or are nervous. It has an easy-change blade system that allows you to switch between wide clipping and narrow trimming blades quickly and easily, and they require no tensioning. There is a wide variety of compatible blades that allow you to alter the cutting height and width. It has enough run time to complete a full clip, but you can also purchase an additional external battery that will extend the clipping time by four hours.
    This set includes a handset fitted with A5 blade, oil, brush and instruction manual. It is available with a wide blade, narrow blade, vet narrow blade or narrow and wide blade options.          

    For more information and stockists, visit liveryman.co.uk
    View at viovet.co.uk

    Masterclip Cordless HD Roamer horse clipper

    Masterclip Cordless HD Roamer

    Power source: Rechargeable Li-ion battery | Clipping time: 2 hours per battery | Charging time: 2–3 hours | Handset length: 31cm | Grip diameter: 5.4cm | Weight: 1.2kg | Warranty: 2 years | RRP: £249.99

    This is Masterclip’s best heavier duty cordless clipper – it allows you to clip anywhere and saves the hassle and worry of trailing power cables. The batteries are stored neatly in the handset making it ideal for clipping fidgety, nervous horses and youngstock. It’s one of the heavier handsets, but it does have to accommodate the batteries, which not all cordless clippers do. The HD Roamer comes with two rechargeable Li-ion batteries and offers a run time of up to two hours per battery, so there is plenty of time to carry out a full clip in comfort. It can cope with any type of coat and a variety of A2 clipper blades can be used with this clipper to offer a superfine, fine, medium or coarse finish. It comes in a sturdy carry case with two batteries, charger, clipper oil, cleaning brush and one set of premium A2 blades.

    For more information or to buy, visit masterclip.co.uk
    View at amazon.co.uk

    Best horse clippers: mains-powered

    The benefit of mains-powered clippers is that they can run for as long as is needed (subject to short breaks to prevent the blades from getting hot) and don’t need to be recharged. You will have a power cable to contend with, but you’re less likely to be left with a half-clipped horse.

    Lister Star horse clipper

    Lister Star 

    Power source: Mains | Handset length: 24cm | Grip diameter: 5cm | Weight: 750g | Cord length: 5m | Warranty: 2 years | RRP: £258

    One of Lister’s most popular products, the Star is a powerful, fast and efficient clipper that is ideal for professionals as well as horse owners. It has a slim, balanced grip for maximum comfort, and it is lightweight so you can clip for longer, and it features an intelligent tensioning system to ensure the right cutting pressure. The handset also has a ventilated head to prevent overheating, an overload switch that protects the motor in the event of a jam, a self-cleaning function to remove clippings during use, and a removable and replaceable air filter for easy cleaning. It is supplied with A2F blades fitted as standard.
    This set includes the Star handset, 60ml clipper oil, filter, a brush and A2F/AC (fine) blades. It is available in turquoise, purple, red or blue.

    For more information or to buy, visit lister-global.com
    View at amazon.co.uk

    Liveryman Black Beauty horse clipper

    Liveryman Black Beauty

    Power source: Mains | Handset length: 27cm | Grip diameter: 6cm | Weight: 800g | Cord length: 4m | Warranty: 2 years | RRP: From £349.95

    This is Liveryman’s most powerful clipper – it has been designed to cut through the heaviest of winter coats and can run for extended periods without overheating. It incorporates brushless motor technology, which makes the clipper more reliable, efficient and powerful than a standard clipper motor. It’s designed to have less moving parts that are subject to wear and tear, which means less vibration, less noise and increased reliability. The variable speed allows you to slow the speed to further reduce the noise level and vibration, which is handy if you have a nervous horse or for clipping more sensitive areas. For a large clipper, it is lighter and slimmer than many traditional handsets, which makes it easy to handle and will reduce user fatigue while clipping.
    The carry box contains a handset fitted with A2 blade and combs, clipper oil, brush and instruction manual. You can purchase this handset with a battery pack, which will give you four hours of clipping time and the flexibility to use the clipper anywhere. 

    For more information and stockists, visit liveryman.co.uk
    View at viovet.co.uk

    Masterclip Lightweight Hunter Pro horse clipper

    Masterclip Lightweight Hunter Pro

    Power source: Mains | Handset length: 28cm | Grip diameter: 5cm | Weight: 1kg | Cord length: 6m | Warranty: 2 years | RRP: £199

    If you’re after an all-round heavy-duty clipper to carry out a full clip, hog and clip feathers then the Hunter Pro could be just what you need. It has a powerful 200W high torque and permanent magnetic motor, which means this clipper will breeze through any type of coat from fine thoroughbreds to the heaviest of thick cob coats. This ergonomic and modern-looking handset is lightweight with a rubberised non-slip grip. A variety of A2 clipper blades can be used with this clipper to offer a superfine, fine, medium or coarse finish, and it has a quick and easy blade change system.
    The handset comes in a sturdy carry case with clipper oil, cleaning brush and one set of premium A2 blades.

    For more information or to buy, visit masterclip.co.uk
    View at amazon.co.uk

    How to choose the best horse clippers for you

    Clippers are a real investment. When choosing a new handset you should consider…

    • the size of your hands – will you be able to hold the handset comfortably for a long period of time?
    • the amount of horses you need to clip, their hair type and personality – these will all affect the power you need
    • access to power – do you have mains power or will you need a battery-operated handset?
    • brand and clipper quality – choose a reputable brand and avoid options where the manufacturer is unclear
    • price – battery-operated clippers tend to be the most expensive, and the price generally increases with the power

    Understanding clipper power

    It’s best to avoid getting caught up with different watt ratings, rpms or the different types of motor as this can be misleading and pretty confusing. The easiest way to start narrowing it down is to work out whether you should be looking at light, medium or heavy duty clippers.

    • Light-duty clippers are ideal for people with one or two short haired horses.  They are usually smaller clippers that are light and quiet, and could be cordless or mains-powered. The Lister Star is a good example of this.
    • Medium-duty clippers are useful if you have up to five horses. They can handle feathers and most jobs well and are more powerful and durable than light-duty clippers. They are usually slightly larger, but still fairly quiet and easy to manage. You can also get cordless or mains clippers in this category. The Lister Liberty is a medium-duty clipper.
    • Heavy-duty clippers are best if you have lots of horses to clip or have horses with particularly coarse or difficult hair. They are typically larger and louder, with more vibration, but are also very tough. These clippers run from the mains and are usually chosen by professionals.

    When is the best time to clip a horse?

    You should clip your horse as soon as his growing winter coat starts to get in the way of his work. If he’s sweating more than he was, then it’s time to take it off. You can then keep on top of it throughout the winter – some horses need going over more often than others. There is debate about when you should do your last clip before the spring, but the general, traditional view is no clipping after the end of January.

    What clip is best for my horse?

    There are lots of different types of clip. Your horse’s workload, what rugs he has, and whether he’s stabled at all will determine the best clip for him.

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