6 of the best small beds for little dogs

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  • Some dogs like to sprawl out when they sleep, but many enjoy the cosiness and security of being able to snuggle up. Often dogs with high anxiety levels prefer to sleep curled up in a ball, the comforting foetal position, and so do well in the best donut-shaped dog beds. The smallest dog breeds can look very lost in a large bed, so it’s best to find a dog bed designed for small dogs.

    They need to be able to stretch and move around, but equally to feel safe and cocooned. A bed that is too big for your small dog might end up feeling drafty. As dogs are pack animals, they typically find security in snuggling up against something soft and warm. There are small beds with a roof, making it like a cave, which some little dogs love. Or, perhaps, you specifically chose a small dog because space is limited in your home. In which case, it would defeat the object to get a bed any larger than your little dog actually needs.

    Best dog beds for small dogs

    Hollypet velvet cave dog bed for small dogs

    Hollypet Pet Cave

    Size: Small measures 40.6 x 40.6 x 32cm | Colours: Blue-green, dark grey, blue, pink or grey | RRP: From £22.99 |

    A cosy cave for little dogs made from coral velvet and high elastic foam, for softness and warmth.  It can be used either as a cave or flattened into a basket shaped bed, making it suitable for all seasons and preferences.

    Inner cushion is machine-washable. The exterior should be washed with warm water.

    This bed is suitable for a range of pets, including cats and house rabbits, so select large for puppies and small dogs.

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    All Pet Solutions Alfie dog bed for small dogs with fleece blanket

    All Pet Solutions Alfie Dog Bed

    Size: Small measures 45 x 40 x 21cm | Colours: Grey, brown, check, navy or pink | RRP: From £20.99 |

    This soft, supportive and calming dog bed provides a private sleeping nook. The three raised walls create a sense of security, while the padding helps protect dogs from cold draughts. Even tiny dogs will still be able to get in and out of their bed with the low entrance.

    These machine-washable beds come with a reversible cushion, with one side featuring fluffy fleece for softness and warmth, while the other is plain fabric more suitable for cooler days.

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    Joyelf small dog bed with French bulldog

    Joyelf Orthopaedic Dog Bed

    Size: Small measures 70 x 50 x 13cm | Colour: Grey | RRP: From £39.99 |

    This memory foam bed is designed specifically for small breeds. If features a double-sided inner cushion, for cold and hot weather.

    The faux fur is luxurious for snuggling down, while the top-layer memory foam supports joints and evenly distributes weight, and the bottom layer of support foam provides superior comfort to protect the dog’s bones.

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    Small terrier lying in a small dog bed

    Victoria & Carter Small Dog Bed

    Size: 51 x 43 x 18cm | Colour: Royal blue, pink, brown, black, light grey, dark grey | RRP: From £13.99 |

    Made from faux suede, this is an attractive little bed designed for small breeds of dogs (as well as other house pets such as cats and rabbits). It is made from ultra-soft, breathable fabric, and is machine washable.
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    Donut pet bed for small dogs, with two balls

    M4W Donut Pet Bed

    Size: 50 x 50 x 18cm | Colours: Grey | RRP: £14.95 |

    This doughnut-shaped bed provides a cosy nest into which your small dog can snuggle. It is designed supremely with comfort in mind, with extra stuffing in the mattress, and soft plush materials on the outside to make it warm and luxurious.

    Features a non-slip design to provide stability on hard surfaces, and comes with two balls for play!

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    Pug on soft flat small dog bed

    Feandrea Dog Bed

    Size: Small measures 80 x 50 x 8cm | Colours: Grey Ombré | RRP: £21.99 |

    Not all dogs love to snuggle into a nest-like bed, some prefer to sprawl and drape their limbs over the edge. But if your home space dictates that your dog shouldn’t have any larger bed than he needs to, how about a small version of one of these flatter beds that enable your dog to stretch out if he so desires?

    This bed is made from egg-crate foam to provide firm and even support for your dog, relieving pressure points on joints. The soft, fluffy plush cover offers “cloud-like” comfort and security to encourage relaxation and good sleep. Features anti-slip rubbers dots on the base.

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