Curled up and cosy: the best donut beds for dogs

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  • There’s something ever so cosy about a donut-shaped dog bed. Soft, plush and fluffy, with raised sides, making a nest-like hole for your pup to snuggle down in, the best donut dog beds are perfect for the dog who loves to sleep curled up in a ball, and it can provide a calming effect for anxious dogs seeking a safe space.

    There are dog beds for all types of sleepers. If your pooch loves to sprawl out, or sleep on his back, the best large dog beds are probably more suitable. Young dogs benefit from one of the best puppy bed as they leave their litter for the first time. Calming dog beds are specifically designed for dogs who feel anxious and need a safe space. Some dogs are intent on destruction and are best suited to a specially designed dog bed for chewers. But for those who love nothing better than burrowing into a nest for a snooze, a donut dog bed is the best option.

    Best donut dog beds: the choice

    Silentnight dog bed

    Silentnight Calming Dog Bed

    Sizes: S/M or M/L
    Colour: Grey
    RRP: From £35

    Topping the chart of the best donut dog beds is this bed from Silent Night. It appeals to your dog’s natural nesting instinct and helps create a calming environment, reducing anxiety.

    The premium materials are specifically designed to give your dog the same level of comfort as Silentnight’s top-quality beds and pillows, made for humans. It is filled with responsive fibres that support your pet while he snoozes.

    It is machine-washable and finished with a non-slip base and covered in a super-soft plus fabric to provide the ultimate comfort.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk or silentnight.co.uk

    Dogs Bed donut bed with terrier

    The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed

    Sizes: XS–XXL
    Colours: Brown, beige, white, silver, grey or pink
    RRP: From £31.99

    Designed by global experts in sleep solutions for dogs, this plush round bed with 4cm vegan fur contours makes for deep and luxurious sleep. The fur is designed to replicated the warmth of the mother’s fur and being in a puppy pile, so this is especially suitable for puppies settling into their new home.

    The manufacturer highlights the bed’s “unsurpassed comfort due to the unique dual-layer base mattress cushion design”. The top layer forms around the dog’s body, while the solid base pad supports the dog’s weight. The generously filled bolsters surround the dog to make them feel secure while providing a comfortable head rest.

    This bed satisfies the nesting instinct of dogs who like to curl up while they sleep, with the high sides and fur “hugging” the dog’s body. This can help reduce feelings of vulnerability and anxiety by inducing a sense of security.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk
    In the US? View now at amazon.com

    Labrador puppy in donut dog bed

    Best Friends by Sheri: The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

    Sizes: S–XL
    Colours: Frost, grey, mink, dusty rose, taupe or cotton candy
    RRP: From £20

    The Donut bed’s round shape is ideal for dogs that like to curl up. The raised rim is designed to create a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.

    It is cosy, finished with faux shag fur, which is meant to be reminiscent of the pet’s mother’s coat. It has deep crevices that encourage the dog to burrow and feel safe. Manufacturers claim that the premium CoziLoft fibres keep their shape three times long than other pet beds.

    It has a water and dirt-resistant base, and all sizes but the small beds have removable shells which are machine-washable.

    In the UK? Visit amazon.co.uk
    In the US? Visit amazon.com, walmart.com or chewy.com

    Enjamoy donut dog bed with collie

    Enjamoy Plush Donut Dog Bed

    Sizes: L–XXL
    Colours: Grey, brown, dark grey or pink
    RRP: From £23.99

    A donut-style bed made from premium plush, breathable, skin-friendly material, which is super-soft and fluffy. The manufacturer describes it as the pet “resting on clouds”, and claims it can offer joint and muscle relief.

    The raised rim supports the dog’s head and neck, and is ideal for pups who love to curl up and feel a sense of security.

    The whole bed is machine-washable, and can be tumbled-dried.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk

    Mirkoo Donut Dog bed

    Mirkoo Calming Pet Bed

    Sizes: L–XXXL
    Colours: Black, brown, pink, grey, dark grey or khaki
    RRP: From £27.99

    Big dogs can be just as anxious and insecure as little ones – often more so! This doughnut-shaped design satisfies the nesting instinct of larger dogs who love to curl up, mimicking their mother’s fur and providing a calming, anxiety-reducing space. It can also offer joint and muscle pain relief and help pets to relax and sleep soundly.

    It has a raised rim and super-soft filling with high-quality cosy material, which is durable, breathable and machine-washable.

    Four sizes available from large upwards.

    In the UK? View at amazon.co.uk

    Dream Paws donut dog bed

    Dream Paws Anxiety Reducing Plush Dog Bed

    Sizes: Small or medium
    Colours: Brown or pink
    RRP: £25

    This plush dog bed has been designed to help calm your pet – and even comes with a bonus teddy bear as a companion. Featuring high sides for security, this bed is super soft and comfortable, making a safe and cosy space for your furry friend. The long fur is designed to mimic the pup’s mother or litter mates, and can help to reduce stress and calm dogs with separation anxiety.

    In the UK? View now at viovet.co.uk 

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