No excuse for an untidy horse with this great selection of trimmers

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  • Get rid of the excess hair in those tricky places with one of these lightweight, quiet and user-friendly trimmers

    If you are wanting to get a very accurate clip, particularly around your horse’s ears and face, or if your horse is sensitive or nervous to clip, then some quiet, lightweight trimmers can make the job a lot easier. Trimmers can also be used on summer coats to trim around the ears and remove excess hair down the leg and around the fetlock to help you achieve great turnout at shows.

    Mains-powered trimmers give you a longer clipping time but the cable should be attached to a suitable socket, which isn’t always convenient and can make them more difficult to manoeuvre. In comparison, while battery-powered ones have limited running time, without the cable they tend to be more lightweight and therefore easier to use. Some trimmers offer the flexibility of being either battery- or mains-powered, giving you the best of both worlds.

    When buying a battery-powered trimmer, you need to take into consideration the running time and how much of your horse you need to clip. The other features worth thinking about are whether the blades can be removed and sharpened, the size and weight of the trimmers and also whether they have different cut length options. The more features the trimmers have, typically the more expensive they are.

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    Clipperman Crest Trimmer


    A mains-powered trimmer that’s ideal for tidying up, but could clip a whole horse if needed. These are low noise, low vibration and are supplied with two different blades.
    Buy now: Clipperman Crest Trimmer from £59.99

    Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer


    A battery-operated trimmer that is light, small and quiet. The small trimming blade can be easily concealed in the hand for horses that are nervous to clip and as they are lightweight they are good for trimming faces, ears and around the hoof area. The kit includes two attachment combs, clipper oil, cleaning brush, 1AA battery, blade guard and an instruction booklet.
    Buy now: Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer from £9.98

    Wolseley Skylark Trimmer


    The Wolseley Skylark trimmer can run on rechargeable batteries or can run directly from the mains. They have an adjustable blade height, but the ceramic and titanium blades can not be sharpened. These trimmers come in a strong metal case with charging dock, adapter plug, four brushes and oil. The trimmers have a battery level indicator, while a charge takes 1-2 hours and will give you one hour of trimming time.
    Buy now: Wolseley Skylark Trimmer from £64.98

    Clipperman Jewel Trimmer


    These trimmers are dual-speed battery-powered with a ceramic cutter and titanium coated comb, which lasts longer than traditional metal. It has four cutting settings and an LCD battery charge display. The built in battery gives up to five hours cutting time with a three to five hour charge time.
    Buy now: Clipperman Jewel Trimmer from £37.99

    Liveryman Classic Cordless Trimmer

    The Liveryman Classic is a lightweight, cordless trimmer with a rechargeable internal Lithium-Ion battery. Weighing just 290g, it has an ergonomically shaped handpiece with a stylish metallic red finish. The Classic will give you 3.5 hours of clipping time on just 2.5 hours charge. It can be charged using the charging stand supplied or it can also be charged and operated directly from the mains using the adapter cable.
    Buy now: Liveryman Classic Cordless Trimmer from £99

    Clipperman Jester Trimmer


    This super quiet battery-powered trimmer with low vibration features a F5 blade connection, four cutting lengths and two rechargeable batteries giving 3 1/2 hours run time.
    Buy now: Clipperman Jester Trimmer from £54.95

    Masterclip Royale


    These mains-powered medium duty horse trimmers have a powerful rotary DC motor. They are easy to use with pre-tensioned snap on/snap off blades. It comes in a sturdy care with a free sample bottle of clipper oil. Ideal for fine coats/horses in fast paced work and suitable for first-time users.
    Buy now: Masterclip Royale from £99.99

    Heiniger Style Mini Trimmer

    This quiet trimmer has a lightweight ergonomic design making them ideal for reaching tricky areas. A 60 minute charge offers 80 minutes run time and the adjustable snap on combs allow a cut length of 3-6mm.
    Buy now: Heiniger Style Mini Trimmer from £99

    Liscop Profi Line Mini Battery Clipper

    This mini clipper if particularly good for reaching those really tricky spots and the battery takes only 45 minutes to charge offering one hour of use. They come with a case complete with a k10 set of blades, extra battery, 50ml bottle of oil and charger.
    Buy now: Liscop Profi Line Mini Battery Clipper from £309.99

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