Money-saving tips for horseowners

  • Expert advice from HORSE magazine on how to spend less while caring for your horse this winter

    Keeping a horse can be a big drain on your finances. But with HORSE magazine’s great money saving tips you’ll keep both your bank manager and horse happy.

    1. For a cheap source of extra warmth, use old duvets under rugs in winter. Old sheets from house clearances are particularly good for placing under summer sheets to keep them cleaner for longer.

    2. If the seams of your New Zealand rugs leak during wet weather, employ some do-it-yourself waterproofing by rubbing candle wax along the stitching.

    3. Old saddle soap tins can be turned into ideal bridle pegs. Nail them to your tack room wall and they’ll help keep the headpieces of leather headcollars, bridles and cavessons in shape and prevent them from cracking.

    4. Regularly swap over your stirrup leathers so that you are not continually stretching the near-side one when you mount, and having to replace it.

    5. A doubled length of baler twine drawn down across your horse’s coat makes a good, cheap sweat scraper.

    6. “I save money by buying pure vegetable oil instead of hoof oil,” says event rider Mary King. “It’s just as good as hoof oil and a lot cheaper!”(pictured)

    7. Carriage driver Karen Bassett finds that feeding haylage little and often in small haynets helpsto reduce wastage. “Horses don’t tend to pull a load out at once and trample it all on the floor,” she says.

    8. Islay Auty FBHS, has some money-saving tips that may sound obvious but can often be overlooked. “In winter, don’t leave lights on unnecessarily,” advises Islay. “It can be easy to flick a switch and leave a light blazing for three hours.

    “The same applies to saving water, especially if you’re on a meter like some yards. Making sure you don’t overfill buckets not only limits wastage but can lessen the hazard of an icy yard.”

    9. “Buckets are much cheaper if bought from garden centres instead of tack shops,” advises BHSI, Margaret Linington-Payne.

    10. Slightly salty water is a cheap but effective antiseptic wash for cuts.

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