Canine calming products to keep your dog cool, calm and collected

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  • Many dogs unfortunately suffer from anxiety or stress, leading to behavioural issues. Just as for humans, exercise is typically a useful antidote. Not only does it occupy and distract the dog, but it’s also great for his physical and mental wellbeing. It also means he’s interacting with his human, which helps him feel secure and bonded. Different dogs will find different situations triggering. For some, it’s loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms. For others, separation anxiety kicks in as soon as you leave the home without them. Still others find their walks actually induce anxiety, because strange dogs and people may stress them out. So there’s no size fits all when it calms to stipulating which are the best calming products for dogs.

    Training, reassurance and consistency are key. Do consult a professional animal behaviourist if you are struggling. But a variety of calming products can play a part in your toolkit.

    Calming dog treats are handy to have easily accessible to distract from a tricky situation. If you are after more of a long-term effect, you may want to try a dog calming supplement, which can be administered in the food on a daily basis.

    If you want something more practical, how about a calming collar or a calming dog bed. The latter can give an anxious dog a sense of security in the home in his safe refuge.

    Bear in mind that calming products can be marketed as such without being subject to the same regulation standards as veterinary medicines.

    Best calming products for dogs

    Adaptil Calm Diffuser

    Adaptil Calm Diffuser

    Format: Diffuser | RRP: £32.76 |

    This home diffuser lasts for 30 days. It contains a synthetic copy of the “dog appeasing pheromone”, which a mother naturally releases to calm and reassure her litter, and has the same effect on adult dogs.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk or viovet.co.uk
    In the US? View now at amazon.com or chewy.com

    Silentnight calming dog bed with bulldog

    Silentnight Calming Dog Bed

    Sizes: S/M or M/L | Colour: Grey | RRP: From £35 |

    This calming doughnut shape appeals to your dog’s natural nesting instinct and helps create a calming environment, reducing anxiety.

    The premium materials are specifically designed to give your dog the same level of comfort as Silentnight’s top-quality beds and pillows, made for humans. It is filled with responsive fibres that support your pet while he snoozes.

    It is machine-washable and finished with a non-slip base and covered in a super-soft plus fabric to provide the ultimate comfort.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk or silentnight.co.uk

    Zylkene Calming Supplement

    Zylkene Calming Supplement

    Format: Capsules | Options: Small, medium or large dog | RRP: From £14.99 for 20 small dog tablets |

    Branded as the UK’s no 1 calming supplement and widely trusted by vets, Zylkene is designed to help pets cope with separation anxiety and stressful situations in and outside the home.

    It contains a natural milk protein, alpha casozepine, with clinically proven calming effects without causing drowsiness.

    To administer, split the capsule and sprinkle on to your pet’s food for easy consumption.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk, viovet.co.uk or petsathome.com

    RS Pet Dog Calming Collar

    RS Pet Dog Calming Collar

    Size: Adjustable (up to 25in) | Duration: 60 days | RRP: £18.95 |

    This collar contains calming pheromones made from natural ingredients and starts working immediately. The collar mimics the natural pheromone that mother dogs emit after giving birth to help their puppies feel safe and calm.

    It is recommended by vets to help anxious dogs cope with travel, thunderstorms, fireworks, visiting the vet, a new home, new baby and separation anxiety.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk
    In the US? View now at amazon.com

    All For Paws Heartbeat Toy

    All For Paws Heartbeat Toy

    RRP: From £14.65 |

    This soft toy replicates a mother’s heartbeat, which has a comforting effect on a puppy. Some also contain a warming pack that doesn’t need microwaving or batteries.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk or viovet.co.uk
    In the US? View now at amazon.com

    SettleMe Calming Support Liquid

    SettleMe Calming Support Liquid

    Format: Liquid | Flavour: Salmon | Sizes: 120ml | RRP: £24.99 |

    Also available in capsules and chews, this is a handy alternative for dogs with a fussy palate or dental issues as you can either drop on to their food or administer directly into the mouth with the dropper. The tasty salmon flavour and addition of catnip is said to be popular with dogs.

    It contains a concentrated blend of ingredients, including L-tryptophan, L-theanine and valerian root extract, believed to be helpful in supporting calm behaviour and in reducing anxiety, stress-related behaviours and over-activity.

    In the UK? View now at viovet.co.uk

    Adaptil calming chews for dogs

    Adaptil Chew

    Quantity: 30 chews | RRP: £25 |

    Adaptil is the world’s leading dog behaviour calming range and is scientifically proven to help support dogs during stressful situations. This product is a fast-working, calming and tasty chew for dogs. The manufacturer says that dogs “love them and will eat them like a treat directly from your hand”.

    Made from an enhanced calming formulation – which is non-additive and non-drowsy – to help dogs during stressful situations such as thunderstorms, fireworks, travel or vet visits. The calming ingredients include L-tryptophan, colostrum, green tea extract and thiamine.

    Can be used daily or as needed, alongside the dog’s normal food.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk, viovet.co.uk or petsathome.com

    Calming dog bed with brown cocker spaniel

    Rucomfy Burrower Dog Bed

    Sizes: M or L | Colours: Mustard, slate grey, platinum grey or teal | RRP: From £59.99 |

    This bed is ideal for breeds that are known to burrow, anxious dogs, or just any dogs that love to snuggled under a duvet and hide in a cosy place. Made of cosy jumbo cord for a stylish and comfy look.

    The underside of the bed is made of a water-resistant fabric so you can flip the bed over when the dog comes home wet from a walk and then back to the cosy side up when he’s dried off. Machine-washable cover.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk

    Nutripaw calming dog treats

    Nutripaw Calming Treats

    Flavour: Pork | Quantity: 120 chews | RRP: £34.99 |

    This is branded as the “UK’s most loved calming chew”, and “trusted by 100,000+ customers”. It is packed with nine powerful natural ingredients in the guise of tasty pork treats, to help reduce your dog’s anxiety, stress, hyperactivity, barking and fear.

    The non-drowsy, non-sedative ingredients include organic passion flower, L-tryptophan, L-theanine , hemp oil, ginger root, valerian root and organic chamomile.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk

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